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Propolis – The Cure All Health Supplement?

While the health benefits of bee pollen are widely known, not many people know about an even healthier compound formed from bees called Propolis. A mixture of sap from tree buds. It’s high concentration of flavonoids (a type of antioxidant) makes propolis a popular natural treatment for a variety of health conditions.


Propolis – What Science Says

There are many health benefits reported by propolis users. However, science sometimes says otherwise. Here is a look at many of the reported benefits and scientific evidence about these claims:

Burn Treatment: According to a 2002 study, propolis may promote the healing of burns. Researches compared the effects of propolis and a silver sulfadiazine in patients with second degree burns. Researchers found that the two treatments were almost equally effective but found propolis reduced the risk of inflammation or infection.

Wart treatment: A study published in the Journal of Dermatology tested the effectiveness of propolis on warts. In a single-blind, three month trial, 135 patients were either given propolis, Echinacea, or a placebo. After three months, propolis was effective in eliminating warts in 75% of patients, much higher than the rate of the placebo or in Echinacea.

Cavity Prevention: A 2003 study in Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin reported that propolis might help in cavity prevention. During laboratory research, scientists found that certain compounds found in propolis might inhibit the growth of certain bacteria that contribute to cavity development. Researchers believe propolis might prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth as well.

Diabetes Treatment: Albeit not in human research, results from a study published in Pharmological Research suggests propolis might aid in the treatment of diabetes. In the study, tests on diabetic rats showed that propolis helped reduce blood sugar levels as well as bad cholesterol.

In addition, the National Institutes of Health reports that based on the information available, propolis may be helpful in reducing cold sores, genital herpes, and as a treatment for the cold or flu.

Propolis Is Very Safe

A natural health product is useless if it’s unsafe. Luckily, propolis appears to be very safe and side effect free. None of the participants in the study mentioned above reported any negative side effects or health problems as a result of using propolis.

If you’re breast feeding or pregnant, make sure your doctor knows that you plan on taking propolis. This is just a regular safety precaution that should be taken for any pregnant or nursing mother who plans to use a dietary supplement.

Where to Purchase Propolis

In a world of over-hyped and junk products, propolis is the real deal. With over a dozen proven benefits, clinical support, and a seal of approval for safety – anybody can benefit from taking Propolis.

If you’d like to purchase propolis, you can do so online or in various natural food stores. Propolis comes in pills, powders, creams, and lozenges, so you can buy propolis based upon your needs. It’s readily available and is very affordable, which should make purchasing propolis easy.

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