Sheer Strength Keto Burn

Sheer Strength Keto Burn is a dietary supplement intended to promote healthy weight loss and brain function. The product is described as both an extra strength ketogenic fat burner and a nootropic supplement that can be taken by either men or women. Sheer Keto Burn is available on Amazon at a price of $39.97 for one bottle containing 60 capsules.

About Sheer Strength Keto Burn

Sheer Strength Keto Burn is one of more than a dozen products created by Sheer Strength, a relatively new company that’s focused on sports nutrition.The company claims to be meticulous in its selection of ingredients in order to provide customers a potent product that gets the desired results. Sheer Strength offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for products like Sheer Keto Burn if a customer isn’t satisfied with the results.

How Sheer Strength Keto Burn Works

It’s recommended that Sheer Strength Keto Burn is taken twice daily. Ideally, one capsule will be taken with breakfast and a second capsule taken with lunch. This suggestion indicates the importance of taking Sheer Keto Burn regularly and not skipping meals when taking it. Sheer Keto Burn is more likely to yield positive results when taken in conjunction with a low-carb diet or a ketogenic diet.

Ingredients in Sheer Strength Keto Burn

There are five main ingredients listed on a bottle of Sheer Strength Keto Burn. Other ingredients include gelatin (for the capsule), silica, and magnesium stearate. However, here are the five primary ingredients used to create Sheer Keto Burn.

While Willow Bark, 400mg

A deciduous tree native to Europe and North America that’s often referred to as natural Aspirin. It’s typically used as a natural way to relieve pain or inflammation.

Bacopa Monnieri, 300mg

Herb found throughout the world that may enhance certain brain processes. It’s often used for people with Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and anxiety issues, and can also help improve memory and focus.

Coleus Foskohlii, 125mg

Plant that has been used to treat heart disorders, allergies, and a variety of other conditions, including obesity, bladder infections, insomnia, asthma, and glaucoma.

Caffeine Anhydrous, 125mg

Dehydrated caffeine that has no chemical difference from regular caffeine.

L Theanine, 75mg

Amino acid that’s sometimes used to treat high blood pressure, anxiety, or preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Is Sheer Strength Keto Burn Right for You?

Like most dietary supplements, there’s no guarantee that Sheer Keto Burn will have the desired effect. There’s even more uncertainty because Sheer Strength is a new company that’s still not established itself as trustworthy, even if the company is FDA registered and strives to produce quality and genuine products.

At a price of roughly 67 cents per capsule, Sheer Keto Burn may be worth trying if you’re looking for a supplement to help you burn fat. The fact that there’s a money-back guarantee helps to eliminate some of the risks of trying it.

Benefits & Side Effects of Sheer Strength Keto Burn

Sheer Keto Burn is designed to boost metabolism that will help you to cut body fat from your legs, hips, belly, and other body parts notorious for storing fat. It is also meant to help you to improve your mental focus. However, most of its main ingredients aren’t associated with burning fat, although some have been associated with improving memory and mental focus.

In that sense, there is no guarantee you will experience any of the advertised benefits. That being said, barring an allergy, there should be little chance of negative side effects from taking Sheer Strength Keto Burn aside from spending money on a product that may or may not work as intended.


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