Sojade – Organic Plant-Based Soya, Oat, Hemp & Rice Recipes?


Eating a plant-based diet has become increasingly popular over the past several years. With more and more people focusing on their health and wellbeing, adopting a plant-based diet seems like a natural step.

Unfortunately, even though more people are becoming vegetarian and vegan, finding foods to supplement these diets is still quite difficult. In order to be healthy, it’s necessary for plant-based foods to be made of the best ingredients.

Sojade is a company that has long been committed to aiding those following plant-based diets. With a wide range of foods and supplemental ingredients, Sojade makes following a healthier lifestyle easier than ever before. And because healthy doesn’t just mean plant-based, Sojade only uses the best ingredients in all of its products.

About Sojade

A family business that was started in 2002, Sojade has always run with one principle, that healthy food should taste delicious. So often, people are afraid to start eating healthily because they think healthy food won’t taste good. Sojade has spent the last several years working to disprove this idea.

With thorough research and a group of expert chefs, Sojade has been able to make a line of products that aren’t just good for the body, but also taste amazing. With Sojade products, people won’t even know they’re eating healthily, because the food is just so good.

The goal of Sojade has always been to draw the focus of healthy eating to the people eating the food and natural products. As mentioned above, Sojade has been able to meet the needs of customers who want delicious, healthy food.

However, just as important to the company is bringing awareness to organic farming. The company only uses organic, locally farmed ingredients that come from the French countryside. By focusing not only on organic farming, but also local farming, Sojade has been able to support a culture of pride and health with its customers.

What Makes Sojade Different

The primary difference between Sojade and other food production companies is that Sojade has a very clear focus on nature. The company has long been dedicated to using the best ingredients sourced from the best locations in order to make the highest quality products.

And the quality of these products can be tasted in every bit, with bursting flavors making eating healthy delicious again. Customers of Sojade can rest assured because every ingredient used in the company’s products are organic and made in France, following the high standards set by the government for food quality.

At the foundation of every food company is its ingredients. As mentioned above, Sojade uses only natural ingredients that are sourced from the best suppliers in the country.

However, not only does Sojade make the choice to select its ingredients with care, it is also very transparent with its customers about from where their food comes. For example, the fruit purees used in Sojade fruit desserts are made in the Haute-Savoie region, while the hemp and organic rice are all grown locally.

The sugar, coffee, and cocoa used in Sojade products aren’t just grown in France, but are all from fair-trade suppliers. It is details like this that set Sojade apart from other companies.

When it comes to nutrition, people need healthy foods, but also balanced foods. Sojade prides itself in offering a variety of healthy products that meet the nutritional needs of the body, all through plant-based ingredients. The soya used for Sojade is high in protein, offering the perfect boost for those who need energy boosts.

The hemp desserts created by the company contain natural sources of omega-3s and fatty acids, giving the body nutrients that it might not get otherwise. And for those who aren’t getting enough calcium in their diets, Sojade soy drinks contain perfectly balanced amounts of the vitamin, negating the need for animal sourced products.

While the primary focus of Sojade is all about providing its customers with better food options, the company does not do this at the cost of the environment. Unlike so many other large companies in the industry, Sojade is extremely aware of the impact manufacturing has on the environment and takes very distinct steps to become more eco-friendly.

The company uses wind turbines to decrease Sojade’s carbon footprint. Sojade also decided to use soya as one of its main ingredients, primarily because it uses very little land or water to grow. And, Sojade even uses pots made from recycled cardboard, showing with its actions that the company is serious about helping the environment.

Products Sold by Sojade

The Sojade website ( makes it extremely easy for customers to shop on its website. First, customers can pick the product they want to buy. Sojade offers drinks, desserts, cooking aids, and yogurt alternatives. Then, customers can pick what plant variety of these products they would like to buy.

Sojade offers soya, seitan, oat, rice, and hemp products, meeting the specific needs of varying plant-based diets.

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