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Not only is cycling a great way to improve cardiovascular health and fitness while losing weight, it also cuts down on fuel costs, eliminates the headache presented by parking, and saves the environment.

More and more Americans are turning to cycling as an alternative to cars in the morning commute, or simply as a fun way to stay healthy while getting outdoors.

Cycling on a regular basis, however, is known to cause a few frustrating health problems. The most common injury caused by cycling is knee pain, which is induced by overuse of the joint in the cycling posture, lower back pain caused by remaining in a hunched position, and achilles tendonitis. These injuries can take a long time to heal and severely limit range of motion.

One of the most popular alternatives to cycling in the gym are cross trainers or step trainers, which provide a similar cardio workout without stressing the joints and ligaments of the body.

A groundbreaking new cycle design is providing health and fitness enthusiasts with a fusion of outdoor road cycle and step trainer, creating a unique solution called the Stepwing.

The Stepwing is currently being launched on popular crowdfunding site indiegogo, and is one of the most innovative personal transportation and sports training devices to hit the market. Instead of using a pedal powered drive chain, the Stepwing uses a stepping motion that provides the same function. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Stepwing and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right personal transportation device for you.

What Is The Stepwing?

The Stepwing is an innovative new fitness tool and personal transportation device that has been designed to function as an alternative to a traditional pushbike. The design of the Stepwing is wholly unique- resembling a traditional folding pushbike, the Stepwing eliminates pedals completely and replaces them with a set of push platforms that resemble a cross trainer or a step trainer.

The Stepwing can be folded up into a compact package that makes it ideal for the morning and afternoon commute, and provides a number of benefits over the traditional pushbike. The position in which the rider stands while operating the Stepwing eliminates the injuries that are induced by traditional cycling, preventing lower back pain, knee injuries, and the glute soreness that comes with uncomfortable bike seats.

Operating the Stepwing is exactly the same as a traditional step trainer- users simply mount the Stepwing as they would a regular bike, and proceed to operate it in a stepping manner that pushes the drive chain in a similar fashion to a traditional pedal system. Although the design of the Stepwing is unique, it uses traditional bicycle components, so it can be serviced at any bike repair shop.

The Stepwing also targets a wide range of muscle groups that aren’t activated with a traditional pushbike. The stepping motion required to operate the Stepwing activates the entire body, targeting the core muscles, the glutes, the quadriceps, and the hamstrings, simultaneously burning fat and toning lean mass.

Stepwing Design & Construction

The Stepwing is available in two different designs that are intended for different purposes. The first model, called the Galaxy 1, is custom-designed for the urban environment. Offering small 12 inch wheels, the Galaxy 1 can be folded up into a small package that makes it possible to carry it on public transport or store away under the desk at the office.

The Galaxy 1 Stepwing weighs in at just 11 kilograms, and offers a fixed-speed gear-free design with a freewheel function. Available in five different colors- Sky Blue, Red, Blue, Pink, and White, the Galaxy 1 is small, lightweight, and reliable.

The second model offered by Stepwing is the Titan, which is designed for more serious movement. The Titan is designed as a full replacement for a regular pushbike, and boasts 20 inch wheels, single gear function, a solid and sturdy fixed stem, and is available in four colors- Black, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

A folding variant of the Titan is also available, delivering a three-speed Shimano gearbox, a foldable stem, and a strong steel frame. The foldable Titan 3 model is available in just two colors- black or yellow- and like the Titan offers 20 inch wheels.

Stepwing Review Summary

The Stepwing is a unique cycling solution that provides all of the benefits of a traditional bike without causing any of the injuries. If you’re looking for an innovative alternative to a bicycle for your morning commute, the Stepwing Indiegogo campaign is definitely worth backing.

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