Avana Complete Comfort System – Orthopedic Pillow Sleep Support?


The Kind Support Pillow by Avana is an innovative memory foam support system designed to help people sit and sleep comfortably in bed.

Whether people suffer from acid reflux, arthritis, or are recovering from surgery this orthopedic pillow helps users get comfortable through a variety of pillow positions.

Many users have found this product not only make sleeping more comfortable but it also useful for doing things in bed like reading or eating especially following surgery. Please read below to learn more about the Avana Complete Comfort System and how to purchase a set.

What is the Avana Complete Comfort System?

The combinations offered by this pillow system may make it easier for people to get comfortable in bed whether awake or sleeping. The Avana Complete Comfort System set gives users four different pillows made from quality memory foam that can be used together or separately.

Designed especially for people who are confined to the bed but also useful for people who enjoy watching TV or reading in bed, the Avana Orthopedic System combines a Back Scoop, Scoop Cradle, Knee Rest, and Headrest.

The back scoop is easy to adjust simply by moving it up and down along the Back Scoop. If the lumbar support is too much users flip the pillow over for a flatter option.

Manufactured from a high quality medium density urethane foam core and a one inch memory foam outer layer each pillow offers a firm yet soft amount of support that last for years.

Each pillow is covered in an easy to clean removable micro-suede cover which comes in five different color combinations including Brown Sugar and Sage, Cloud White and Camel, Gray and Black, Mocha and Sage, and Dark Thunder Gray and Navy.

How Does the Avana Complete Comfort System Work?

Consumers will appreciate the variety of ways this product can help support not only their lower back but also shoulders and knees. By choosing to use all four pillows at once of select a few for the specific needs at the time users can help reduce their body’s pain and discomfort while sitting in bed.

Many people purchase the Avana Complete Comfort System following surgery when they need to spend time healing in bed.

Afterwards though they find it is so well designed they keep it on hand to use while reading or watching television in bed. People of all heights will find that this pillow system is accommodating and comfortable.

The Avana Kind Orthopedic Pillow system comes with removable micro-suede covers that can be tossed in the washing machine making it easy to keep each pillow clean.

Avana Orthopedic Pillow Components

Each purchase of the Avana Kind Orthopedic pillow comes with four components. A large Back Scoop pillow that helps users in maintaining healthy posture no matter how many hours they are in bed.

The Scoop Cradle can be attached to the Back Scoop or used along to help provide lumbar support. To keep the head and neck comfortable the Avana Kind System includes a headrest that can removed easily for sleeping.

Lastly the system includes a knee support pillow. By offering consumers the ability to use all or some of the components makes it easy to adjust based on need. The comfort the Avana Orthopedic Pillow can provide far outweighs the price.

Pricing For The Avana Complete Comfort System

Consumers can purchase this product online through either Amazon or the Avana Comfort website.


Each Kind Bed support System is available for between $179.99 to $183.34 and price depends on color choice. Amazon carries all five color combinations. There is a retailer called Factory Direct that sells through Amazon for $184.99 and ships for free.


The price through Avana is significantly higher at $239.99. Avana offers three color combinations including White and camel, dark gray and black, and mocha and sage.

Should You Use the Avana Complete Comfort System?

Whether consumers are suffering from arthritis or back pain adding the Avana Complete Comfort System to their daily routine may help reduce the pressure on joints helping to reduce pain and discomfort when sitting bed.

At less than two hundred dollars this system provides so much comfort especially for people who are confined to be due to mobility issues or while recovering from surgery. Further information is available on the product listing at www.amazon.com.

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