Slim Control Shaper – Quality Triflex Technology Body Lifter?


Slim Control is a garment that you can wear underneath your clothes to create a slim and fit waistline, making anything more flattering. When you make your purchase, you will receive a bonus garment at no extra cost.

What is Slim Control?

When you get ready for the day, you want to look your best for any occasion. Most people stay fit by working out and eating a healthy diet, but you don’t have the option of immediately slimming down before a big date or a work day. Choosing an undergarment to smooth out any bumps and excess fat is a long process, but most of these accessories don’t help you get any slimmer. Luckily, that’s no problem for Slim Control.

Slim Control is an easy-to-use garment that helps you look up to two size smaller than your natural waist. You don’t need to do 100 crunches or drink a miracle supplement to eliminate the extra weight from your body. Instead, as soon as you put on the garment, you will see the change. The garment is breathable and comfortable, unlike more structured waist shapers. It smooths out lumps and muffin tops, but without creating panty lines that you can see under your clothing.

Most undergarments for your waistline only do one of two things – slim your waist or shape your waist. With corsets or other waist cinchers, you often are incredibly uncomfortable, due to the amount of structure needed to hold in your stomach. With waist shapers, like Spanx or control-top pantyhose, you can smooth out lines for a more flattering shape. With Slim Control, you get the shocking results of both smoothness and a smaller waist.

How Does Slim Control Work?

The reason that Slim Control is so effective in concealing your excess fat is due to Triflex Technology. This technology is simply a way to describe how the different stitching and structure makes it possible to comfortably move around and sit without disturbing the design. The material is breathable as well, which means you don’t need to worry about becoming overly sweaty.

These shapers act as underwear, which makes it possible to lift and shape your buttocks, in addition to your waistline. It is also reinforced with stitching that keeps all your excess fat contained, while giving you a smooth curve along the bottom of your back to make your buttocks look more attractive.

Usage Instructions for Slim Control

The best part about Slim Control is that you just slide it on. Step into it in the same way that you would with underwear or jeans. You can wear it under any garment to get the smoothest lines and the smallest waist. You don’t even need a special occasion; you can wear it on a date or just to work for the day.


To get the right fit for your body, you will need to take a waist and hip measurement. These measurements will be in inches, and you can find a chart on the website to indicate the appropriate size for your measurement.

For the right waist measurement, you will need to find your natural waist, which you can do by bending to one side to see where your crease falls. When you stand straight up, use your tape to fit all the way around your midsection with enough space to fit one finger between the tape and your waist.

The hip measurement should be taken eight inches below your natural waist. You should try to measure at the fullest part of your hip.

Pricing for Slim Control

If you want to see how well Slim Control works for your body, you can purchase a pair in Black for $29.75. However, when you make your purchase, Slim Control will send you a second garment in Nude for free. You will need to cover the $7.95 shipping fees for each garment.

Return Policy

It is normal to purchase clothes online and have problems with the outcome of the garment. If you want to return the Slim Control garment, you will need to follow a few guidelines to ensure that you get all your investment back.

  1. Your return must be initiated within 30 days of the date you received it.
  2. The garment must still be in the original packaging with tags.
  3. You must cover the charges for shipping the product, and those shipping fees will not be refunded.

You will need to give the company about 10 days to process the return and refund your charge.

Contacting the Creators of Slim Control

Even though the garment is easy to understand and put on, you may still have questions about it to determine if it is the best product for you. That’s why the customer service team is available to educate you via phone or email.

To reach the phone-based department, you can call 1-800-529-2656. If you are unable to get ahold of a representative, you can send an email to either [email protected] or [email protected]

Slim Control Conclusion

Slim Control helps you to get the waistline you wish you had. Even if you consistently work out, or you are in the process of losing weight, this garment can help you see the potential of all your dedication. If you’re ready to show off how small your midsection is, Slim Control can give you the confidence you desire.

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