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As people become more and more aware of the fact that it is essential to carefully choose what type of products to use on their skin, skincare lines that use natural ingredients have become increasingly more popular. Nowadays people don’t trust the famous multinationals as much anymore as they are known to have used many harmful chemicals in their products before.

In addition, big companies often produce products that contain chemicals, are not eco-friendly and are tested on animals. Because of people’s growing awareness on animal cruelty and environmental care, these brands lose a lot of customers in favour of new brands that have been created following the new standards that people have with regards to natural ingredients.

However, there is a wide range of skincare brands that claim to be all natural and it is difficult to chose the right one. This article will introduce the brand Sukin that doesn’t stop at being all natural and using organic ingredients, but also ensures recyclable packaging and an eco friendly design philosophy at an affordable price.

More Information About Sukin

Sukin is an Australian natural skincare brand founded by two siblings, Simon and Alison and their father Peter thus making Sukin a family business. The founders quit their full-times jobs to wholeheartedly devote themselves to creating a skincare line that would be affordable, efficient and all natural. Due to the fact that their are so many other different skincare lines, it was very difficult at first for Sukin to stand out. Simon and Alison spent a year packing and shipping all of the products they offer themselves.

In order to differentiate themselves from other brands, the owners of Sukin decided to take an essential commitment to provide their customers with products that “doesn’t cost the Earth”. Sukin is committed to not produce anything that would be harmful to the environment in any way. The company has been certified to be a 100% cruelty free, carbon neutral, and vegan as all their products formulas are biodegradable.

The brand’s products are produced in Australia and exported to over 10 countries internationally. Sukin received an award for being Victoria’s emerging exporter of the year in 2010. The company is faithful to their down to earth family business approach and though now the team has grown, Sukin is still run by a small group of young, activate and devoted people who have their customer’s best interest at heart.

Sukin Offers Natural and Sustainable Skincare

Sukin focuses on the sustainability of their products meaning that is essential for the company to provide customers with skincare solutions that are not harmful to the environment and use natural resources in their manufacture that support ecological balance. In order to be efficiently earth-friendly Sukin uses completely organic and natural ingredients and pledge to never use any type of animal testing.

Sukin is a vegan company and all of the skincare solutions and other products provided by the brand are free from animal derivatives and animal by-products. Furthermore, Sukin’s formulation are free from any type of detergents, sulfates and propylene glycol. Consequently, products provided by Sukin won’t damage rivers, animal, plant life and the general ecosystem because they are grey water safe. Thus, the skincare solutions offered by the brand ensures not only healthy skin and body but also a healthy environment.

In addition to using safe ingredients in their products, Sukin also pays attention to providing ecological packaging due to the fact that packaging is what ends up polluting the Earth the most by being carelessly thrown away. PET plastic is an entirely recyclable type of plastic which is structured by raw plant-based materials. By using PET plastic, Sukin ensures easy to recycle packaging for their products.

Sukin also uses LDPE tubes. Low-density Polyethylene, or LDPE, is a thermoplastic made from monomer ethylene, commonly used to make rubbish bags, furniture, compost bins and a large range of other products. The advantage of LDPE is that it can be reprocessed and recycled more than once. Overall, Sukin commits to only use completely recyclable materials in the composition of their packaging, such as amber glass.

Sukin is a company that is entirely transparent about the ingredients they use and on the brand’s website the brand integrated a search tool that lets their customers alphabetically look up the compounds used in the skincare line’s products. For example, at the letter J people will be able to find out that Sukin uses Juglans Regia powder which is a walnut powder used to safely exfoliate the skin. The brand also uses Jojoba Esters and Jojoba Oil, both soothing and moisturizing the skin.

Sukin’s Rewards Program

The Sukin company provides their customers with affordable products and for orders over $30 the shipping is free. In addition, to make their brand more profitable to their customers, the company set up a rewards program. This rewards program works by collecting points. For every $1 spent on the website, a person will get 5 points. With 50 points the customer will get $10 off. In order to be eligible to this point system, you will need to create a store account which is an efficient way to get $20 off your first buy due to the fact that you will automatically get a 100 points by creating a store account.

If you are looking for a high quality, efficient, affordable and all natural skincare line then Sukin is the right choice for you as it not only ensures you safe, healthy and organic products, but also sustainable, vegan and recyclable ones. Thus, amongst the ocean of growing companies that claim to offer the best products, Sukin stands out through the quality of its skincare solutions and the work ethics the company has committed to.

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