Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 Air Magnetic Rowing Machine


Physical exercise is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy body and mind. Research has shown that on an average every adult should get at least 45-60 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. This can include running, jogging, walking, sports, swimming or any other activity wherein dormant muscle groups are actively targeted.

However, in recent years, rowing has caught the attention of many gym enthusiasts in countries like the United State, Australia, Britain. This is primarily due to the fact that rowing covers nearly all of our upper body muscle groups. For example, a single session can provide an ample workout to our biceps, forearms, pectoral muscles and even our back muscles.

Apart from the body sculpting abilities of rowing, it also allows for the strengthening of our spine. This can be especially beneficial as we become older and cannot support our body weight efficiently. Lastly, experts have noted that even a 45 minute rowing session can greatly improve our overall cardiovascular and circulatory health. Due to the rowing motion, the flow of blood has been seen to increase in its transportation efficiency.

About Sunny Health & Fitness 

The Sunny Rower is an all new ‘fitness device’ that emulates to perfection the core mechanisms involved in the rowing of a boat. Owing to its amazing features, the rower has been designed to provide 8 precise levels of magnetic resistance.

This allows an individual to effectively find the right workout intensity so that he/she can perfectly sculpt their body. In addition to all of this, there is also an integrated fan built into the system. This unique air resistance system allows for a more dynamic response and resistance based upon the stroke power and speed of the user.

Secondly, the SF-RW also comes loaded with fully padded seats which add more comfort for longer workouts. There is also a nonslip handle bar which is custom made to allow for sweat to pass through easily. Lastly, the design is built to accommodate users of varying shapes and sizes.

Key Features

Some of the primary aspects of the Sunny Rower which really set it apart from other similar products include:

Digital Display System

The device features a fully automated, LED based system which displays speed, calorie count and many other useful analytical data readings to the user.

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

As mentioned earlier, there are 8 varying levels of magnetic tension that one can choose from. This allows for a complete workout. Also, advanced users have an option to increase the resistance even more using the inbuilt air resistance system.

Anti Slip design

The foot pedals and handlebars have been designed with the use of materials that are completely anti-slip. This helps in the prevention of any injuries, and also allows for a more complete, wholesome workout.

Transportation Wheels

Each unit comes with inbuilt wheels which allows for easier transportation as well as displacement.

Large Weight Capacity

The Sunny Rower has the capacity to hold a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds. Thus users can be carefree in terms of the machine breaking down or buckling under pressure.

Quality Material

The outer body is made using high quality Aluminium fibre that has been reinforced to bear large weight loads.


Even with its high weight bearing capacity, the device itself is quite light and weighs in at a meagre 59.5 lbs.


The Rower is completely covered by a 3 year warranty that covers any defects that might come about during the course of regular use. However, if there is damage to the parts of the device due to the users fault, there might only be a partial compensation possible.

Fast Assembly

The Sunny Rower can be assembled completely in about 45 minutes. This time can be even further reduced if the instructions are properly followed.

Sunny Health & Fitness Reviews Summary

Based upon more than 35 online ‘customer submitted reviews’, the product has received an average rating of ⅘ stars on Some satisfied customers include David B who says ‘ Delivery was very quick and only took 20-25 min to unbox and assemble.

It's only been a week but I am so glad that I got this, I have full travel on this machine and no flex in the the rail so it can handle someone bigger than myself. The first workout I was on level 2 and even though it feels really easy, 5-6 minutes later I had worked up quite a sweat and by 10 min I was done and felt like i had really done something.’

Pricing And Availability

A brand new unit has been priced at $305.8. However, by paying an additional $78.9, users can get the machine completely assembled and delivered to one’s doorstep. Payments can be completed using a host of safe and secure mans like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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