Spanx Review

Spanx are a popular piece of apparel worn by both men and women. Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Spanx today in our complete Spanx Review.

What Are Spanx?

Spanx are a type of bodysuit shapewear designed to be worn underneath your clothes to provide a slimmer, more shapely appearance.

Spanx are made by a company called Spanx, Inc. That company was founded by Sara Blakely in Atlanta in 2000. In 2010, Spanx introduced a product lineup for men.

Popular Spanx products include bras, panties, shorts, bodysuits, camisoles, slips, bottoms, hosiery, swimwear, and activewear.

The goal of Spanx is to give women (and men) a more shapely appearance by tucking in certain parts of the body. When worn correctly, Spanx will accentuate the natural shape of your body, highlighting your positive features while slimming other features.

Many women appreciate wearing Spanx to avoid having back fat pop out over their bra, for example, or to slim a “muffin top” around their waist. The garments are grippy and tight – just like the corsets of the 19th century – so they push your fat to a difference place, leading to a better overall appearance.

Ultimately, people like wearing Spanx because they claim it makes them look 5 to 15 pounds thinner.

How to Wear Spanx

One of the most important things to know about Spanx is how to find the perfect fit. Buying Spanx that are too small is going to make you very uncomfortable, and buying Spanx that are too big will defeat the purpose.

So with that in mind, I recommend checking out the Spanx size charts, which can be viewed online here.

Those size charts specify the exact recommended sizes for different sizing systems all over the world. You can view recommended sizes by different products, including shapewear, leggings, jeans, and other Spanx products.

Here are some general rules about wearing Spanx:

— Spanx are typically worn under dresses, pants, and other special occasion clothing.

— Spanx work particularly well with certain fabrics. Silk, satin, and other soft fabrics tend to highlight less than desirable body features – like rolls and muffin tops. Wearing Spanx with dresses made from this material can even out imperfections and provide an improved overall appearance.

— If you are in between sizes, never size down with Spanx. This will typically lead to discomfort, bulging, and an unwillingness to ever put on Spanx again.

— Washing Spanx is relatively easy: you wash the shapewear on a delicate cycle in cool water, then hang to dry.

— One of the toughest parts of wearing Spanx is getting them on your body in the first place. Spanx are notoriously difficult to put on. There’s no “trick” to putting on Spanx: you just have to wriggle, squirm, and squeeze them onto your body. The best advice I can give you is to be patient when putting on Spanx. They’re definitely going to take longer to put on than ordinary bras, panties, or pants. Don’t be alarmed if it takes 5 to 10 minutes to squeeze into your Spanx. If you’re really struggling, you can find plenty of Spanx tutorials on YouTube.

— Spanx can be harmful to your health when worn for long periods of time. Doctors warn, for example, that extensive wearing of shapewear can lead to reflux, heartburn, and digestive problems, for example. Wear your Spanx in moderation.

— Be aware of VSL, or Visible Spanx Lines. If you’re wearing tight clothing, like a form-fitting pencil skirt, over top of Spanx, then people may be able to see lines across your body. Spanx are designed to melt into your skin, but they’re not 100% perfect with every outfit.

— If you’re wearing pantyhose with Spanx, make sure to put the pantyhose on first. Otherwise, they can slide down your Spanx (Spanx are slippery). Over the course of a night, you might have to make several trips to the bathroom to adjust your Spanx. Plus, pantyhose can leave a line when worn overtop, and shapewear tends to smooth out this line.

Spanx for Men

In 2010, Spanx introduced a lineup of products for men. Those products include tight-fitting tank tops and slimming underwear.

Men’s products are available in two colors, white and black. They’re priced from $35 (for the ride-free underwear) to $75 (for the tank tops and V-necks).

Whatever men’s products you buy, the goal is the same as the women’s products. You want to slim your body to minimize fat and accentuate your best features.

The same wearing guidelines apply to men: buy Spanx in your size (each product listing on comes with a sizing chart). Products are available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

How to Buy Spanx

Spanx are available at stores all across America. You can buy them at retail outlets or at certain websites.

The official Spanx website,, has actually published a list of available stores. You can view that list on the Spanx website.

You can also purchase Spanx products from, where prices are similar or often lower than retail partner prices. You can also get your Spanx products shipped all over the world.

Spanx are typically available in multiple colors. Almost all products are available in at least two colors: black and skin tone. However, some products can also be purchased in blue, green, pink, purple, and other colors to match your style.

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