SideChef – Best Cooking App Food Guide With Healthy Recipes?


The amount and diversity of mobile phone applications seems to be unending. Not only are there more applications on the market than ever before, the sheer amount of choice that is available to the modern consumers today means that it can be hard at the best of times when it comes to actually deciding on a product to purchase.

The above difficulties in finding a legitimate and worthy application are compounded by the existence of dangerous apps that are known to include a litany of viruses. The viruses found in some applications have a history of stealing the user’s private data such as credit card information and login details.

Fortunately for consumers everywhere, there is now the advent of third-party apps that have been vouched for by numerous users all over the world.

One application that is both trusted and a great tool in the kitchen is Sidechef, an app for Apple and Android devices that allows users to cook new recipes in their own homes.

What is the Sidechef app?

As seen above, Sidechef is leading the way for a new generation of cell phone applications that can assist one in finding a new delicious meal to cook. The app has been featured favourably in an article in the New York Times, with its editor stating: “My favorite cooking app is the SideChef.”

The application contains over 3,000 recipes, which makes it the perfect cooking companion for anyone who is on the move or wants to be spoiled for choice.

Not only does the Sidechef cooking app contain a multitude of recipes, it also details how to cook each meal via an intuitive series of instructions. No cooking experience is required to prepare the meals as the app details every step along the way.

Sidechef is a free download for both Android and Apple devices, which gives it significant advantage over the paid apps in the marketplace that one can expect to pay $10 and upwards for.

As the application is free, there is currently no warranty supplied with the phone app. While the lack of a warranty could be seen as an insignificant detail for many, it implies that is not actually guaranteed to work, which could lead to a lot of frustration for many people.

In addition to the free application, which is available for instant download through one’s app store, the developers of Sidechef also support their users through free blog post and articles that are designed to be used in conjunction to the app itself. The content on Sidechef’s blog include instructions for installing the application, troubleshoot and many other topics.

Although the app is free to download, Sidechef is also offering an incentive program for every verified download. The full terms and conditions of Sidechef’s download incentive can be viewed on the company’s homepage as well as its accompanied disclosure statement.

What are people saying about Sidechef?

As an emerging app in the marketplace, there was no lack of reviews that can be read about Sidechef. The majority of reviews that can be found about the app were overwhelmingly positive, with the vast majority of users seen to be singing the praises of Sidechef.

The most common compliment that the app received was due to how easy and intuitive it was to operate, as well as the zero sum price tag. Users enjoyed the depth of users engagement they were offered by Sidechef, with users being able to rate and upload their own recipes and that of other users around the world.

It should be noted however that Sidechef was not completely exempt from criticism. There were some negative comments in the mix for the program as a whole, with a minority of users expressing their dissatisfaction with using the app and regretting the download.

Some users complained that the application was unable to run on their older generation of devices, while others complained that it caused data and ram leaks which then lead the phone to crash. The minimum device requirements are clearly displayed in Sidechef’s advertisement in the app store as well as on their website.

The above criticism is largely endemic to the mobile phone industry as a whole and should not be taken purely at face value. After all, the perceived success or failure of a given product is largely determined by the user’s own expectations and point of view, which makes it hard to take any app purely at face value.

As a free app it could be argued that one gets what they pay for, which in this case is nothing.

The Bottom Line – Is Sidechef Recommended?

Due to the innumerable positive reviews the app has received recently, there is enough evidence to allude that it is recommendable to both friends and family.

Not only was Sidechef an excellent source for new recipes, it also served as an ideal introduction to the culinary arts for people that had previously lived off fast food and frozen dinners. The recipes ranged from simple snacks to full meals that anyone could cook from the comfort of one’s home and catered to every proficiency level, from beginner through the advanced.

While the application may not be the perfect companion to take into the kitchen, it apparently does a good enough of a job for what it is to be recommended by a countless number of users around the world. Sidechef is also one of the very few applications of its kind since it was released, and the developer’s competitors seem to be taking notice and releasing their own cooking apps.

At the time of writing this article, the app is currently breaking download records for the highest grossing cooking application app on the market.


In conclusion, if one is in the market for a legitimate and vouched for application to improve one’s cooking skills, then Sidechef may be the product that one has been looking for. As long as users keep their expectations in check about the application then users may be pleasantly surprised with their results.


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