Skipping Rocks Lab Ooho! – Edible Seaweed Plant Water Bottles?


Skipping Rocks Lab is a company that produces sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging options, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint in the world. They are currently in the throes of an investment opportunity for willing consumers.

What is Skipping Rocks Lab Ooho!?

The health of the environment is constantly being threatened by the human race. Over the years, the industry has slowly moved away from eco-friendly packaging products and waste, gravitating towards options that are cheaper.

However, in the process, these materials have started to produce more waste that can’t be broken down in landfills or recycling companies. Luckily, Skipping Rocks Lab has made it a priority to change the face of that industry.

Skipping Rocks La offers impressive packaging that reduces the amount of waste in the industry, and is starting the trend in London. Their products come from the use of plants and seaweed, which means that you won’t have to worry about the prolonged time it takes to break down the materials.

This company aims to eradicate the need for plastic disposable products, while simultaneously becoming the leader in seaweed-based packaging. By participating in their goals, you can become part of the effort to stop the demand for one billion plastic bottles, which will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.

Their current work involves the production of Ocho.

About Ocho

Ocho is the latest attempt from Skipping Rocks Lab to create a packaging alternative, which is made from the extracts you find in seaweed. Unlike other options, this product is biodegradable, and is even safe enough to eat. The sachets offer small pods of water, which you can tear open and drink, or you can just put the whole sachet in your mouth.

Even though these products are easy to break into, they are still strong enough to hold any liquid. In fact, you can choose for them to be flavored or colored, and they only have a shelf life of a few days. When you use these pods, they will easily break down within six weeks, which is within the same amount of time that it takes for a small piece of fruit to decompose.

The production of Ocho has lasted for two years, and the process is currently pending approval for a patent. There’s been plenty of publicity surrounding this effort, with even the New York Times interested in the process.

While this production has been occurring, Skipping Rocks Labs has managed to sell these products from pop ups around London, until their first commercial license had been signed. Right now, the Ocho products are primarily sold at events until the automated machinery is ready to mass-produce the pods. Lately, the company has been in London, San Francisco, and Boston, along with a few private events.

Investing in the Efforts of Skipping Rocks Lab Ooho!

With all this information, you may be looking to become a part of their efforts. This opportunity is only available to consumers that are a part of, which requires that you will be able to invest and that you pass certain qualifications.

The qualifications include that you fall into one of the following categories, which coincides with the definitions in the FCA’s Conduct of Business Sourcebook Chapter 4.7:

  • A self-certified “high net worth investor”
  • A certified “sophisticated investor”
  • A self-certified “sophisticated investor”
  • A certified “restricted investor”

Once you log onto Crowdcube to see the opportunity, you are basically verifying that you’re legally allowed to go to the opportunity. You can joint up after you review the information, which costs nothing to register. However, the investment is all your own.

If you decide to make an investment in the company, your money won’t be ken until the pitch is over. You can still change your mind about the investment if you decide that you no longer wish to participate before the end of the campaign.

Contacting Skipping Rocks Lab

Even though you will have access to all the information that you need on the website, there may be other details that you want to learn about before making the decision to invest. While there’s no phone number presently available to reach the company, you still can send an email to [email protected] to learn more.

If you want to follow the company for updates, you will be able to check out their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Skipping Rocks Lab Ooho! Conclusion

Skipping Rocks Labs is going to be an innovator in the industry, if their efforts to improve the environment with their packaging products gains enough investments. If you want to be a part of this revolutionary movement, then you should visit the available website to invest completely.

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