Synadrene is a top-quality intense weight-loss supplement, the newest incarnation of the extremely popular Synadrex. Made by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals for healthy people who want to lose weight, it incorporates a number of powerful stimulants and nutritional factors that will enhance nutrition, promote thermogenesis for fat-burning, prevent fat storage, and keep a person alert and in a good mood.

What is Synadrene?

Synadrene is composed of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and stimulants. The vitamins and minerals are vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin, vitamin B3 as niacin, and chromium from chromium picolinate. Methylxanthine is a stimulant. The blend contains 100 milligrams of caffeine per dose.

Green tea extract is a thermogenic and a powerful antioxidant. 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA) is a powerful stimulant. It is also known as methylhexanamine. Synadrene also contains the cognition enhancer and appetite suppressant sulbutiamine, which also enhances alertness and memory.

Synadrene's sandalwood extract is useful for deterring muscles cramps. Yohimbine is included for fat utilization. Often people find that yohimbine helps to release those last stubborn fat deposits. Synadrene also contains the antioxidant alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and poly-thyronine, a stimulant chemically related to the B vitamins.

How Does Synadrene Work?

Synadrene's ingredients work together to make a powerful tool for people who want to burn fat and feel energetic and focused while doing it.

Methylxanthine, caffeine, DMAA, sulbutiamide and poly-thyronine all work to step up the body's thermogenesis, or heat production. Heat production burns calories, and burning calories produces fat loss. Each of these stimulants function differently, so that there is no crash as with stimulant products that are mainly caffeine.

Yet caffeine is included, as it is a very effectve weight loss aid. Caffeine is a famous and popular stimulant, an effective lipolysis agent, that is a fat converter, and a diuretic. Water retention is not a problem when using caffeine.

The B vitamins help convert food into energy, and with metabolizing fats and proteins. They help regulate blood levels of the essential amino acid homocysteine. B vitamins are needed for healthy liver, skin and nerve function. Chromium is important for metabolizing both fats and carbonydrates as well as breaking down insulin.

It is essential for the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids that are necessary for various body processes, including brain function. Because these nutrients are all available at one time in the formula, they are able to work efficiently.

Synadrene's yohimbine is also for lipolysis as well as improving blood flow. It can help regulate blood pressure. The ALA helps convert glucose to energy. Poly-thryonine raises metabolism with no danger to the heart or circulation. Sandalwood extract prevents muscle cramps as well as promoting a calm mood.

Synadrene's History

The original Synedrex was very popular due to the inclusion of DMAA. It is a powerful stimulant and people got great results with it. The FDA issued a warning about DMAA, as some people had adverse reactions, and the company pulled it off the market.

Metabolic Nutrition removed DMAA and instead added more caffeine to Synedrex.

The third version replaced the large amounts of caffeine with a stimulant called AMP citrate. The FDA issued a warning about AMP citrate, and this version was removed from the market.

Synadrene is the fourth version in which Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals put the DMAA back into the formula and added and refined the nutritional and botanical ingredients. More research has been done and while the FDA still has misgivings about DMAA, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is challenging them on it by making this product available to customers. The Synadrene of today is similar to the most popular version, only made better.

Synadrene Lists Cautions

Synadrene's website has a list of cautions for people who are considering using Synadrene. Some of them are commonsense items, such as the ones about people under the age of 21 avoiding it, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers.

Stimulants are not for children, so these are obvious. People with various metabolic problems are cautioned against using it. The cautions are all for the stimulants, not the nutritional ingredients.

Synadrene Reviews

Reviews for Synadrene are positive. Most reviews mention how good they felt when taking the product. Most are from Synedrex users who were happy to find a replacement for it. The few who did not like Synadrene got ill when they tried it.

Who Should Use Synadrene?

Synadrene is for healthy adults who want to burn fat as part of a body building or health enhancement program. For people who cannot tolerate stimulants Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has other high quality fat burning nutritional supplements that will be more suitable.


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