A sunny and bright summer day is a great start to any morning. As you step outside for a cup of coffee with your newspaper, you can feel the heat of the sun against your face. While you’re relaxing in the sunlight, you may not be considering how necessary the right protection is. Luckily, you can find a fast and effective solution in the products from Sun Bum.

About Sun Bum

Sun Bum is a rather relaxed company, but they still deeply care about the well-being and safety of their customers. They understand the high risk of ending up with skin cancer without the right protection during the time you are exposed to the sun. By using their products, you reduce your odds of getting skin cancer by 80%.

The company was established in 2010, and their entire goal was to make sun care products for consumers that spend a lot of time outdoors. The company is located in Florida, which explains their dedication to finding solution for beach-bound consumers.

Sun Bum Products

Each category of the Sun Bum products gives you a special level of attention in your sun protection routine. You need to make sure you always have a sufficient barrier between your skin and the UV rays, but the formulas available at Sun Bum are specifically catered to meet different needs. Here’s a little more about each of the categories and what they can offer you.


The Original line is meant to give your skin a silky and smooth finish, rather than feeling sticky like some sunscreens can feel. These formulas offer you a sheer level of coverage, which is perfect for enjoying some time laying in the sun, but still allows enough UV rays through to give you a sun-kissed tan. Additionally, these formulas are infused with Vitamin E, giving your skin a rich layer of nutrients. Here are a few of the best-selling products in this category:

  • SPF 15 Original Sunscreen Lotion ($15.99)
  • SPF 30 Original Sunscreen Lotion ($15.99)
  • SPF 50 Original Sunscreen Lotion ($15.99)

Hair Care

Your skin is not the only area on your body that can be affected by the sun. Sun Bum primarily focuses on helping consumers enjoy life on the beach, but that life still involves protecting, treating, and styling your beachy tresses. With the products in this category, you can keep your hair feeling soft and hydrated, even if you spent the whole day in the salty ocean. Here are some of the best-selling products in this category:

  • Beach Formula Shampoo ($17.99)
  • Beach Formula Conditioner ($17.99)
  • Beach Formula Sea Spray ($14.99)


The Signature line is quite unique and different from the sunscreen options available with other companies. This sunscreen is mineral-based, helping to give you and other consumers broad spectrum protection in the sun, while still allowing you to enjoy athletic activities and other summertime hobbies. Because of the mineral composition, you don’t have to worry about the formula becoming runny and slowly getting into your eyes.

This formula is trusted and encouraged by multiple swimming organizations in the United States, due to the texture that helps your skin remain dry, rather than sweaty. This category only has four items, which are:

  • Sun Bum Signature SPF 30 Face Stick ($14.99)
  • Sun Bum Signature SPF 30 Sunscreen ($17.99)
  • Sun Bum Signature SPF 50 Sunscreen ($12.99)
  • Sun Bum Signature SPF 50 Sunscreen ($17.99_


This category is the only one from Sun Bum that isn’t actually sunscreen or some form of sun protection. In this category, you can find products that feature the Sun Bum logo, helping you to prepare for a fun day at the beach. Here are some of the fun items you can find in the category.

  • ‘Hawaiian Flag Aloha' Beach Towel ($34.99)
  • ‘Signature' Sonny Beach Towel ($39.99)
  • Sonny Vinyl Decal ($4.99)

Where to Buy Sun Bum Products

Sun Bum products can be ordered directly from the website, but you will need to wait for the amount of time it takes to ship the products to you. If you want to get your sun protection right away, you can use the Store Locator tool to help find a nearby location that carries the Sun Bum products. If you enter your complete address, you can even see exactly how far away the closest option is.

Contacting Sun Bum

There are so many reliable products from this company, but you may want a little more information about the products before you commit to making a purchase. There is an online form that allows you to fill in your contact information, along with your comment or inquiry.

If you want to contact the company as a business transaction, look at the “Contact Us” section of the website for the specific area of the company you need to talk to.


Protection from the sun is no laughing matter. Though Sun Bum aims to make this solution a little more lighthearted with their casual approach on the website, protecting your skin is actually necessary to your health. With the right protection, you can still enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities, still get a tan, and still be protected from toxic UV rays that can cause skin cancer. There are specific products on this website that won’t drip or become sweaty during use, which means that there is no excuse for avoiding full protection from one of the most dangerous natural substances.


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