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The Diet Myth Review

The Science Behind What We Eat. The Diet Myth is a health food book released in 2015 by Tim Spector.

Learn everything you need to know about the 320 page dietary manual today in our review.

What is The Diet Myth?

The Diet Myth is a book released in May 2015. The book was written by a guy named Tim Spector, who is the Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College in London.

Over the course of 320 pages, Tim explains different features of our modern diets. He aims to decipher the constant “noise” we experience where “fad diets” tell us that certain things are bad to eat, but other things are good to eat.

Tim claims that most diets only work on a short-term basis, and that the scientific differences between individual responses to food remain unexplained.

That’s why we still have a global obesity crisis. Despite the billions of dollars devoted to telling the public about why too much sugar, fat, protein, and lack of exercise is bad for our health, people around the world still struggle with their weight.

Here’s how Tim explains the book:

“Drawing on the latest science and his team's own pioneering research, Professor Tim Spector explores the hidden world of the microbiome, and demystifies the common misconceptions about fat, calories, vitamins and nutrients.”

The book explains the differences between what makes our microbes tick and how those microbes interact with our bodies. By understanding how our microbes work, we can break through the confusion of modern diets and “regain the correct balance of our ancestors.”


Who is Tim Spector?

Tim Spector can be found online at:

He is a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College in London, UK. He claims to be a pioneer in the field of microbes, genetics, and diet.

Spector had written two other books which can be found on Amazon before publishing The Diet Myth, including:

— Identically Different
— Your Genes Unzipped

Both books sought to explain the unique genetic differences that cause some of us to lose weight more easily than others.

Tim is also an Honorary Consultant Physician at Guy’s and St. Thomas’s Hospital. Over the years, he has published over 700 academic papers while appearing on TV documentaries.

Since 2011, Tim has been involved in the largest microbiome research project in the UK, where he’s using genetic sequencing to study bacteria in the guts of 5,000 twins.

This research seeks to determine the effect that external factors – like the food we eat and the way we exercise – have on the microbes in our gut.

How Does The Diet Myth Work?

One of the central ideas of The Diet Myth is that our guts are home to trillions of “previously unknown but essential microbes”. Every day, these microbes digest food and keep us alive.

Modern diet fads often ignore these microbes. That’s a bad idea because microbes are the front line of defense between your body and the food it digests.

Spector has conducted his own research with a team at King’s College in London. He mixes this research with other scientific studies and research.

Ultimately, the goal of The Diet Myth is to teach readers why they should abandon fad diets and embrace a healthy diet, healthy gut, and a healthy body.

The bulk of The Diet Myth talks about different foods you should eat to encourage a healthy microbial profile in your gut. The table of contents contains chapters like:

Chapter 3) Fats: Total

Chapter 7) Protein: Animal

Chapter 11) Carbohydrates: Non-sugars

Chapter 12) Fiber

Chapter 15) Contains alcohol

Chapter 16) Vitamins

Together, these chapters are designed to give readers greater insight into the foods they eat and which foods have the biggest impact on their health. It backs up its claims with real scientific evidence – some evidence comes from the lab of Tim Spector himself, while other evidence comes from modern scientific research.

This gives readers the tools they need to dissect modern diet fads and pick out components that work for their unique bodies. If you’re sick of following strict diets where someone tells you what to eat, then The Diet Myth should be a refreshingly educational journey.

Best of all, the author doesn’t try to sell you on his own diet.

How to Buy The Diet Myth

The Diet Myth is available online at Amazon, where it’s priced at around $15 for a paperback copy and around $8 for an eBook copy.

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