Scott Living HygroCotton Tencel Sheet Set – Flexi-Fit Better Sleep?


Sleep plays a key role in overall health and daytime function. Poor sleep has a domino effect that causes individuals to feel more depressed, less motivated, irritable and tired.

Individuals that sleep badly struggle to remain focused and suffer from a of lack energy. Additionally, if the body doesn't get any restorative sleep it becomes vulnerable which increases the risk of developing diseases.

Thus, it's essential to promote restful nights. In order to do so, it is crucial to have a good mattress, avoid stimulants a few hours before sleep and favor quality bedsheets. Quality sheets are especially important during hot summer nights and very cold winters as they will help sleepers regulate their body temperature so that they don't suffer from the heat or the cold.

Due to the fact that the epidermal surface is a fragile organ, sheets need to be made with quality fabric in order to ensure the user's comfort. Bed sheets of low value can cause rashes, redness and dry out the skin. In this article, we will introduce you to the brand Scott Living and their revolutionary HygroCotton Tencel.

About Scott Living HygroCotton Tencel Sheet Set

Scott Living was founded by the twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott who through their jobs as respectively a licensed contractor and a real estate agent, have learned a lot about home improvement. The twins started renovating property at a young age, whilst they were still studying they bought their first house, renovated it, and sold it only a year later for a large profit.

The original thing about the Scott brothers is that they have managed to combine their profession with their hobbies. In fact, Jonathan and Drew also pursued careers in both acting and filmmaking. With the help of their oldest brother J.D., the Scott family founded a successful film company called Dividian Production Group.

Jonathan and Drew are well-known for the variety of shows they are involved in such as Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother. Additionally, the Scott Living founders also host a radio show. Therefore, Scott living is a business lead by driven entrepreneurs that are committed to providing quality and functional products to their customers.

The HygroCotton Tencel is a revolutionary type of bed linen that has been designed based on their experience in order to provide users with soft, comfortable and adaptable sheets. Manufactured with premium components and following specific standards, the Scott Living newest Tencel could be the ultimate linen for you.

The Features of HygroCotton Tencel

The HygroCotton Tencel stands out from other similar products that can be found on the market due to the fact that it is made from tencel fabric which presents more benefits than regular cotton. This textile has the advantage of being warmer in winter but cooler during hot summer nights.

In addition, Scott Living HygroCotton Tencel Sheet Set have been developed using Flexi-Fit Technology which means that the bed linen includes elastic bands that efficiently ensure that the sheets fit the mattress perfectly without shifting.

Scott Living HygroCotton Tencel offers 400 thread count. The thread count or TC corresponds to the exact number of threads per square inch of fabric. This number is essential due to the fact that it helps potential buyers know how soft the linen is going to be. In addition to determining softness, TC also refers to the airflow and weight of the fabric that is being used.

Quality bed sheets offer at least a 300 thread count, therefore this illustrates how HygroCotton Tencel can be considered as a premium product. Furthermore, in order to produce this revolutionary linen set, Scott living used Wrinkle Defense technology which is a process that helps preserve a smooth sheet surface even after over 50 wash cycles.

Scott Living HygroCotton Tencel Sheet Set Availability and Pricing

If you are looking for an innovative, stylish, and comfortable new sheet set, then Scott Living HygroCotton Tencel Sheet Set could be the ideal product for you. With a thread count of 400, this bed linen is extremely soft.

Moreover, the fabric used to manufacture this innovative item has the advantage of being adaptable as it is cooler during summer and warmer in winter. You can order this ingenious set of sheets from the QVC website for $68.96 USD.

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