SF Skin Care – Quality Skincare Cream & Serum Brands?


SF Skin Care Review – Worth It?

SF Skin Care is a website that allows you to have access to products from multiple brands to choose the best regimen for yourself. This is our review.

What is SF Skin Care?

SF Skin Care is distributor of many different types of skincare products, but their website allows you to purchase everything in one location. Sometimes, one brand will not be your ultimate solution for taking care of your skin on a regular basis. Every skincare company will recommend that you use their complete line for the best results, but that type of routine is not always practical. You may feel that a cleanser from one company is best paired with your favorite moisturizer from another. However, if you’re ordering these products online, shipping pricing can add up. SF Skincare understands the need for convenience and effectiveness.

The SF Skincare company isn’t so much of a producer, as they are a resource to get you to the companies that can help. They offer multiple different brands to give you a well-rounded idea of the skincare options that are available to you.

The company is run by Shari Spakes, who is an aesthetician who is located in San Francisco. Shari maintains a blog on the website. Her blog is dedicated to keeping consumers informed about the best ways to take care of your skin, among other topics. Her archive of topics reaches back to May 2014. By following along with Shari’s blog, you can stay up to date on the latest changes in the skincare world.

Brands and Products Through SF Skincare

The brands of skincare products on the SF Skincare website are not obscure companies that no one can vouch for. Many of the companies have products that have been advertised in magazines or at the store. Shari contributes to the advertisement of these companies’ products by showing a featured product from each line every month. Alongside the recommended product is a small quote about why Shari recommends the product to consumers.

The brands each contain signature products and technologies that designed to make your skin look and feel amazing. You don’t have to go to the company’s personal website to order any of the products; you can submit your order directly through SF Skincare. Here are the brands that are offered through SF Skincare, alone with some of their signature or bestselling products:

  • NuFACE
    • Produces anti-wrinkle technology
    • Seven devices offered, including:
      • NuFACE Mini LBD Facial Toning Device Limited Edition, $199.00
      • NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit, $325.00
      • NuFACE Trinity Icicle Blue Facial Trainer Kit Limited Edition, $325.00
    • Blinc
      • Produces mascara
      • Three different volumizing mascaras offered, including:
        • Blinc Black Mascara Amplified, $26.00
        • Blinc Black Mascara, $26.00
        • Blinc Dark Brown Mascara, $26.00
      • Clarisonic
        • Produces skincare products that exfoliate and cleanse multiple parts of the body
        • Six different products offered, including:
          • Clarisonic Alpha Fit, $189.00
          • Clarisonic Smart Profile Cleansing System, $265.00
          • Clarisonic Opal Sonic Skin Infusion System, $185.00
        • Jan Marini
          • Produces skincare products designed to fight acne and the appearance of wrinkles
          • Features 11 different product lines, including:
            • Age Intervention Line
            • Antioxidant Line / Sun Protection
            • Bioglycolic Line
            • BioShield
            • C-ESTA Line
            • Enzyme Line
            • Luminate Line
            • Marini Lash
            • Skin Care Management System
            • Therapeutic Line
            • Transformation Line
          • GlyMed Plus
            • Offers multiple lines of skincare products to help with nearly any skin condition
            • Features four different product lines, including:
              • GlyMed Body
              • GlyMed Plus Age Management
              • GlyMed Plus Cell Science
              • GlyMed Plus Serious Action
            • PCA Skin
              • Offers different skincare treatments and cosmetic products that are safe for most skin types
              • Features multiple types of products, including:
                • Acne / Blemish Control
                • Cleansers
                • Hydrators
                • Lip / Eye Therapy
                • Masks / Exfoliants
                • Pigment Control Products
                • Specialty Serums
                • Sun Protection
                • Toners
                • Vitamin C Topicals
              • Colorescience
                • Focuses on introducing complementary colors to your makeup regimen
                • Features multiple long-lasting products, including:
                  • Blush
                  • Foundation Brush
                  • Illuminating Cleanser
                  • Pressed Compacts
                  • Primers
                  • Setting Mist
                  • Sunforgettable Foundation Brush
                  • Sunforgettable Lip Shines
                  • Sunforgettable Sheer Crème Foundation
                • Phytomer
                  • Creates products for every level of beauty, from your skincare to your makeup

Contacting SF Skincare

Whether you need advice on the right products for your skin type, or you just want more information on the products listed, you can call the customer service department to answer your questions. The phone number for the customer service department is (866) 754-6866.


While you may be able to find some of the products cheaper elsewhere, SF Skincare is a great way to stay updated on the latest trends in skincare and makeup. The best resource on this website is easily the blog that is maintained by the company’s founder, Shari.

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