Stop Grow – Painless Permanent Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor?


Summer is coming to a close but there will still be many times that appearance and the absence of unwanted hair is important. Women are especially concerned about having hairless legs and underarms.

Razors can be slippery in the shower and require lubricants such as a cream or lotion in order to be a nick-free experience.

Depilatories can be messy, smelly and can easily irritate sensitive skin. Laser hair removal is outrageously expensive and can take multiple sessions to completely eradicate unwanted hair.

There’s an easy solution according to the makers of Stop Grow. Getting rid of unwanted body hair within a few weeks and lengthening the time between traditional hair removal techniques is what they promise. Let’s take a closer look at Stop Grow and see if it really does inhibit hair growth.

What Is Stop Grow And How Does It Work?

The makers of Stop Grow claim that their formula works by disrupting follicular cell activity causing hair to become finer, thinner and finally, gone. Recommended use is three times per day after traditional hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing, and continued use until the follicle is no longer producing hair.

Stop Grow is applied directly onto skin and goes deep into the follicle to alter normal hair production.

Skinception is the manufacturer of Stop Grow and they claim that the need for shaving or waxing will be reduced by more than 80% after using the hair inhibiting product. They state that after repeated use, the need for traditional hair removal techniques might just become a thing of the past.

What Are The Ingredients Of Stop Grow?

The makers of Stop Grow do list the key ingredients of their hair inhibiting product as follows:

Decelerine 3.0% – This compound has been shown to inhibit hair growth during the first stage of development by weakening the hair follicle. Hair will decrease in length and density.

Aloe Vera Extract – A natural plant extract that has been used for skin irritations and cuts. Has excellent moisturizing properties.

Pseudoalteromonas – A bacteria from the Marine genus, known for its ability to regenerate skin cells. It’s important to research any product before purchasing or using. Will also condition and soothe skin with naturally occurring moisturizers.

Telocapil 2.0% – This antioxidant is made from the leaves of the Myrica cerifera plant. Believed to dramatically slow hair growth. Also thought to weaken follicle and hair shaft.

Pilisoft 1.0% – This plant extract is made from the leaves of the Gymnema Sylvestre plant. Enhances effects of hair removal by reducing the vitality of the cuticle.

Traditional Methods Of Removing Unwanted Hair

Abrasives or Scrubbing – This method of removing unwanted hair has been around for probably as long as humans have been trying to get rid of hair. Dull stones such as pumice can be used to abrasively remove hair. There are also specially designed gloves that work with friction to remove hair at the follicle.

Threading – Gaining in popularity once again, this method involves pulling a single hair out with a looped thread. Less painful than plucking.

Sugaring – Similar to waxing but less painful and less irritating to sensitive skin. Warm mixture is applied to the skin and left to dry. When removed, hair is pulled from follicle while leaving cuticle intact.

Electrolysis – Permanent method of hair removal involves cauterizing hair follicle, in essence destroying the follicle’s ability to grow hair.

Laser – Most expensive method of hair removal. Can also be painful and leave unintentional scarring.

Straight-Edged Blades and Razors – Time-tested, and easily, the most popular method of hair removal. Subject to razor burn and cuts. Used with a lubricant, cuts hair close to the skin, but does not remove cuticle and does not impair follicle from becoming active again.

Waxing – Does not permanently remove hair. Can leave burns and is very painful as the hair is literally yanked out of the follicle. Hair may regrow if not treated with an inhibitor such as Ultra Hair Away.

Depilatory Cream – An Easy and inexpensive method that removes unwanted hair. Does use chemicals to heat the follicle causing it to release the hair. Can be harsh on sensitive skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Stop More?

The makers of this product claim that consumers will get long-lasting results when they use Stop More as directed. They state that over time, hair will become softer and thinner until it simply grows no more. Stop More targets hair follicles wherever it is applied, attacking during the anagen or growth phase.

The Stop More website lists some of the benefits of using their product, which are:

  • Body hair becomes thinner
  • Growth becomes sporadic
  • Hair length is shortened
  • Hair growth slows and may eventually stop
  • The need to shave or wax reduced by more than 80%
  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient
  • Formulated for sensitive skin

How Much Does Stop Grow Cost And Where Can It Be Purchased?

This hair growth inhibiting formula can be bought directly off the manufacturer’s website and at other online retailers. When buying of the Stop Grow website, they offer a 90-day money back guarantee. (Less shipping and handling) Consumers that are not 100% satisfied may return empty bottles for a full refund.

The makers of Stop Grow offer the following:

  • One-month supply – $49.95
  • Two-month supply – $79.90
  • Three-month supply – $109.85
  • Six-month supply – $209.80
  • Twelve-month supply – $399.95

Shipping charges range from $13.99 for 7-10 day shipping to $36.99 for overnight shipping.

The Bottom Line – Does Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor Really Work?

The three key ingredients of Stop Grow are clinically proven to reduce hair growth by targeting the hair follicle during the growth phase. Hair will become thinner and more fine over time. The makers claim that with continued use, there is a possibility of eliminating shaving or waxing completely.

There are no reviews or testimonials on the Stop Grow website, but in researching this product, other reviews were found. More than 45% of consumers only gave this product a 1-Star rating and claimed that it simply did not work for them.

There were a couple of very positive reviews for Stop Grow that indicated the product worked as promised.

These reviews stated that Stop Grow had made unwanted hair on the face softer and much less noticeable. From reading all the reviews, it would appear that Stop Grow works better in targeted smaller areas of concern rather than being a good alternative to waxing or shaving larger areas of the body.

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