Shade Adjusting Drops By Body Shop – Adjust Liquid Foundation?


Shade Adjusting Drops are a liquid that you can mix with your current foundation to alter the color to match your skin tone more accurately. For the best results, you should mix it with the foundations from The Body Shop, but you should be able to blend it with any brand.

What are Shade Adjusting Drops By Body Shop?

Makeup is a fun way to express your personality through the use of color, shading, contouring, and more. However, this hobby goes much further than just a coat of lipstick every now and then. In fact,

the average woman spends $15,000 on cosmetics during their entire life, which is why every purchase matters. In order to create a beautiful look, you need to start with the right canvas, which you normally prepare with your foundation. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult to find a formula that meets your appearance. That’s when the Shade Adjusting Drops By Body Shop come in.

The Shade Adjusting Drops help you to alter your current or new foundation with a little bit of lightening or darkening liquid. This formula mixes with your makeup to help you precisely match your complexion, rather than being left with a discolored appearance that makes you look like you didn’t even bother to look nice.

You want to have the luxury of looking like you didn’t put on makeup at all, but the wrong foundation only makes it look like you don’t know enough about makeup to choose the right color.

If you try and find the foundation on your own, you may end up returning to the store multiple times to see if your new shade is the right one. Even if you test it in the store, the light in your mirror at home may notice that it doesn’t come close to looking the same.

You don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars to find the right foundation, especially when your skin color can change daily with exposure to the sun. Luckily, the Shade Adjusting Drops can help you modify the formula whenever you need to.

How Do Shade Adjusting Drops By Body Shop Work?

The Shade Adjusting Drops are meant to be used every time you apply your makeup. They don’t go directly in the bottle, so you have the chance to mix it up on your hand first.

It’s easy to determine if your foundation is the right shade by checking your complexion. When your foundation is too dark for your complexion, you’ll general notice that the shade looks orange or yellowish.

The lightening drops feature white and pink pigments to even it out. If your foundation is too light or ashy, you know that it’s not dark enough for you. Instead of white and pink, these drops feature red and black hues.

Using Shade Adjusting Drops

When you use the Shade Adjusting Drops By Body Shop, you should be incredibly careful to only put in only the amount that you want to change for the shade of your foundation. You only need one drop to adjust the foundation by half of a shade. However, you will need to follow the directions for the formula to ensure even coloring.

The first thing you should do is shake up the bottle of the adjusting drops. This action will blend up the chemicals and ingredients to help you get the desired effect. You will also need to put a little of the foundation you’re changing to the back of your hand.

With one drop, you will need to blend them together. You will apply the foundation on your hand to your complexion to give the natural appearance you desire.

If you use the lightning drops, you can only mix it with light or medium shades. Darkening shades are only available for dark and deep hues.

Pricing for Shade Adjusting Drops By Body Shop

If you want to start using the Shade Adjusting Drops in your daily routine, your total cost will be £10.00. You have the option of choosing from either lightening or darkening your foundation, but you will receive a 100ml bottle with a dropper. Typically, it costs £2.49 for standard shipping fees, but any purchase over £10.00 will eliminate the cost.

The shade-adjusting drops are meant to help you change most foundations, but you may have a formula that is incompatible with them. If you need to return the item, you have up to 14 days to return it unopened, but you have 28 days, if you open the product and find that it’s not effective in your use.

Contacting the Creators of Shade Adjusting Drops By Body Shop

The Body Shop produces the Shade Adjusting Drops, so you will need to consult with their customer service team if you have any question. They can help you figure out the right adjustment for the foundation you use, or they can answer questions about a recent order.

The easiest way to reach someone is by phone, calling 0800 0929090. On the weekdays, the company is available from 8:00am to 6:00pm. On Saturdays, the hours are shortened to 9:00am to 1:00pm. The team is unavailable on Sundays and bank holidays.

You can also communicate electronically with the company by choosing to participate in the Live Chat on the website, which is available from 8:00am to 9:00pm. If you want to contact the house outside of business hours, you can send a message electronically by submitting it to the online form.

Shade Adjusting Drops By Body Shop Conclusion

The Shade Adjusting Drops should be a staple in any girl’s makeup routine. You won’t have to keep buying new foundation when the wintertime rolls around, even if your current shade is to support a summer in the sun.

You deserve to have the right color every time, and the Shade Adjusting Drops help you to customize every experience.

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