The Food Doctor – Dr. Marchione’s Functional Food Health Benefits?


The Food Doctor is a publication that requires a membership, exposing you to information that is necessary to maintaining your health.

This subscription comes with multiple free reports that provide you with information that makes your journey towards better health much easier.

What Is The Food Doctor?

Most people think that maintaining a healthy body is just about exercising and eating a balanced meal, but those tasks can be easier said than done.

You aren’t born with all the knowledge that you need to consider in your meal planning or workout routine, so you must seek it out from reliable sources.

Unfortunately, many sources in the health industry are biased, reflecting the views that will still maintain their profits amongst companies. If you want the truth, The Food Doctor has you covered.

The Food Doctor offers you the information that you need to know in the form of an electronic monthly newsletter. This publication offers no types of advertising in their issues, since they want to give you the facts in an organized and functional way.

Within the newsletter, the company primarily works to offer you cures and remedies that have been proven to work over years and years of research.

However, rather than recommending remedies that take a while to take effect, the options you find in this newsletter will work quickly to ensure that you live the healthiest life possible.

The Food Doctor Free Reports

Along with the main curriculum, you will receive several free reports with your first issue of the newsletter. Those reports include:

These reports will show you plenty of helpful information, detailing the different steps you need to take to live a healthier life.

Some of the reports will show you the keys to prevent your brain from aging at the normal pace, while other reports show you the different foods that can treat painful conditions in a pinch.

One of the biggest areas of focus amongst these bonus reports is how the health industry conceals the truth about many of the foods that you think are safe for you to eat.

You’ll even learn how to get relief from common ailments, like PMS, without having to take any medication at all.

Along with the bonuses listed above, you will get two additional bonuses that help you get the most out of the regimen.

The first one is Doctor’s Cookbook: Lifesaving Recipes That Blow Your Taste Buds Away, which shows you different meals that the whole family can enjoy healthily.

The other extra bonus you’ll receive is The Smart Shopper's Guide to Organic Food, which helps you determine which products are worth the extra cost, and which ones aren’t.

The Food Doctor Contents

Since The Food Doctor is a monthly publication, you will constantly be learning more information about important health topics that you can’t find anywhere else. For example, you’ll learn:

  • The best ways to extract a high number of nutrients from the produce you consume
  • How to get the most nutrients and the best flavor from fresh produce
  • Multiple uses for orange, lemon, and lime peels
  • The importance of flavones
  • How to make the most of every food to eliminate waste
  • How to maintain nutrients throughout the cooking process
  • How to discern between the truth and the claims that food manufacturer’s make
  • Which brands lack the nutrients they advertise
  • How to determine what organic food is the best for your budget
  • How to cut the costs associated with purchasing organic food
  • The best way to eat lean red meat
  • How regular foods can help you to battle against illnesses

You will learn a variety of new lessons with each newsletter, so this information continues to grow each day.

The Food Doctor Pricing

The Food Doctor is published as a monthly newsletter, and you will need to enroll in a subscription to receive the information described. However, the company offers a special pricing when you begin the subscription.

Rather than requiring you to pay the full monthly price from the beginning, you get to try out the subscription for just $1.00 on the first month.

You will be billed the small fee, and you will receive the email of your copy of The Food Doctor, along with all the free bonus reports that you receive in the beginning. If you don’t like the information you receive, you cancel your subscription before the month is over.

If you enjoy the knowledge that you gain, you won’t need to do anything. You can wait for the next month’s newsletter to receive the full pricing of the subscription, which is $28.95. You will continue to receive the newsletter each month until you decide to cancel.

Refund Policy

The company that publishes The Food Doctor makes a big guarantee to leave you satisfied.

However, if you decide you don’t want to continue receiving the formula, you will get a complete refund on any of the issues that have not been mailed to you. However, you’re allowed to keep the seven free bonus reports as gratitude for participating.

Contacts For The Food Doctor

The customer service team is available from the creators of The Food Doctor to help you with any questions you may have about the information you receive, or the status of your subscription. You can reach them with a phone call to 1-844-744-3579.

The Food Doctor Conclusion

The Food Doctor is a unique publication, in that it releases new information each month about remedies that you should include in your routine.

With an inexpensive subscription, you can learn the tricks that you need to use in your daily life to save money and live a healthier lifestyle.

You need to make sure that your body remains pure and nourished to live a long healthy life, which is what The Food Doctor wants to help you achieve.

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