SFH PUSH Pre-Workout: Nitric Oxide Performance Enhancer?


SFH PUSH is a pre-workout dietary supplement created by the supplement company Stronger Faster Healthier. The product is designed to be used by athletes and those who engage in high levels of fitness and training. PUSH comes in the form of a powder, with one bag of powder containing 540 and sold for $54.99 on the SFH website. It comes in either lemon-lime or fruit punch flavor.

What Is SFH PUSH Pre-Workout?

SFH uses both scientific study and clinical testing when creating its products, and PUSH is no exception. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, PUSH can help to improve muscle development, energy, and recovery for serious athletes.

How SFH PUSH Nitric Oxide Performance Enhancer Works

One scoop of SFH PUSH should be mixed with 12 to 16 ounces of water and consumed in a short period of time roughly 20 to 30 minutes before training or an athletic performance. The ingredients in PUSH are designed to work together to help improve an athlete’s performance by increasing endurance, mental focus, and the oxygenation of muscles.

To help prove the worth of PUSH, SFH conducted a double-blind study testing the benefits of the product against a placebo. The study involved 34 athletes and did show evidence that PUSH can have a positive effect on athletic performance. Of course, a study with 34 participants isn’t going to provide absolute proof of anything.

SFH PUSH Pre-Workout Ingredients

SFH PUSH contains a healthy dose of several vitamins, most notably vitamins C, E, B3, B6, and B12. There are also small amounts of sodium and caffeine in PUSH.

More importantly, PUSH has a wide array of ingredients that SFH believes are the right combination to maximize performance. Those ingredients are as follows:

Leucine, 3g

An amino acid that the body uses for energy and building muscle. It can improve both your strength during exercise and recovery afterward, although taking too much can be counterproductive.

Citrulline, 2g

A non-essential amino acid that helps to improve blood flow, which can be useful during exercise or athletic performance.

Beta-Alanine, 2g

A non-essential amino acid that helps to build muscle mass. It’s often recommended for elderly people to improve their physical capabilities.

Coconut Water Powder, 3g

More useful for staying hydrated than most sports drinks.

Glycine, 1g

Amino acid that’s used by the body to make proteins. It’s also involved in transmitting signals to the brain.

Isoleucine, 1g

An amino acid that the body needs for protein synthesis and muscle building.

Valine, 1g

Amino acid that aids in the recovery of muscles and helps prevent the breakdown of muscle.

Quercetin, 500mg

A type of flavonoid that can help improve endurance and athletic performance.


SFH PUSH Pre-Workout Benefits & Side Effects

As mentioned, dietary supplements like PUSH don’t come with a guarantee. However, most of the products in PUSH check out as being useful for athletic performance. Also, outside of caffeine, PUSH lacks the types of stimulants often found in energy drinks, which is another bonus. Outside of it being a little expensive, there are few downsides to giving PUSH a try for serious athletes looking to take a supplement.

SFH PUSH Pre-Workout Conclusion

If you are an amateur or professional athlete who competes at the highest levels or someone who keeps up with a strenuous workout routine, SFH PUSH may be right for you. As with most supplements, there is no guarantee it will have the desired effect. However, for serious athletes looking for a boost, it may be worth a try.


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