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Technology is becoming smarter and smaller. Integrated into every aspect of modern life, wearable technology is more popular than ever. Smart Buckle is a revolutionary fitness tracking accessory.

The device brings smart features without compromising personal style. An upgrade from standard watches, Smart Buckle is a high-quality watch buckle that seamlessly adapts to modern and classic watch designs.

Encouraging individuals to remain active and healthy, it tracks daily activity such as steps, distance travelled, sleep, and calories burned. Unobtrusive and powerful, Smart Buckle works with Apple Health and Google Fit. User-friendly, the tech device has re-invented the fitness tracker.

About Smart Buckle

Smart Buckle allows users to track activity without having to purchase a wearable device. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are an obvious combination. However, the leading products are often made out of rubber and silicone. Classier than other fitness gadgets on the market, Smart Buckle is a discreet approach to wearable technology, being compact and elegant.

The watch buckle is embedded with the latest technology. Similar to other fitness trackers, the Smart Buckle incorporates advanced technology and intelligent software algorithms. Available for both iOS and Android devices, users can view daily, weekly, and monthly data.

Built into the device, the software connects with fitness apps and syncs data. With the ability to build a meaningful timeline, the data from the Smart Buckle sends lines of code that translate into measurements. A simplistic design, the Smart Buckle uses fine-tuned motion and a sleep tracking sensors.

With its platform for accountability, the Smart Buckle encourages wearers to prioritize fitness and wellness goals. Calculating steps, pace, distance, calories burned, and sleep patterns, the device uses state-of-the-art technology that tracks orientation and rotation. To measure motion, the Smart Buckle collects data and converts it into steps and activity. In addition to sensors, the software algorithms also work to provide the most accurate results.

How Smart Buckle Works

Inside the fitness tracker, raw data is made using a combination of different functions. For example, to determine heart rate, the Smart Buckle picks up on pressure, sounds, pulse, and other environmental factors.

Heart rate monitoring is an essential aspect of fitness. During moderate and vigorous activities, individuals should keep track of heart rate. As the heart rate rises and decreases, the fitness tracker is able to measure fitness levels. An indicator of heart health, abnormal readers can predict potential health risks. The Smart Buckle is able to predict physical activity by translating the data into a readable format.

Presenting the data in a user-friendly format, the device is also able to recognize sleep patterns. Quality sleep is one of the most important aspects of overall health. With the ability to use unique sensors, the device is able to tracks different sleep states.

The Smart Buckle recognizes light and deep sleep states based on breathing, movement, and duration. Helping to track waking and sleeping times, the device is able to determine how much sleep is needed for optimal functioning. With this data, users are able to view sleep patterns and moments of restlessness. To encourage better sleep, the Smart Buckle reviews data and helps users fall asleep and rest well.

Smart Buckle Features

Designed for ease of use, Smart Buckle is engineered to fit with standards 20mm cloth, leather, or rubber watch bands. In under five minutes, users can easily install the Smart Buckle with a general pin buckle.

The device can also be installed with a deployment/steel clasp buckle that features a standard spring bar mechanism. After installation, wearers can begin to experience a superior lifestyle support system. Crafted with stainless steel, the Smart Buckle provides a luxurious look made for comfort.

With a brush-metal finish, the Smart Buckle uses antiperspirant material that is scratch free. The tech accessory provides everyday protection and is able to withstand daily wear and tear. Smart Buckle features a waterproof level of IP67 and is water-resistant and dust proof. Users can run hands under water and expose the device to rain and wind.

Purchasing Smart Buckle

Smart Buckle is going set to be launched on June 5th, 2017. During the launch countdown, customers are able to request a notification to receive discounts on future releases. More information can be found on the official website (


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