The Elaine Petrone Method

Whether people are suffering from chronic pain due to prolonged poor posture or following something unfortunate like a car accident many people are living in pain with no solutions.

Often medicines simply do not work leaving people searching for another option. Unfortunately many people with chronic pain try too hard and focus on the wrong ways to help reduce their pain.

Instead of working muscles, The Elaine Petrone Method helps people reconnect the communication between parts of the body and the brain helping reduce tension and pain. Please read below to learn more about the Elaine Petrone Method.

What Is The Elaine Petrone Method?

Innovative and effective, this method trains the user's’ nervous system to retrain the brain on how to move the body pain free. By connecting the brain to various areas of the body it allows the body to release the stress from the areas experiencing chronic pain.

The Elaine Petrone Method (EPM) helps reduce and eliminate chronic pain within the hip, back, shoulders, and neck.

Unlike traditional exercise programs that focus on muscle movement this method is pretty much the opposite. This method helps reduce and eliminate the tension between muscles causing the pain. Once the tension is reduced blood will flow better and body movement will become more fluid.

Many people overwork their body when trying to minimize pain. The Elaine Petrone Method offers a different approach by helping people switch their focus to self-awareness and relaxation which will work together to support the healing process.

Users simply choose which area of their body they are targeting and choose the affiliated CD/download to help coach them through the process. Consumers can choose between audio designed for Back, Neck, Elbow or Hip and Shoulder. Elaine also offers combo sets that include a targeted audio CD and therapy balls.

Who Is Elaine Petrone?

Elaine Petrone founded The Miracle Ball Method following years of living with chronic pain. By trial and error Elaine discovered methods that worked to relieve her pain in ways that any other method she had tried did not.

Elaine has written her bestselling book The Miracle Ball Method as well as a DVD focused on relieving back pain, and nowadays works with corporate companies to help prevent and reduce their employee’s pain as well as teaching classes to doctors to help them better serve their patients pain needs.

For thirty years she has been teaching this method, Interested consumers can learn more by visiting Elaine’s website at There it is easy to access her blog, podcasts, and learn more about classes offered.

How Does The Elaine Petrone Method Work?

The EPM system helps people retrain their body in how it moves which leads to less tension which causes pain.

Over the years of working at a desk or spending all day on feet people have started to form bad habits leading to poor movement or posture. By habitually using poor posture when sitting or standing people can start to experience chronic pain.

Slowing down and reawakening body awareness can help people to naturally allow their body to release tension allowing for better blood flow and joint mobility.

Purchasing The Elaine Petrone Method

Consumers can purchase Elaine’s products directly through her website at

Amazon also carries a small range of Elaine’s books and a few ball and book combos. Consumers may also luck into a secondhand version through Amazon saving them some money.

Elaine Petrone Method Review Summary

People who are dealing with chronic pain on a daily basis are desperate to find ways to help reduce the pain and improve their quality of life. The Elaine Petrone Method is a great option for people who have tried nearly everything except perhaps the method that will actually work.

Instead of training muscle memory this method focuses more on relaxation and helping the brain reconnect with nerves and muscle fibers. Further details are available through the Elaine Petrone website at


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