So MATCHAAH!: Carbonated Tea With Unmatched Benefits?


SoMATCHAAH is a brand that develops tea-based drinks for better alertness in either a shot or a mixed drink. Consumers can only purchase the products from, which the official website will redirect the user to the page to order.


When someone wants to get moving in the morning, most people immediately reach for a cup of coffee, which will help them perk up for a little while. Unfortunately, consumers cannot drink it right away until it cools, and most people end up enduring the natural laxative effect that coffee beans create. Still, consumers need to find a way to stay energized during any work day, and the drink options available with SoMATCHAAH may help.

SoMATCHAAH primarily uses Matcha tea to create plenty of different beverages with other flavors. The drinks help to invigorate the user’s need for energy with a great taste and the ability to soothe a thirsty throat. The carbonation of the drinks mimics the mouth-feel of soda, but without all the sugar and unhealthy syrups that create the taste.

Consumes get numerous benefits with a Matcha tea drink, though the way that it eliminates toxins is one of the main reasons that it helps to make the user more alert. There’s still natural caffeine to support energy needs, but it can be served cold or at room temperature, depending on the user’s preference. With both powders and shots available, it is up to the user how they want to add it to their routine.

Read on below to learn about the ingredients that can help.

The Ingredients

The reason that the SoMATCHAAH is helpful to consumers is because it is filled with ingredients that are healthier for the body. Those ingredients include:

  • Matcha Tea, which gives consumers 10x the antioxidant protection against toxins and promotes calmness and alertness without the intensity of coffee
  • Carbonated water, for a balanced texture
  • Cane sugar, which is unprocessed and unrefined
  • Natural flavor
  • Citric acid, which preserves the drink


The only way to purchase any of the SoMATCHAAH variations is to use the link on the website and be redirected to the Amazon listing for the two options available.

The first choice is the Instant Latte Ready-to-Mix Premium Matcha Tea Latte, starting at $14.99. Each bag contains 12 servings, though consumers need to measure out each serving. Consumers can also choose a three-pack for $39.00, if the user wants an assortment of Chai, Chocolate Chili Spice, and Coconut, which are the three flavor options.

The other option is to purchase the Shots Matcha Tea Beverage Variety Pack, which starts at $11.95 for a three pack, or $11.35 to enroll in a subscription. These shots are available in Blueberry, Lemon Lime, and Raspberry.

Contacting The Creators Of SoMATCHAAH!

Even though there are more details on the website, consumers may want to learn other details about SoMATCHAAH! There is both a phone number and email address that potential consumers will be able to use to communicate.

The team is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm CST.

SoMATCHAAH Review Summary

SoMATCHAAH is meant for anyone that wants a caffeine boost but does not like the effects that coffee has on the body. With the ability to increase energy, eradicate toxins, and offer a fruity taste, this drink is easier to take along anywhere that consumers may need the support. However, since it contains trace amounts of caffeine, these drinks are not good for children.


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