Sleepace RestOn: Non-Wearable Sleep Tracking System & App?


If you take care of your body you know how vital getting enough sleep and getting high-quality sleep is for your body. When you sleep, not only does your body get an opportunity to recover from physical daily stress but also your mind has the chance to fully relax and de-stress. Recognizing if you are getting the right amount of sleep or if your sleep time is of high quality can be kind of hard; after all, you are asleep so you don’t know if your body is resting properly. Because of this, many companies that offer fitness trackers have started incorporating sleep tracking technology to give you some sort of feedback on the quality of your sleep. Some other companies decided that focusing on just the sleeping trackers is also a good idea.

We think it is a good idea to use one of these sleep-trackers to try and identify the quality of your sleep, especially if you are experiencing frequent tiredness throughout the day. The problem is that these devices often require you to wear them; this on its own can influence your sleep quality. Luckily, Sleepace has what seems like the perfect solution to fix this problem. RestOn is a non-wearable sleep tracker system which helps you monitor your sleep.

What Is Sleepace RestOn?

Originally Sleepace managed to raise funding through Indiegogo to finalize their product and offer it to the public. The campaign was successful and now the product is available for purchase at an affordable price of $149. The system is able to track your sleep cycle and break it down into easily understandable pie charts which are color-coded for your convenience.

The device itself is paired with a belt-like strap which is placed across your bed. Its designed to record all types of activities because it’s specialized specifically for sleep tracking, unlike other trackers which are more tailored towards fitness tracking and sleep tracking is just an addition. Because of this specific design, the results from this tracking system are very comprehensive.

Sleepace RestOn Cons

There is one major problem with the way this system is designed. Unfortunately, you have to start the tracking process manually and stop it manually as well. Doing this skews the results drastically, which means that the feedback from the tracker become somewhat unreliable.

Sleepace RestOn Non-Wearable Sleep Tracking System & App Pros

The one thing which is a huge plus when it comes to this specific tracking system is the interface design of the application, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play, is exceptionally well made and easy to use. Furthermore, RestOn lasts one whole month on a single charge, which means you won’t have to mess with it frequently. Pairing with your device is very easy too.

Sleepace RestOn Conclusion

When it comes to tracking your sleep, RestOn definitely gets the job done. The main reason for its excellent functionality is because it’s specifically designed to track your sleep and that’s it, which makes it superior to other less specific devices.

Being able to use it on both Apple and Android device is a big plus too, since some companies only have support for one of the companies which mean you have to have a compatible device to use the tracker and can be a headache.

Overall, taking the price into account, this product is a good piece of technology. The only drawback we see is the fact that you have to turn it on and off manually, which we know for a fact some of you might forget to do. Otherwise, it is a good device that will give you some good insight into your sleep quality and give you some excellent suggestions on how to improve your sleep quality.


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