Duralactin Review – Daily Vitamin To Help Reduce Inflammation?


When a person buys or is gifted a pet, something amazing happens. That animal, whether a dog, cat, or even a horse, becomes a part of the person’s life, sometimes becoming so close that it feels like it is part of the family. And pet owners, no matter the size or breed of their pet, love their dog, cat, or horse with all their heart.

Because the love between humans and animals is so strong, it can be heartbreaking for people to see their pets suffer. Whether it’s due to an accident or old age, when people see their horse limping or notice that their dog or cat isn’t as active as before, it hurts them. And it’s in these moments that many people decide to do whatever it takes to help their pet feel better.

There are thousands of medications and therapies on the market today, all aimed at helping pets through their hard times. However, there are several problems with this options, the most obvious being that they just don’t work. As people try these options, not only are they spending a lot of money, but they’re also putting their dog, cat, or horse through something that might cause them more pain and suffering.

For those who love their animals and are tired of seeing them suffer, there’s Duralactin. This amazing nutritional aid is able to combat the main cause of inflammation in dogs, cats, and horses, allowing these animals to get back to living their lives. And because Duralactin is such a safe option, it has no side effects which might interfere with other therapies the animals might be using.

About Duralactin

Because animals deserve just as much care and support as humans, Duralactin is a company that was created to provide the best nutritional aid for cats, dogs, and horses possible. Duralactin is a nutritional aid that uses a patented dried milk concentrate that is able to give animals all the protein they need to decrease inflammation in their bodies. The goal of Duralactin is to be able to help control the many inflammatory issues faced by these animals for the long-term, with the hope being the supplement can decrease the need for steroids or NSAIDS.

Duralactin offers many products for all three of the categories it works in, dog, cat, and horse. Each product is designed and created with those specific animals in mind, as well as their unique needs. For example, most pet owners and vets know that getting a cat to take a supplement is more difficult than getting a dog to take the same supplement. Because of this, Duralactin offers its nutritional aids in multiple forms, so even the pickiest of felines will be able to take the product.

The driving force behind Duralactin is found in its patented dried milk protein. Duralactin created a product called MicroLactin which uses milk from hyper-immunized cows. The quality of the milk used for these nutritional aids is more superior than any other option on the market, making it more effective. Several of the factors found in MicroLactin are able to block and prevent certain body chemicals in cats, dogs, and horses from responding to inflammation. In other words, MicroLactin and the Duralactin products made with it are able to get to the root of the inflammation problems, stopping it before it becomes a bigger issue.

What Makes Duralactin Different

So many of the products and supplements offered to pets seem to be hastily thrown together in a hope that they’ll be somewhat effective. With Duralactin, this is very much not the case. Animal lovers make the best animal helpers, which is what the people behind Duralactin are. To make sure that Duralactin is able to take care of the needs of all the cats, dogs, and horses that take it, a lot of time and research went into crafting the products. And this is one of the biggest ways that Duralactin differs from other nutritional aids on the market.

Because Duralactin works at the source of inflammation issues, causing a disruption in the entire response of the body, the aid can be used for a wide variety of inflammation types. For vets or animal owners, this means that Duralactin can be used for multiple issues in multiple animals, as long as the right products was purchased.

As mentioned above, a lot of time and research was put into crafting Duralactin products. The result of all this hard work can be found in the way Duralactin works in the bodies of cats, dogs, and horses to manage their inflammation. Instead of focusing on the area where the inflammation is taking place, like steroids, Duralactin inhibits neutrophil migration, stopping the cognitive responses that cause inflammation. This allows Duralactin to work more effectively and faster than many of the other inflammation management options on the market today.

While Duralactin only offers products for cats, dogs, and horses, it is able to provide a wide range of benefits for these groups of animals. The nutritional aid helps support the normal activities and overall wellness of pets, so they feel better in their day to day lives. Duralactin can also be used as a preventative measure for breeds that are known to be inflammation prone. The nutritional aid can also be used for pets that are getting older and have lost their mobility, as well as pets that can’t take or haven’t responded well to other therapy options. Duralactin works to provide multiple support options for multiple pets, perfect for vets or pet owners.

Finally, Duralactin is much easier for pet owners to use. For one, the nutritional aid does not cause any side effects. For pets using other therapies, this allows them to still use Duralactin without any worry. And, to cut down on costs, Duralactin does not require an initial administration for up to six weeks, which is huge for those considering the aid. Finally, not only are there Duralactin formulations that only require administration once a day, but there are options that have an amazing taste that cats and dogs will love.

Products Sold by Duralactin

As mentioned above, Duralactin offers products for three different animal groups: Canines, Felines, and Horses. The products for these different groups are broken into categories, making it easier for pet owners or vets to find the products for which they’re looking. For those who are interested in purchasing these products, they should visit the Duralactin website (www.Duralactin.com). Here, they will find the purchasing process as well as prices.

All Duralactin provide basically the same support. They are recommended to animals to help control their inflammation. Containing MicroLactin, these products are able to block cytokines, as well as inhibit the participation of neutrophils in the inflammatory response. Duralactin products were created to support the wellness and the normal activity of pets, whether cat, dog, or horse.

Below are a list of the products offered by Duralactin. They have been broken up into their animal categories.

For Canine Wellness

  • Duralactin Canine Chewable Tablets
  • Duralactin Canine Soft Chews
  • Duralactin Canine Joint Plus Soft Chews

For Feline Wellness

  • Duralactin Feline +Fatty Acids Soft Chews
  • Duralactin Feline Capsules
  • Duralactin Feline L-Lysine Paste

For Equine Wellness

  • Duralactin Equine Pellets
  • Duralactin Equine Joint Plus Pellets

All the pellet and soft chew options listed above are extremely tasty, making them perfect for the more picky pets.

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