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Prostate is an organ which is located underneath the bladder. Its purpose for a man, is to produce semen. In other words, it plays a vital role in a man’s life, as it is responsible for a man’s reproductive system. When men eventually hit the age of over 45, prostate problems become a norm.

Some of the problems or concerns associated with the prostate are as follows, but are not limited to: BPH, acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. How does one resolve prostate concerns? This is where the Super Healthy Prostate comes into play.

The Super Healthy Prostate by Dr David Williams ensures that one undergoes regular and frequent urination during the day and not at night, supports prostate size and contains antioxidants that work to support the prostate tissue.

To better understand how these benefits are achievable, let’s analyze this product in terms of its purpose, its ingredients list and how to efficiently make use of it. In addition, consumers will also be provided with an idea of how much one needs to invest in this respective product.

What Is The Super Healthy Prostate By David Williams?

Super Healthy Prostate is a dietary supplement that helps those experiencing poor prostate health and who are in need for better help in terms of urinary support.

It is formulated in soft gels form and is specifically made for men’s health purposes. To better understand the quality this product achieves towards one’s prostate health, let’s analyze the ingredients list.

Ingredients in Super Healthy Prostate

The ingredients used to create this product are as follows:

  • Graminex G63
  • Flowens Cranberry Extract
  • Beta Sitosterol
  • Saw Palmetto
  • HMRlignan
  • Selenium
  • Meriva Turmeric Extract

One of the main ingredients found in this product is the Graminex G63.

This ingredient ensures that men are urinating frequently, empties the bladder, ensures urination is normalized and doesn’t occur at odd times. This is definitely something that older men experience, therefore this ingredient works to reduce night time urination for their comfort purposes.

The second main ingredient found in this product is Flowens Cranberry Extract. This ingredient is greatly known for its ability to empty out the bladder. This is important because by ensuring urinary flow and volume is maximized, people do not need to take frequent trips to the bathroom, even if it is a small quantity.

The other minor ingredients found in this product are: Beta Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto, HMRlignan, Selenium, and Meriva Turmeric Extract. Beta Sitosterol is a plant compound that works to ensure betterment in one’s urinary flow.

Saw Palmetto induces normal DHT levels for a healthy prostate and better urination. This ingredient achieves this by blocking enzyme production responsible for converting testosterone into DHT.

HMRlignan is derived from the lignin plant and its purpose is to protect the body from oxidative damage. Selenium enhances the body’s antioxidant activity, which prevents any damage from free radicals to negatively affect one’s prostate health.

Lastly, Meriva Turmeric Extract consists of turmeric, which more or less touches every aspect of one’s health. With the combination of such naturally driven ingredients, not only will a man’s prostate health enhance, but he will also feel a peace of mind, relaxation and overall wellness.

How To Efficiently Make Use Of Super Healthy Prostate?

Men are advised to take 4 softgels per day. This can be broken down into two intakes; one 2 softgels in the morning with a meal and 2 softgels in the evening with a meal.

For men who have certain types of allergies, this product also includes: gelatin, olive oil, yellow beeswax, sunflower lecithin, silicon dioxide, carob extract and soy, therefore be cautious prior to consuming it.

Men are advised to limit themselves to the suggested dosage, as taking more will not be beneficial towards one’s health.

Super Healthy Prostate Review Summary

Each container of the Super Healthy Prostate contains 60 servings, therefore men are provided with a supply that will last a month. This being said, the current going price of this respective product is approximately $49.99.

This is a worthwhile investment given that it includes naturally driven ingredients that are able to limit frequent urination during the night time. This will eliminate frustration and tiredness. The price is comparable as most supplements of a one month supply can cost anywhere between $40 and $60.

Overall, it is important to ensure one’s prostate health is taken care of because it can lead to prostate cancer. When a man hits his early 50s, he will realize a change in his urinary flow. The Super Healthy Prostate ensures that one does not need to wake up in the middle of night to urinate, as one’s bladder will be emptied prior to that.

With its ability to ensure maximum urinary flow and volume, the bladder will be swept clean, therefore men no longer need to go to the bathroom even if their bladders contain very little liquid. For more information on the Super Healthy Prostate by Dr David Williams, go to:

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