Sierra Designs DriDown – Keeps Body Toasty In Cold Climates?


Down is a layer of extremely fine feathers located under the tougher exterior feather layer of many birds.

It is easier to locate in younger birds as they do not have a fully formed outer feather layer.

The material is conventionally used for making jackets, duvets, pillows, sleeping bags and padding material due to their excellent thermal insulation properties.

Traditionally down has been used by indigenous Native American communities for religious ceremonies, rituals and as powerful symbols.

These feathers have also been used by many other native communities from countries like Russia, Siberia, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

What is Sierra Designs DriDown?

Sierra Designs DriDown is a natural insulating medium made using down feathers. It is treated with a molecular level polymer which makes the down plumes hydrophobic (active resistance to water), allowing for the fabric to stay dry and lofty.

Conventional down feather products lose their loftiness and insulating capabilities when they come in contact with water, but DriDown has been shown to stay up to 10 times drier in a variety of conditions (natural body moisture, humidity, rain, and snow) when compared to conventional untreated down plumes.

What are the Key Benefits of Using DriDown?

Sierra Designs DriDown technology offers its users several key advantages like:

  • It remains up to 10 times drier than conventional untreated down.
  • It retains up to 170% of the loftiness that is otherwise lost by untreated material when exposed to humidity or moisture.
  • It dries up to 33% faster than untreated down.
  • All products made using this technology are checked and thoroughly examined by third party testing laboratories (California Down Labs).

Who is Behind This Product?

DriDown has been created by Sierra Designs. The company was founded by Bob Swanson in 1965 and as a result of his immense love for the outdoors he became a pioneer in the field of backpacking and camping by creating high quality equipment and accessories for enthusiasts.

The company has been producing innovative products ever since and makes items like tents, sleeping bags, apparel which have been functionally modified for optimized outdoor performance.

Down plumes are one of the best insulation materials available in the world today.

Not only are they highly heat trapping but they are also extremely light weight. DriDown was created as a result of conventional down products losing their thermal efficiency and effectiveness upon becoming wet.

How is the Product Made?

DriDown utilizes a molecular level polymer which fuses with the structural composition of the down during the finishing process.

It produces a hydrophobic effect on the material and actively repels any water source that it comes in contact with. It also maintains the integrity of the feathers and does not add any weight to the product.

Does This Technology Enhance the Thermal Efficiency of Down Feathers?

When compared with down products of a similar fill rating, DriDown outperforms its competitors due to its ability to resist moisture and humidity.

The higher thermal efficiency becomes more apparent in damp and humid environmental conditions.

Similarly, performance in colder conditions is also found to be higher because of the materials ability to repel natural moisture and sweat expelled from the body.

The hydrophobic finish allows the material to stay fluffy and efficient throughout the day or night.

Is Sierra Designs DriDown Completely Waterproof?

The short answer for this question is NO. The product is highly water resistant but it will eventually get wet upon continuous exposure to a water source.

However, it outperforms any conventional product by staying drier longer (10X times) and in case of becoming wet, drying up faster (33%).

Important Facts About DriDown?

  • The polymer that is used to make the product is hypoallergenic, which means that it does not interfere with the routine functioning of the body and cause any allergies.
  • The polymer does not add any discernible weight to the product.
  • The price of Sierra Down products are similar to that of other similar high quality products available in the market today.
  • The polymer treatment does not affect or reduce the quality, durability or lifespan of the feathers in any way.
  • No decline in the performance of the polymer was observed after several cycles in a washing machine.

Products on sale include pullovers, jackets, pants, shorts, hoodies, parkas, cagoules, trench coats, t-shirts, capris, cowls, skirts, softshells, wind shells, anoraks, long sleeve shirts, ponchos, tents of different shapes and sizes, back packs, sleeping bags of various sizes and designs and various accessories for adventure sports and camping.

Sierra Designs DriDown Review Summary

The easiest way to buy products with DriDown technology is to make a purchase online at

The products can be browsed through on the company’s official website where they are neatly arranged and have been placed in appropriate categories making it easier for users to make their selection.

Sierra Designs also offers its users with a PRO PURCHASE PROGRAM, which allows individuals to connect and build relationship between them and professional explorers and outdoor industry specialists.

Users who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for this program by filling out a form on the company’s website.

All products are protected with by a one year warranty which covers the original owner against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

Similarly, all merchandise may be returned if the user is unsatisfied by the purchased product.

A valid proof of purchase which includes the original sales invoice, packing slip or the return label needs to be provided in order for a refund to be granted.

Refunds and exchanges may take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to be completed.



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