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Synagen IQ Core Focus Review

Synagen IQ Core Focus is a new nootropic supplement that claims to raise your focus, memory, and mental energy using pure, natural ingredients. Here’s our Synagen IQ review.

What is Synagen IQ Core Focus?

Synagen IQ Core Focus is a nootropic brain boosting supplement intended to raise your focus, memory, and energy. The supplement is targeted towards people over the age of 30 who have started to notice loss of brain power.

As the brain ages, our brain power naturally declines. The creators of Synagen IQ claim that some of the symptoms of this include:

— Memory Loss
— Difficulty Concentrating
— Lack Of Focus And Motivation
— Forgetting Things Like Your Keys Or Your Wallet

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms, then Synagen IQ claims to be the supplement for you.

The product claims to have been featured in major media publications like the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, and USA Today (although a quick Google Search shows no evidence for this claim).

The supplement is sold by an American company based in Las Vegas, Colorado. The company has a very shady history (more on that below).

How Does Synagen IQ Core Focus Work?

As the brain ages, it produces fewer and fewer of the ingredients we need to stay focused. Synagen IQ Core Focus claims to work by replenishing these ingredients, thereby making your brain feel young again.

Unfortunately, the Synagen IQ Core Focus official website reveals very little information about how the supplement actually works.

That website features statements like “100% all-natural and most effective when taken daily” and “[gives] you crystal clear focus like you’ve never experienced before.” However, it doesn’t provide any information about ingredients or methodology to reinforce those claims.

There isn’t even a list of ingredients available. You could be putting anything into your body with every capsule of Synagen IQ Core Focus: we just don’t know.

Synagen IQ Core Focus Ingredients

As mentioned above, there are no listed ingredients for Synagen IQ Core Focus. The manufacturer has not disclosed any of the supplement’s ingredients. Instead, here’s what the company says about ingredients:

“Synagen IQ Core Focus’s advanced formula is built to give you a boost of energy as soon as you take it and keep you alert and focused throughout the day.”

“Fuelling your brain with the all natural ingredients found in Synagen IQ Core Focus may be the safest and fastest way to increase your daily energy levels.”

That’s basically all the company says about the Synagen IQ Core Focus ingredients.

If you’re the type of person who is concerned about what you’re putting into your body, then Synagen IQ Core Focus may be tough to swallow: it’s highly suspicious when a supplement manufacturer does not disclose their list of ingredients.

If you want to learn more about Synagen IQ, you can click the link below.

How to Buy Synagen IQ Core Focus

Synagen IQ Core Focus is only available online at the official Synagen IQ website (

The company claims that due to recent demand, supplies are extremely limited – although we didn’t have any trouble ordering even the largest packages. Here’s how much you can expect to pay with each order of Synagen IQ Core Focus:

— 1 Bottle (30 Capsules): $49.99 + Free Shipping
— 3 Bottles (90 Capsules): $113.97 + Free Shipping
— 5 Bottles (150 Capsules): $149.95 + Free Shipping

Each bottle is a one month supply. You can also pay an extra $6.99 for the “Expedited Shipping Add-On”,

You can pay by VISA and MasterCard through the secure online form.

How to Use Synagen IQ Core Focus

The creators of Synagen IQ Core Focus recommend that you take one capsule daily for best results.

They recommend taking one pill every morning before or after breakfast.

Who Created Synagen IQ Core Focus?

The official Synagen IQ Core Focus website does not mention the name of the manufacturer. It does, however, provide two different contact addresses:

Synagen Returns:

14603 East Moncrieff Place, STE 100
Aurora, CO 80011

The company also lists its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas:

3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 500
Las Vegas, NV 89169

Other contact information includes a support telephone number (1-844-465-0024) and a support email address ([email protected]).

Although the manufacturer doesn’t list its name, a quick Google search reveals that a company called Corporate Acquisitions LLC is based at the above address in Las Vegas. That company appears to be extremely shady and is prominently featured on (it’s pretty much the first search result that comes up when you Google the address of the company).

The company appears to be owned and operated by a guy named Duane Delbeke.

Making the company even shadier is the fact that the listed address is managed by a legitimate property management company called Regis Inc. After contacting Regis Inc. to ask if they’ve heard about Corporate Acquisitions LLC or which companies were based at Suite 500 in their building, they claimed to have never heard of the company. The representative also claims to get numerous calls about fraudulent business at that address “often”.

Corporate Acquisitions LLC also has a rating of C+ on the Better Business Bureau. The BBB claims the company is led by Clarence Walker, Duane Delbeke, and David Richards.

Who Should Use Synagen IQ Core Focus?

Synagen IQ Core Focus is one of the shadiest nootropic supplements ever released onto the internet.

The supplement discloses none of its ingredients and none of its manufacturing facilities or procedures. It has not been approved by the FDA nor tested in any scientific setting.

Making things worse is that the company’s listed address has been repeatedly associated with scam artists.

For all of these reasons, Synagen IQ Core Focus is a nootropic supplement nobody should ever, ever purchase. If you are looking for a highly affective nootropic supplement that has a lot of Amazon reviews to back it, I would take a look at our Addium Review.

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  1. I’m a disabled vet thought it only cost $5.95 plus shipping.Wrong they sent all three which I did not order.I called right away and they said order was canceled.I will check with the bank Monday and report back.If I was charged the large amount for all three-there goes my food budget.

  2. These guys have been in and out of court for fraud, do not buy this is a horrible scam just google the company owners and you’ll find court cases against them!!!

  3. Sarah, I’m glad your headaches have improved. But your brain did not heal itself in 20 minutes. You know the saying — 80% of driver fatalities have eaten bread within the previous twelve hours…. Even reasonably contemporaneous events do not come close to showing a causative effect.
    Like you, I had a concussion in late 2014, and though much improved, still had some after effects in late 2015. Like Jim Mooney says, paying careful attention to nutrition — real food — was key to improvement. In my opinion, sleep — rest time for brain healing — was doubly important during this time. And to keep working at mental and physical exercises.
    I got suckered into this dubious ad, aimed at those who have a reason to question ourselves now and again, i.e., most all of us. But after an internet search, I can find NO INGREDIENTS LIST for this product. Keeping in mind (no pun intended) that NOTHING in your body will function correctly if you destroy your brain, or even impair it a little, you’re not going to get me to swallow some “snake oil” without knowing both the ingredients and their quality AND their known biochemical and physiological effects. You’re welcome to jump off any cliff that looks inviting to you. Best to all of you in your search.

  4. Nearly impossible to cancel. Do not buy this. Your “free” sample costs $84.71! There should be a law against such complete scams.

  5. I return my order cost more than they said tie would.they charge me more 2.50 more to ship it to me then I pad to send it back.i sent it back on 5/24/2016. Here the tracking number 9500 1100 5736 6145 1141 42,it should be there. On. Friday 5/27/2016.i put it here because I could not fine a page to send it back on .I even called them to stop it .they offered me it at had price.if I told them it would not work for my problem. They still sent it to me and gave had off.i had to pay to send it back to them when I ask the not to.the spelling may not be right because of my problem. I was told that the pillswould not help.hope they read this so it they do not do this to some one Eli’s.

  6. This is September 2015 now, and last October I was in a car accident in which I sustained a bad concussion. My brain experienced ‘axonal shearing’ which is where less dense brain material sloshed over more dense brain material and sheared off (and the shearing in my brain was about the size of a quarter). I have had a difficult time recovering from this concussion – slow to heal, slow to get things back.

    I took my first dose of Synagen IQ today and WOW! what a difference!

    Anyone who wants to think this is a scam is welcome to those thoughts, but I’m sold. I will keep taking it (this is my first dose). Within 20-30 minutes of taking it, the recent headache pain that I have been feeling from two recent set-backs from this concussion, well, that pain evaporated. I have been in pain nearly every day since the accident.

    I do feel less stressed in my mind, I do feel more focused. I have been a lot on my computer this morning, emails and etc, and usually reach a point where I MUST stop, but now writing this, I don’t feel stressed out in my mind like I usually do after being on my computer for an hour.

    One thing I noticed right away was a giddy sort-of feeling almost like that giddy sensation you get with drinking champagne. One of the ingredients is supposed to help with tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and my ear ‘sound’ has all but disappeared!

    So, yeah, think it’s a scam all you want. Stay away from it if you want – but you’re a fool if you do. What an awesome product. I’ll certainly post more as I progress along. I think I’m a perfect candidate to try this product with the axonal shearing concussion that I sustained.

    • “One of the ingredients is supposed to help with tinnitus” How do you know the ingredients, they’re not listed anywhere?

  7. Keep away. It looks like a scam. No ingredients, false recommendations. I nearly went for it until I did some searching. Most of the so-called reviews are from websites selling the stuff. No thanks.

  8. Steven hawkings has recommended this pill, so it prompted me to look it up. He stated that Tom Brady takes it and so does he. It makes me think it might be good, but if ingredients is not listed I’m skeptical about taking it, especially if u have other health issues. Bottom line I would NOT order this, but it makes me curious. Someone needs to look into this and it’s company.

    • yes I couldnt find any evidence of the claims made. Including who takes it and promotes it. Nope no evidence kanye west takes it. No evidence stephen hawking takes it. It was an ad on cnn made to look like an article replete with comments singing its praises. It was the comments that really tipped me off, but I was suspicious when it didnt list what the ingredients were. The fda should do something about this.

  9. Las Vegas? Duh. I now see testimonials from Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and Andersen Cooper. Odd that they can get away with that if it’s not true. Want to get sharp? Eat right. Plenty of veggies and exercise. (Zumba is great)

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