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Shred HDX Review

Shred HDX claims to be the best multi-action fitness supplement on the market today. It uses natural energy-boosting formulas to increase fat burning, boost metabolism, increase your energy, and ultimately lose weight more efficiently.

What’s the secret behind Shred HDX? Find out today in our Shred HDX review.

Shred HDX

What is Shred HDX?

Shred HDX is a multi-purpose fitness supplement which claims to work in five different ways:

— Natural Appetite Suppressant
— Metabolism Booster
— Energy And Strength Booster
— Decreases Body Fat
— Enhance Natural Vigor And Libido

Shred HDX is manufactured by a company called Shred HD. That company is located at 109 E. 17th Street in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Full contact and address information is posted at the official Shred HDX website.

How Does Shred HDX Work?

How does one pill achieve all of these benefits? The secret lies in Shred HDX’s use of natural compounds. Shred HDX’s most active natural ingredients include yohimbine, green tea extract, and eurycoma longifolia. These natural compounds have been shown to boost energy and kickstart your body’s metabolism.

When you have a better metabolism, your body processes foods more efficiently. And when it processes foods more efficiently, it transforms more of that food into energy and less into stored fat.

At the same time, ingredients like green tea extract also something called “thermogenesis” – which is your body’s ability to generate heat. It takes energy to generate heat, and that energy comes from your stored fat.

Shred HDX Ingredients

Shred HDX publishes most of its ingredients at the official website. It doesn’t publish all of its ingredients nor does it describe exactly how much of each ingredient is included within each capsule.

In any case, here are the ingredients included in each capsule of Shred HDX:

Yohimbine: A natural aphrodisiac which may encourage natural fat breakdown while also acting as a mild stimulant.

Eurycoma Longifolia: Eurycoma Longifolia is also known as Tongkat-Ali and is called a natural testosterone booster. It may increase libido, muscle mass, energy levels, and athletic performance. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence reinforcing the claim that it boosts testosterone.

Green Tea Extract: This well-known natural extract contains catechins, which are part of the family of polyphenols which have been associated with powerful health benefits. Green tea extract is typically used to stimulate theremogensis, which helps your body burn fat and product energy.

Hordenine: Hordenine is a pure barley seed extract which may act as a thermogenic fat loss agent.

Epimedium Extract: This natural compound contains flavonoids like Icariin which have been shown to boost energy levels and enhance cognition.

Synephrine: This synthetic chemical formula stimulates adrenaline and promotes weight loss through thermogenesis.

Garcinia Cambogia: Garcinia is one of the most-talked about compounds in the natural weight loss world. Its scientific benefits are mixed at best, but Garcinia Cambogia Extract still appears in plenty of natural supplements.

Buying Shred HDX Online

Buying Shred HDX is easy because there’s only one place you can buy it: the official ShredHD website.

From that site, you’ll need to order the “free” trial. In fact, you can’t order Shred HDX on its own: you have to buy the free trial if you want to use Shred HDX.

After filling out your contact information, you’re prompted to enter a valid credit card. This credit card is charged $3.95 for “shipping and processing” of the free trial. Your trial will arrive within about a week, and it will include a 14 day supply of Shred HDX pills.

However, if you read the fine print, you’ll learn that this free trial will cost you a lot more than just $3.95.

How Much Does Shred HDX Cost?

Shred HDX costs $3.95 for the free trial. Your credit card is charged $3.95 when you confirm your trial order.

14 days after you confirm your free trial, your credit card will be charged $96.90 (including shipping and handling) for the 14 day trial you just ordered. That’s right: that so-called “free” trial will cost you over $100 in total.

After that, your credit card will continue to be charged $86.90 every 30 days for a 30 day supply of Shred HDX. A new shipment will arrive at your doorstep every month and a new charge will appear

Once again, you don’t have to do anything to start this subscription: when you sign up for the free trial, you’re also agreeing to this subscription. If you don’t want a monthly supply of Shred HDX, you can call ShredHD at 1-855-747-3343 to receive a RMA number, which you’ll need when you’re returning any unused portion of your Shred HDX.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Shred HDX?

Shred HDX is a unique bodybuilding supplement which claims to use all natural ingredients to provide powerful athletic benefits. Since Shred HDX doesn’t publish its specific ingredient profile, it’s difficult to verify these claims.

Plus, there’s the added problem that Shred HDX uses a dishonest autoship program: yes, all of the charge information is there if you read the fine print. However, the fine print is really fine and also colored in a way that the eye would naturally pass over it.

That’s worrying, and it suggests to me that ShredHD isn’t confident enough in Shred HDX to sell it honestly. In any case, you can order Shred HDX from the official site today if none of these warning signs dissuade you.

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