Stamina Mini Exercise Bike – Smooth Pedal System Exercising?


Research has suggested that regular cardiovascular exercise is one of the best means of keeping healthy and fit, not only does it help users lose weight but it also assists in maintaining a healthy heart and optimal internal system.

Some of the many means of performing this exercise form include running, jogging, cycling, walking, they allow users to obtain a variety of health benefits like increased metabolic rate, heightened fat oxidation capacity, regulated blood pressure levels, decreased blood sugar.

What Is Stamina Mini Exercise Bike?

This bike can literally be thought of as “exercise in its most convenient form”, the Stamina Mini Exercise Bike (with a Smooth Pedal System) is a lightweight, well designed, portable exercise tool that can be used anywhere and anytime.

All one needs to do is setup the bike by placing it in a convenient location like under one's table, office desk, in front of one’s couch and the product is ready to be used.

For performing an upper body workout, the device should be placed atop a desk or raised platform and the pedals be moved using one’s hand.

By increasing or decreasing the intensity of pedal movement one can experience elevated resistance levels which allow for increased muscle gains, enhanced stamina and improved endurance levels.

Stamina Mini Exercise Bike Features

It might seem odd how a pedal system can be used with one’s hand but with the device’s Smooth pedal system, the mini bike allows for a seamless transition between the user's feet and hands.

Other important features include:

Scanning multi-function workout monitor: which allows users to keep track of their routine and check for various fitness related nuances.

Time Tracker: it allow users to keep track of the elapsed time, it also allows for a splitting of exercise sessions etc.

Stroke counter: this feature allows for keeping track of how many pedals one has performed.

Calorie Counter: it shows users how many calories they've burned during the course of their workout session.

Easy-to-reach dial resistance: this button is placed conveniently so that during the course of one’s exercise if a user wishes to vary the intensity level he/she can do so by simply turning down the knob.

What Sets Stamina Mini Exercise Bike Apart?

Compact design: the mini bike is extremely portable and can fit anywhere, its dimensions include 5W x 13.5D x 12H in.

Colour options: there are a variety of tasteful colors that users can choose from.

Weight capacity: it can be used by a wide variety of users, it maximum weight threshold is 250 pounds.

Long warranty period: it comes with a 1-year frame and 90-day parts manufacturer's warranty. This means that any damage can be fully compensated for unless the fault was caused due to some human error.

Stamina Mini Exercise Bike Pricing

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online at Amazon. The bike is priced at $79.00 and payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Stamina Mini Exercise Bike Reviews

The reviews regarding Stamina Mini Exercise Bike have been generally warm and using a weighted average of over 300 reviews the mini bike received an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Some satisfied customers include Marsha O’Neill who claims that she uses the product to help her with her physiotherapy. She regularly does cycling sessions on her bike to strengthen her back muscles and says that the results have been fantastic so far.

Similarly, Harrison S. echoes a similar sentiment and says that he began using the bike to rehabilitate his legs after he had a double knee replacement surgery performed on both his legs.

He goes on to say that he feels much stronger, agile, mobile after having just spend a couple of months working out on the bike.

Lastly, Ric Minnick says that the device is ideal for him because he is able to work out while working or watching tv, allowing him to free up more time for other activities.

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