seriously indulgent lemon yogurt

Having lemon yogurt for a snack or meal? Yes, please! Greek Gods Yogurt is bringing you the perfect summer yogurt to enjoy in the form of their Seriously Indulgent Lemon Yogurt.

What makes this yogurt taste so great is the ingredients that make up its rich consistency. Made of real milk and cream, you will not find a yogurt out there that tastes more luxurious. This yogurt lives up to the seriously indulgent part of its name, and we're glad it does. This sweet and tangy yogurt is one of several in the Greek Gods Yogurt line up. It joins its fellow fruity yogurt varieties Marionberry, Raspberry Ginger, and Tart Cherry.

One serving of this yogurt can provide up to a quarter of your daily recommended requirement for calcium, so you're also helping to build a strong musculoskeletal system. This is thanks to the real milk and cream used inside. This brand does not use one percent or any diluted, lower fat milk, which contributes to the velvety feel and fresh taste.

About Seriously Indulgent Greek Gods Yogurt

These single serve yogurts come in a convenient and easy to grab for on the go days with a cup that weighs 5.3 ounces. Dig your spoon in and you'll find the fruit on the bottom, waiting to be mixed into your yogurt or savored and enjoyed on its own. The tart and sweet fruit accents are the perfect compliments to the natural flavor of this whole milk and cream yogurt.

This Greek Gods Lemon yogurt also has live and active cultures. You're helping your digestive system operate better and promoting good bacteria in your gut with every bite. Yogurt is one of many sources of probiotics and the average person is not getting enough of those healthy bacteria on a regular basis. You need healthy bacteria in your gut and stomach to keep it healthy and counteract the bad bacteria to promote proper digestion and ideal health.

The Greek Gods brand has been making yogurt and serving happy customers for quite some time. The brand prides itself on ‘indulgent' products that carry “decadent flavor profiles”, according to Basel Nassar, the C.O.O. for Hain Refrigerated Foods.

He noted that the Seriously Indulgent Yogurt line was an expansion on the taste experience of their yogurt. This new line of 4 great flavors (Lemon, Marionberry, Raspberry Ginger, Tart Cherry) can be found in the yogurt section of the supermarket or stores nationwide. The flavors join the already great flavors of yogurt and kefir (a liquid yogurt drink) from The Greek Gods.

Seriously Indulgent Yogurt Review Summary

Another important thing to point out about this lemon yogurt and all the G.G. yogurts is that they are gluten-free. Gluten-averse and gluten-allergic people will be happy to know that there is no gluten inside whatsoever to stir up any discomfort or effects. The yogurt is also made with milk from cows that are specifically not given growth hormones, something many consumers are concerned about.

With a great flavor and even better health benefits, the Seriously Indulgent Lemon is a winner. And at 290 calories, you'll never regret having one for a snack or even a light meal. When it comes to yogurts, this lemon yogurt from The Greek Gods hits the heavenly mark!


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