Soberlink – Portable Sobriety Alcohol Monitoring Breathalyzer?


Soberlink is an alcohol monitoring product designed to measure the levels of alcohol content in the body. This instrument was designed to be the best on the market and produces the results as required. It is the modern way of using technology that features software to measure and enables direct results for confirmation and analyses.

The device is portable and works when an individual breathes through the attachment, and samples from the breath to test for ethanol are taken. It has lots of benefits to those who want to monitor their alcohol levels in the body and the recovery system.

This instrument is accompanied by a lot of features, including a camera that detects the eye and recognizes the face to ensure the data collected is correct and compiled for the appropriate person, such as in the case of a person being assigned to use the device. Using their trusted servers, the results are tabulated, and one can observe their alcohol content.

If you have suffered the inconveniences that come with visiting the laboratories, then this comes as a saving grace to enable you to monitor your levels, whether under house arrest, work compliance, and/or law compliance. This is the easiest way to remain sober in all conditions of work and life. It is a portable device that will get you the best results quickly, and Soberlink is compact and easy to use.

Who Makes Soberlink?

With a lot of alcohol monitoring devices on the market, Soberlink emerges as the top device that one can trust with the results. It’s a proper way to easily monitor the alcohol levels in the body. The company behind this innovation is Soberlink Healthcare LLC, and the design of this device features simple tools that work together for accuracy.

First, this device has a camera on the side from top to bottom. It also has a power button to switch it on and off. The side has a blue status light that covers around the mouthpiece. At the front, there is an LCD display with two buttons. The kind of battery used is rechargeable and lasts for a long time. When tests are being done, the results are displayed on the screen and sent directly to a monitoring zone where one can monitor their alcohol content.

To ensure the results are not tampered with, Soberlink has partnered with secure hosting partners that provide the results with a high level of accuracy. The purpose of the camera is to show facial recognition to ensure the results being tabulated are never altered, such as in the case of someone sober trying to use the device for someone that should be sober but has been drinking.

Soberlink Healthcare LLC Company has invested in designing the best technological instrument to allow accurate results and monitor any alchohol content on the breath of the user.

Who Can Benefit From Soberlink?

The company that designs this device has tested the accuracy of the results output and found it to be 100% accurate. Therefore, while using this, you eliminate guesswork and inconsistencies that come with competing devices. This model is easy to use and has a long-lasting battery. The cameras on the instrument ensure that the result tabulated are your results. It also cuts back on fraudulent results.

When you decide to use Soberlink, you get the best possible experience and the recovery monitoring to work for you. At times, the instrument is designed to help you develop a system of moving away from alcohol so as to witness work in progress while in recovery. This device features an integrated GPS where your location can be monitored and sent directly to SoberLink's cloud where reviews and analyses are done. The device has a long-lasting span and can be calibrated once 1500 uses are reached.

Note that this device is easy to use when compared to other devices, so you will enjoy the convenience it brings to you if you have had to use other devices in the past. This device doesn't interfere with the intake of other habits or drugs, such as smoking. It gives you correct data and has been praised by authorities as the best device for alcohol content measuring.

This device has automatic scheduling where a text message is sent to the receiver during the time of testing. Note that the device is safer for your health, despite being used by many blowers. This device allows you to carry tests anywhere around the world and is convenient.

The battery is a long-lasting one and when after recharging it can last up to three days. This means that this device can be used even in remote areas – without the fear of power loss. It’s the only way you can receive real-time results on your phone, and this feature makes it a useful device in your life.

Benefits Of Soberlink

Once you embrace this device, you experience a lot of advantages. First, you will be able to get accurate results within the shortest time possible. Secondly, you can monitor your alcohol levels anywhere, at any time you want. This device gets your personal results, so you can be able to view your personal health and account for the progress as well.

When using this device, the work output is perfect, as you will never be able to be under the influence when working. Also, this device gives you the best deal when you want to do self-tests and get instant results. Since it’s designed and approved for your use, you will be able to use it safely.

Sober Link Downsides

Since this device operates on internet result delivery, sometimes when the network is overloaded, the results might be delayed. If the equipment isn’t sterilized it may affect the user’s health. It is expensive when compared to other devices.

A person may also decide to cover the camera while taking the test, which is actually breaking the rules of using the device. If one doesn’t follow usage instructions, then proper results might not be experienced.

Final Words On Soberlink

When considering the need to get the right results for your ethanol content test, you need this device, as it features all of the instruments that are required for an extremely accurate test.

Note that the price for this device is directly proportional to the output and features of the device, and it is a good deal for the guaranteed effectiveness.

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