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Superba Krill Review – Worth Trying?

Superba Krill is an ingredient made from Euphausia Superba, a krill species found in Antarctica that has extremely high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. The two fatty acids found in Superba Krill are eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA, and docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA.

What Is Superba Krill?

Superba Krill is made from a unique species of krill or zooplankton invertebrates, that exist in large swarms in the water of the Antarctic. This krill feeds on microscopic algae, making up a vital part of the food chain in the Antarctic. These tiny algae and the krill that feeds on them are a nutritious food source for many of the marine life, offering whales, seals, fish, and even penguins the nutrients and vitamins they need to stay healthy.

The body reacts better to Superba Krill because the omega-3s in this ingredient are attached to phospholipids. These phospholipids all the omega-3s to assimilate into the body’s cells easier, allowing the best absorption possible. By providing the body with these important fatty acids, Superba Krill is able to move throughout the body, offering health benefits to the heart, brain, and joints.

Superba Krill has a very distinctive red color, a sign of the algae in the krill that is so high in the antioxidant astaxanthin. Not only does this antioxidant give Superba Krill its gorgeous red color, but it also preserves the ingredient naturally, without the need for chemicals or unnatural preservatives.

The Superba Krill Source

Superba Krill is unique because it is sourced from the frigid, but pure waters found in Antarctica. The krill that makes up this amazing ingredient are basically at the bottom of the food chain in these waters. Not only does this make them extremely nutrient rich, but it keeps them free of toxins and contaminants to which larger species are prone.

Superba Krill also contain astaxanthin, as mentioned above. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant, but also works as preservative of the omega-3 fatty acids found in the krill. Due to this unique combination, krill is an extremely nutrient rich source of omega-3s, but it is often overlooked and underexploited.

Despite being one of the largest biomasses on the planet, krill is not harvest frequently or in large amounts. In fact, a fraction of 1% of all krill is harvested on an annual basis. This makes krill, like the krill found in Superba Krill, an extremely underused source. However, because this source of krill is so abundant, it can be used for years and years, with no risk of running out. It’s this basically endless supply that makes Superba Krill such a unique source.

What Makes Superba Krill Different

There are several reasons Superba Krill is such a unique ingredient option for those who want to provide their customers with a natural source of Omega-3s.

The first thing that makes Superba Krill so unique is the way it interacts with body. It’s a well-known fact that many supplements and supplement ingredients on the market today aren’t absorbed well by the body. With Superba Krill, this is not an issue. Because the omega-3s in Superba Krill are bound to phospholipids, they are absorbed and integrated into cell membranes faster and more efficiently than typical ingredients.

In addition to being absorbed by the body better, Superba Krill has a unique influence on the body because when the omega-3 acids EPA and DHA are absorbed by the body, they are able to influence several different factors in the body. These factors include the fluidity of certain membranes, the signaling process used by the body, as well as the metabolic parameters found in the cells. The result of these benefits are that the more omega-3s like EPA and DHA are found in the body, the better they function and the more flexible they work.

Finally, Superba Krill is different from other omega-3 sources because the krill contains compounds that make it more stable and bio-efficient. These compounds include the phospholipids mentioned above, as well as astaxanthin. And, because Superba Krill is sourced from such a unique location, where the krill is at the bottom of the food chain, it is a pure and sustainable source for those who are ready to take control of their health.

Superba Krill Benefits

There are five key areas where Superba Krill is able to benefit the body. The ingredient is able to offer these benefits due to its ability to be absorbed better by the body. Studies have actually found that Superba Krill is able to increase the body’s levels of omega-3 faster and more effectively than all other marine sources. This makes its many benefits fast acting and more effective than other omega-3 sources.

The health benefits found in Superba Krill include benefits for the heart, brain, joint, inflammation, and for women. A brief overview of these benefits are listed below.

Heart Health

Research and scientific studies have been examining the close link between heart health and omega-3s, like those found in Superba Krill, for years. The krill found in Superba Krill contain all the important nutrients needed to support this heart health. The omega-3 fatty acids that Superba Krill provide the body with help support heart health from the blood vessels up, keeping the heart healthy and functioning optimally.

Brain Health

Brain health is a crucial part to keeping the entire body functioning. Because brain and body share such an integral connection, when one is struggling to stay healthy, the other also begins to fail. This is why the omega-3s found in Superba Krill are so important to keeping the brain, and body, healthy.

The brain has one of the highest levels of fatty acids in the entire body. And, the brain is also in a constant process of changing and growing. Because of this consistent change, it is vital for the brain to get the nutrients it need to maintain its health. One of the ways Superba Krill does this is by providing the brain with the fatty acids it needs to help support its structure and function. This help is especially needed for cell membranes and cell signaling.

Healthy Inflammation

As more and more is learned about inflammation in the body, its close tie with several serious health conditions have become obvious. The omega-3 fatty acids work as natural anti-inflammatory nutrients for the body, reducing inflammation and keeping it at health levels within the body.

So many people in the world are caught in a constant state of chronic inflammation. Unfortunately, this inflammation has been tied to serious health problems and diseases, from heart problems to weight gain. The omega-3s found in Superba Krill are able to reduce this inflammation and bring the body back into its rightful balance. Restoring this balance helps the body combat diseases and illnesses.

Women’s Health

Every body has its own specific needs in order to stay healthy and strong. Just like the needs for one person will vary from the needs of another, the needs for women’s health varies from the needs for men’s health.

The omega-3s found in Superba Krill play a very important part role in maintaining women’s health. The importance of these fatty acids have been tied to several stages in a woman’s life, from her birth to her menstrual cycle and prenatal health. For a woman to reach her optimal health and keep her body functioning well, with a minimized fear of disease and other conditions, she needs to have a source for these omega-3 fatty acids. Superba Krill is the perfect source for these conditions, offering women a natural way for maintaining her health.

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