Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine – Lipo Flavonoid’s Tinnitus Relief?


The Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine is a unique product that is designed to help individuals suffering from tinnitus. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is classified as a continual perceived sound without an external source.

Occurring in either one or both ears, only the person who has the condition can hear the sounds. Often described as a high-pitched whistle, tinnitus can also sound like a buzz, whoosh, chirp, or pulse.

Varying by pitch, the consistent characteristic of this condition is the constant and relentless sound. To combat the discomfort of tinnitus, the Sonorest Sleep Machine creates a tranquil, soothing, and relaxed sleeping environment.

Helping individuals fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling reeling refreshed and rejuvenated, the device tunes out ringing and phantom noises during the night.

About Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine

As mentioned above, the Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine is designed to meet the needs of tinnitus sufferers. Designed by the experts behind Lipo-Flavanoid, a natural bioflavonoid product that has been used for decades, the machine provides temporary relief from the symptoms of tinnitus.

Although there are many plausible causes and contributing causes for ringing in the ears, there is currently no cure for tinnitus. Because the ear is such a complex system, inflammation, irritation, and trauma can be very disruptive to the ear. For individuals who suffer from tinnitus, is essential that they find mechanisms to improve quality of life.

Disrupting day-to-day activities, tinnitus often causes the most trouble during sleep. Based on a recent study, 77% of tinnitus suffers reported that their symptoms are the most severe when they are trying to sleep.

Based on extensive research, data has shown that providing neutral, background, low-level sounds can help to partially prevent or lessen the intensity of tinnitus sounds. A compact, ambient noise machine that provides relief to ringing ears, the Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine took years to perfect.

By adding sounds to the sleep environment, experts recommend that the sound be non-intrusive, non-stimulating, and easy to ignore. Hitting the sound level that relieves perceptions of tinnitus, research has shown that some noise spectrums are better than others.

For example, evidence reveals that white, brown, and pink noise can effectively decrease the difference between background and peak sounds. With peak sounds being defined as the buzzing and hissing sounds associated with tinnitus, the Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine is engineered to provide users with a variety of these noise options.

Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine Features

Providing options for each sound spectrum, the Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine features controls that help users identify the tone and volume that suits individual needs. Helping ease the disruption caused by tinnitus, the three distinct sound spectrums are explained below.


Defined as the flattest sound, the white sound spectrum contains an equal amount of energy that is evenly distributed across the frequency bands. In more simple terms, the white noise is responsible for providing a continuous sound that covers a larger spectrum.

Pink Much like the white sound spectrum, the pink contains an equal distribution of energy in each octave. To the human ears, it is calibrated and sounds balanced. For some users, the tones on the pink spectrum may sound airier and less noisy than the white noise.


Out of all three spectrums, the brown contains the lowest frequency. Often sounding like deep, soft, rumbling, brown noise has a thunder-like quality.

In addition to featuring three sound spectrums, the Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine also offers a tone control. Allowing users to adjust pitch and frequency according to personal preference, it works to balance the intensity of the sounds.

Fit with a volume control option, this option further allows users to modulate loudness based on tinnitus symptoms. Designed to improve quality of sleep, the Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine features a sleep timer that allows individuals to select 30, 60, or 90 minutes of continuous play.

With a dimming light panel that incorporates blue LED lights, the effect takes place within 10 seconds and turns off within 15 seconds. After setting adjustments, this feature allows users to avoid additional light in the sleep environment and get better sleep.

The Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine has an internal memory that saves settings from previous adjustments allowing it to be used without having to reset any selected options. Convenient and portable, the USB power input and battery backup makes it practical and easy to use for travel.

Purchasing Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine

The Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine is available for purchase on the company website ( and at Walgreens. For just $49.99, it is recommended that consumers use Sonorest Sleep Tones Machine with the supplement Lipo-Flavonoid Night.

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