Stacked Skincare Review – Worth Trying?

Stacked Skincare is a company that helps to get the deepest penetration possible of your skincare products. This is our review.

What is Stacked Skincare?

Regularly maintaining your skincare regimen is the key to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful for as long as possible. However, there are unpredictable conditions that you may not even be looking out for. Whether you want to get some treatment for a temporary condition, or you want to maintain your complexion on a regular basis, Stacked Skincare can help you achieve what you want.

Stacked Skincare was created by Kerry Benjamin, who used to suffer from severe eczema as a child. Later in life, she decided she wanted to find a way to remedy this issue, so she began her research. The company opened in 2009, which received certifications from PCA Skin, Envy Medical and Mesoesthetics, and International Dermal Institute.

The product line is able to cover a variety of skincare needs. These products are capable of treating cystic acne, rosacea, eczema and dark spots. Different products are available for each of these needs, which shows that Stacked Skincare understands the varying needs of consumers.

Stacked Skincare is a manufacturer of products you can use at home, but you can also get the star treatment by booking an appointment at the California location. Her spa treatments in the physical location are all performed using her existing skincare products.

The Stacked Skincare Products

You are able to search by your skin condition or the type of product you want to use on your skin with the website. The products are divided into three different categories – serums, peels, and tools. The entire selection only comes out to 30 different products, most of which are different combinations of these types of products to achieve the complexion desired.


All of the serums are priced at $150.00, and there are only three items to choose from. The EGF Activating Serum is designed for acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation. The HA Hydrating Serum is for consumers with excessively dry skin. The PSC Peptide Serum is specific for anti-aging.


The peels start at about $150.00. Each of these peels help a different area. There are different products for your face and body, since your face is typically more sensitive of an area for your skin. The peels help you eliminate dead skin cells, clearing the way for a fresh-looking face.


There are so many different tools that can be used to aid in the effectiveness of the Stacked Skincare products. There aren’t many tools, but some include the micro roller, which helps to stimulate collagen production, and the bamboo face towels.

The Stacked Skincare Spa

In addition to having a variety of effective products, the makers of Stacked Skincare also have a physical location where you can receive spa treatments with the listed products. The spa is located in Los Angeles, and requires an appointment to meet Kerry Benjamin personally. You can book your appointment online, and the wait time is currently no more than a couple of days to schedule.

At the spa, you can receive a variety of different treatments, which you may be able to perform with the Stacked Skincare products at home. The services at the spa include:

  • SilkPeel Microdermabrasion
    • Infuses the skin with applicable serum while exfoliating
  • Chemical peels
    • Exfoliates the skin
    • Helps with cell reproduction
    • Eliminates bacteria
  • Microneedling
    • Applies small needles all over the skin to help with the absorption of serums
    • Pain free
  • Dermaplaning
    • Removes dead skin with a sterile blade over the skin
  • Oxygen Therapy
    • Uses pressurized oxygen to deliver the products to the skin.

How to Use the Stacked Skincare Line

Stacked Skincare is based on the idea that you should combine multiple types of products to achieve the clear and glowing skin you want. That means, your skin will undergo the treatment of multiple products on a regular basis, helping to clear out the free radicals and invigorate your skin properly.

A “Stack” consists of three different categories – exfoliants, specialized treatments, and tools. The exfoliants clear of the dead skin from your face. The specialized treatment includes two or more different serums that specifically treat your condition, whether the condition is eczema, acne, or a variety of other issues. The tools used enhance your regular products, like when you include the use of Stacked’s micro-rollers.

The stacking is also a way for you to get more products at once. If you stack three or more items, you receive a 10% discount. There are specific stacks for six different conditions. Those stacks are designed for:

Where to Get Stacked Skincare Products

All of the products are available through the Stacked website. If you find a stack combination that you prefer, you can sign up for the auto-ship option to receive discounts as you get the products you need monthly.

Contacting Stacked Skincare

The customer service team is ready and willing to answer your questions about treatments and the products offered.


Stacked Skincare is a different approach to skincare than many people use. Most of the time, consumers just rely on a cleanser and a moisturizer, but using the wrong method of delivery is just as bad as using no remedy at all.

By choosing to visit the Stacked Skincare Spa or using the tools for the products at home, you can achieve the complexion you have always wanted. However, you will have to pay a pretty penny to achieve that look.


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