Serenity Blanket – Luxury Weighted-Pressure Sleep Relaxation Benefits?


Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things that men and women can do for their health. Those who sleep well throughout the night wake up feeling refreshed, alert, rejuvenated, and are able to combat all of the obligations of the day.

That being said, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy, especially when most people fail to account for the issues that are making sleep more difficult. One of the most commonly overlooked issues is a lack of a good blanket, which can cause the body to feel cold and uncomfortable.

With that, this review would like to introduce the Serenity Blanket, a product that works well to provide optimal comfort and that combats against cold as well.

About Serenity Blanket

The Serenity Blanket is a luxurious and lightweight blanket that works well to promote a better quality of sleep on a regular basis. Those who use this blanket tend to feel more relaxed when going to bed, which allows them to drift off to sleep much more easily.

The blanket features the brand’s proprietary sensory technology, which ensures that the pressure of the blanket is evenly distributed so that users can feel the full comfort of the blanket. To date, the blanket has helped countless individuals achieve a better night’s sleep and a more productive day.

About The Touch Sensory Technology

As previously mentioned, there are many underlying causes for a poor night’s sleep, but one of the most prominent is that the body is uncomfortable and chilly.

Such levels of discomfort make it so much more difficult for individuals to fall asleep and to stay that way throughout the night. Fortunately, the Serenity Blanket features its powerful Touch Sensory Technology.

This technology is essentially a grid-like pattern internally weaved into the blanket and that is apparent on its surface as well. When the individual wears the blanket, it works to evenly distribute pressure in a grid-like pattern so that the user can experience a lightweight pressure from the blanket over their entire body.

In turn, the body will feel much more comfortable and realize that it is all set to fall asleep. The technology maintains throughout the night as well so users do not need to worry about waking up by tossing and turning.

Luxurious Micro-Plush Fabric

Another great quality to this blanket is that it is an extremely soft and comfortable option. Those who use this blanket love the luxurious micro-plush fabric that feels smooth, gentle, and lightweight on the skin.

The blankets fibers are much softer than a traditional blanket, enabling the body to feel much more comfortable as users maintain a restful sleep. Better yet, the fabric is meant to be durable, which means that those who use it do not need to worry about it wearing down over time, so long as they adequately take care of it.

According to the brand, the blanket is machine washable and dryer safe so that users can clean it without being concerned about damage.

The Benefits Of The Serenity Blanket

There are many prominent benefits to adding the Serenity Blanket to one’s lifestyle. Here are the main advantages of this blanket so that users know what to expect:

Promotes a Restful Night’s Sleep

One of the first and most prominent advantages of this blanket is that it promotes a restful night’s sleep by way of the blanket’s unique technology. Those who keep this blanket on throughout the night or even while resting will find themselves to be much more comfortable and able to drift off to sleep and to stay asleep throughout the night.

Can Be Used for Napping, TV, Reading, and the Like

Second, those who use this blanket have many other options in terms of uses. Aside from sleeping with the blanket, the brand makes it clear that the blanket can be used for napping, TV, reading, and the like. With the versatility that the blanket has to offer, users can feel confident they’re making a sound decision.

A Large Size in Two Colors

Finally, the blanket is measured at 58 x 48, making it perfect for both individual and two person use. Further, the blanket comes in both sand beige and pearl grey.

Clearly, there are many advantages to be had when one adds the Serenity Blanket to their lifestyle.

Serenity Blanket Review Summary

Overall, those who are interested in purchasing the Serenity Blanket can do so through the brand’s website. The product is currently being offered at two payments of $29,99, plus $9.99 for shipping and handling. To order, visit the brand’s website today.

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