Silk – Delicious Plant Power Milk Drinks Healthy For You?


Nothing is more important than your health. I’m sure you agree.

In fact, if you ask most people how important their health was to them they’d answer that it’s the most important thing in the world.

But how many of us live like it is?

Not many. Why? Because It’s just so darn enjoyable to be unhealthy these days. Crappy products are so readily available that it makes it difficult to do the right thing, which is to avoid it.

If that wasn’t enough, taste wise, theirs no competition between the healthy stuff and the unhealthy.

Or is there?

The problem isn’t that there are no tasty healthy options out there, but rather, most people get so caught up in a routine that they fail to experiment with healthier options.

Let me spare you the long arduous task of experimentation and present to you a company that produces plant-based products that can easily replace the unhealthy options you’re used to.

Than name of that company? Silk.

 Silk Story

Silk’s story begins like most good stories. From humble beginnings.

The company was founded in Boulder, Colorado. Silk was a tiny company that was known for its innovations and experimentation's. They’ve tested out all kinds of products.

I mean we’re talking everything from meatball sandwiches, sausage, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, salad dressings, mayonnaise, drinks, pies, cakes, muffins, granola, non-diary ice cream, edible seeds and nut butters.

You name it, they’ve tried it.

This amount of work ethic and novelty caught the attention of customers who were known to form a line outside the door to get a taste of what Silk cooked up. Picture Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, but replace the chocolate with plant-based ingredients and you’ll have an accurate picture of what this was like.

Silk kept putting in work until they were offered the opportunity to be carried in a supermarket chain in the area. This lead up to their soy milk being positioned next to dairy milk, which was profitable real estate at the time.

Silk stayed true to its mantra: Begin with plant-based ingredients that are grown responsibly, and keep them as close to nature as we can. Because of this, they’ve become a household name and have consistently played their part to making people’s health and the planet as a whole, better.

Plant Based Diet

Health is slowly becoming more popularized in our culture. More and more people are starting to see just how beneficial having a plant-based diet is.

Now I’m not a man of extremes, so there will be no veganism in my future, but even with my love for meat, I can still see the importance of eating more plants. If you don’t, you’re blind.

Just being more conscious about the amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and soy you have in your diet can be life changing. In fact, studies show that eating more of these foods can possibly lower the occurrence of high cholesterol.

More studies show consuming 25 grams of soy protein a day can help reduce the risk of heart disease and may also correlate with lower risk of breast and prostate cancer. That’s a small price to pay to rid yourself of any health complications in the future.

These aren’t just random studies used for the sake of marketing, these have all been benefits recognized by the FDA. Take that skeptics!

Not only that but since having a plant based diet translates to fewer calories being consumed, your weight will be more easily manageable. No more yo-yo diets that end with you being at the same place you started. How great is that?

Silk products makes this whole transition easier by way of producing products that contain plant-based ingredients and making them delicious. This is music to my ears since I can barely tolerate the taste of most vegetables unless they’re drenched in butter.

If all of that wasn’t enough, a plant based diet can also be beneficial to our mother. Mother Earth, that is.

Consuming more plants is more sustainable from a resources perspective than eating more meat. The reason for this is simple. It takes a lot fewer resources to put plants on the dinner table than it does to eat meat from dinner. Consuming meat just has many more steps involved to getting it to where it’s suitable to be consumed.

And it’s not just meat that is draining our resources. Producing one half-gallon of milk requires four times more water than producing on half-gallon of Silks milk products, according to their website. These are the facts.

It just goes to show that the best way to go green is to eat more of it.


Silk offers a number of high-quality products that will keep your health in check if you choose to consume them.

All of their products are plan-based so they are all vegan and vegetarian friendly. They include Almond milk, Soymilk, Cashew milk, Coconut milk, Blends, Nutchello, Creamer, Dairy-Free Yogurt, Singles, and Shelf Stable products.

Silk’s products are simply amazing. I personally have a glass of Silks Coconut milk every morning with breakfast and I promise you can’t even tell the difference. In fact, I’ve grown to enjoy it more than traditional milk.

These products can be found in virtually any local supermarket. The next time you make a grocery run, make sure to head over to the milk aisle and skip over the milk.

If you’ve yet to try these products you’re missing out. There’s really no better way to put it.

Silk Review Conclusion

Silk makes great products. That’s it.

These plant-based alternatives are delicious and healthy. If you make an effort to try out their product you’ll see that this review is in no way, shape, or form misleading.

They’re really that good!

Try ‘em out and let me know what you think.

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