Super Senior Strength Training – Healthy Over 60 Fitness Program?


Super Senior Strength Training is a guide that helps you maintain the muscles that you need to keep in shape, even as you age. This product involves many different videos and guides to give you a complete approach to your wellness.

What Is Super Senior Strength Training?

Maintaining the strength of your body is the best thing you can do for yourself. However, as you have kids and go through your job over the years, you may suddenly find that you are feeling weak and fragile as soon as you reach retirement.

However, your strength isn’t gone forever. Instead, you can use the Super Senior Strength Training program to get back on track with your physical health.

The Super Senior Strength Training program teaches you the best ways to work out, while considering the way that your body has aged. However, even if you feel weak right now, you won’t feel that way for long.

While improving the way that you work out, you can prevent osteoporosis, while improving your muscle mass. You will learn to gain balance in your stance, which can help you in your everyday life as well. If you’re ready to make the commitment, it’s time to renew your body and improve your strength.

Bonus Materials

To improve upon the value of the Super Senior Strength Training Regimen, you will have access to multiple bonuses. Even though the retail value of any of them is significant, you won’t have to pay a dime. Read on below to find out more about the regimen.

Bonus #1 – Senior Arm Pump Program

This program involves a digital video that helps you to improve your arm muscles. You don’t need to use any unusual equipment, but you will probably need to invest about $20 to $40 at your local fitness store to get the materials you need. The program involves about two dozen exercises, which have been modified for senior citizens.

Bonus #2 – Best-Kept Secrets to Total Body Detoxification

The second bonus will help you protect your body from the toxins that you are susceptible to every day.

You may not even realize all the toxins that are around you at any given time, which is why you need to defend yourself externally. However, the foods that you eat can also impact your body with a different set of toxins.

In this book, you’ll learn more about the way that each part of your body works, but you’ll also learn what you need to do to maintain it. You will learn what toxins are already in your body to understand how it impacts your health, and you’ll learn how to use common plants to take on those toxins.

Bonus #3 – Going Veggie: A Complete Guide to Becoming a Vegetarian

There are many people that turn to vegetarianism to keep their bodies fit. As you age, you do not have the same ability to consume different types of meat, though this wasn’t something you had to worry about when you were younger.

The diet is much cheaper than consuming animal meal, and you don’t need to worry about the concerns that you have when balancing lean meats, since everything is lean.

You’ll learn how to get the right nutrients out of a vegetarian diet, which is the hardest part of any routine. You’ll also learn about the different types of vegetarian diets, and how the cruelty that animals experience will make you want to never go back to eating meat again.

Bonus #4 – Get Stronger, Faster: 8 Simple, Safe Supplements You Can Take to Get Stronger and Revitalize Your Life

When you get older, you’re not able to get the same results from your exercise routine, since your hormone levels start to diminish. Luckily, you can change a little bit about your routine to make it more effective without hurting yourself.

You will find out more about the supplements you need to take, and exactly how much you should take.

Bonus #5 – Super Senior Grip Strength Training Video

To help you improve your strength, this video helps you work out your lower arm muscles. When your grip weakens as you age, this video shows you how to improve that strength. You’ll be able to open bottles, carry bags, and even play sports with your grandchildren.

This method is effective in battling against carpal tunnel syndrome, along with other lower arm difficulties. Some of the exercises you’ll use will include:

  • Reverse curls
  • Hammer curl compound exercise with variations
  • Wrist curls
  • Reverse wrist curls
  • Effective exercise with a baseball bat
  • Window wiper bat exercise

Bonus #6 – 25 Everyday Exercises for Super Seniors

Even though your body is changing, you still need to engage in exercises that meet your strength level, while keeping you safe from harming yourself. The exercises in this guide involve low-impact workouts, which you can use to create your own routine.

You will go through exercises that can help with:

Bonus #7 – The Complete Coconut Oil Handbook: Everything You Need to Know About the Secret Power of Coconut Oil

You probably have heard from many people about how effective coconut oil can be in your routine. However, this book will fill in all the blanks that you presently have.

This saturated fat can boost your immune system, help you lose weight, and eliminate digestive issues. To learn more about it, this guide is the best resource.

The Videos of Super Senior Strength Training

Each one of the videos features different techniques and workouts that you will need to apply during your routine. The videos are easy to follow along with, and offer lessons that go beyond your everyday workout.

The first video is called Getting Started with Super Senior Strength Training. The techniques described in this part of the routine are adapted from techniques in Turkey.

There are multiple abdominal exercises involved, with the information needed to show you the errors you’re presently making in your ab routine. It will educate you on the proper ways to improve your workout, and how to create a gym area at home. You’ll learn:

  • The basics of any workout routine
  • The proper way to stretch
  • The proper form for a push-up
  • How to squat and split squat

The second video is called Super Senior Strength Training Exercise Technique. You’ll start to use resistance bands during this step, and you will work out the muscles from your shoulders, working down the rest of your figure. Exercises you will use include:

  • Over-head presses
  • Front/side/rear dumbbell raises
  • Bent-over rows, and other pulling exercises
  • Chest press
  • Squats
  • Lunges

The Final Workout is called The Workout: New Super Senior Strength In 21 Days. This video is not one that you will use to follow along. Instead, you will learn different techniques that you need to know in this regimen. You’ll learn how to get stronger and more defined chest muscles, improve your posture, and even eliminate the soreness of your shoulders.

Each of the different training sessions will only require a 40-minute commitment from you, but you will have some sessions that only last about 12 minutes. The amount of time you take will depend on how many days you train during the week.

Pricing For Super Senior Strength Training

If you’re ready to incorporate Super Senior Strength Training into your regular routine, you will only need to over a one-time transaction of $50.00.

With your payment, you will immediately be able access all the materials online. You can view them on your tablet, smartphone, or computer that has wi-fi capabilities.

For some people, this regimen is not for them. If you want to get a refund on this product, you will need to initiate a return within 60 days.

Super Senior Strength Training Review Summary

With guides and videos, the Super Senior Strength Training program is the easiest way to finally feel empowered in your senior years. If you can commit to the workouts every week, it’s time to start thinking about your own fitness.

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