Spud INC Hamstinger Deluxe – Quick-Attach Hamstring Strap?


The hamstrings are one of the most difficult muscle groups in the body to workout.Consisting of the semitendinosus, biceps femoris, and the semimembranosus muscles, the hamstring makes up most of the muscle mass of the rear of the upper thigh.

Extending from the pelvic region to the top of the lower leg bones, the hamstrings are used in most of the locomotive functions of the body such as running, walking, cycling, and jumping.

Targeting the hamstring muscles during strength training exercises generally requires bulky gym equipment. Exercises such as the romanian deadlift, power snatch, and clean deadlift are highly effective at working out these muscles but all require either a heavy olympic bar or squat rack, which many don’t have room for in their home gyms.

These exercises are also some of the most common causes of injury in fitness enthusiasts, as if they are performed incorrectly they can severely damage the joints and ligaments.

There is, however, a method of targeting hamstrings that is just as effective as full body strength training techniques that doesn’t require large scale gym equipment. Hamstring straps can be easily attached to cable stacks or resistance bands and used to isolate the hamstring muscles and perform a high intensity workout.

Unfortunately, most of the commonly available hamstring straps on the market are not designed to support the high weights that powerlifters and bodybuilders require.

The Hamstinger Deluxe is a new fitness accessory from gym equipment manufacturer Spud Inc. that offers fitness enthusiasts a high-capacity alternative to bulky gym equipment that can be used to target the hamstrings that almost any weight level.

In this article we will assess the design and construction of the Hamstinger Deluxe and see how it measures up against traditional free weight hamstring training techniques.

What is The Spud INC Hamstinger Deluxe?

The Spud INC Hamstinger Deluxe is an innovative new fitness accessory that streamlines the process of training the hamstrings. Offering fitness enthusiasts a highly effective and budget priced alternative to bulky gym equipment such as leg curl machines and squat racks, Spud Inc’s Hamstinger Deluxe has been specifically designed to provide a convenient solution for heavyweight lifters.

Consisting of a 2.5 foot, or 40 inch long strap the unique design of the Hamstinger Deluxe is an improvement of the flimsy construction of most lower-end hamstring straps on the market. The foot harness of the Spud INC Hamstinger Deluxe is robust and sturdy, securing the foot to the strap with a hook-and-loop system that prevents slipping and injuries.

The carabiner attachment hook of the Hamstinger can be attached to virtually any cable exercise system or pulley lock making it compatible with any exercise routine. The small form factor and portability of the Hamstinger foot strap offers fitness enthusiast a convenient accessory that can be quickly thrown into the gym bag to enhance the effectiveness of any strength training routine, in any situation.

The Hamstinger Deluxe can be used to perform a variety of exercises including standing, seated, and lying leg curls, glute training, straight leg extensions or rehabilitation work. Using a hamstring strap in combination with a cable training machine or resistance bands offers a number of unique advantages over whole body exercises such as deadlifts.

While hamstring straps exercises don’t train accessory muscles, they are able to focus the effort exerted by the body into one specific region, maximizing muscular hypertrophy.

A major advantage of the Spud Inc. Hamstinger Deluxe is that it is manufactured entirely in the United States in a CGMP certified production facility. This ensures that the materials used to create this unique training tool are far higher in quality and less likely to break than inferior imported training equipment.

Spud INC Hamstinger Deluxe Pricing Availability

The Spud Inc. Hamstinger Deluxe is available from a variety of sources online, with the best price found at Rogue Fitness at $34 USD. If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to turbocharge your hamstring workouts, the Hamstinger Deluxe is one of the best options available.

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