Sativex – GW Pharmaceuticals Cannabinoid Medicine For Pain?


Sativex is a Non Opioid pain reliever that is designed from Cannabis. It is a spray that is applied directly to the mouth. Read this review to find out about Sativex today.

What is Sativex?

Sativex is a patented mouth spray you can benefit from if you are suffering from pain and are not good with opioid type medications. It is made different components that are derived from Cannabis. And they are specifically located within medical marijuana.

Specifically, it contains the sustbances that are in THC and CBD. Each dose of the spray contains 2.7 MG of THC and 2.5 MG of CBD.

How Does Sativex Work?

The spray is delivered through cannabinoids that are becoming more and more popular, day by day.

Studies have shown that cannabinoids don’t have to be inhaled to be effective. They can be used absorbed into the body in any number of ways. One of the best ways to absorb the chemical is directly through the lining of the mouth.

There a large number of other cannabis type medications on the market. Sativex however, is the only one that contains actual cannabinoids and is made directly from the marijuana plant itself. Other medications like Marinol and Cesamet only contain synthetic versions of the drug.

The spray was researched and developed in the United Kingdom and is made by GW Pharmaceuticals. It is an established and respected international distributor for many major pharmaceutical companies like Bayer and Novartis.

Sativex is used for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis in several different countries in Europe. The UK, Spain, Canada and Germany all use it. As well as Denmark, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

New Zealand has also recently started using the drug to help people. It is currently under review in the United States to be used for M.S. as well as Neuropathic disorders.

Sativex Vs. Medical Marijuana

While cannabinoids are used in Sativex, they are from the plant. There is still a big difference between the spray and actual medical version of marijuana.

Major research has shown that THX and CBD can help you by providing you with more than 60 different cannabinoids that are known to provide benefits to the patients.

Sativex doesn’t necessarily treat better, but it helps to standardize the use of THC and CBD. It makes it easier to regulate numbers and provide patients with the benefits of the drug at the same time.

As it turns out, Sativex gives the perfect mechanism that is proven through clinical studies and trials. It could be the key to making the drug legal.

Unfortunately, there is controversy to the drug. It is similar to medical marijuana, which is still very illegal in many countries around the world. It’s due to the fact that it contains THC and CBD which are still considered Schedule 1 drugs in the UK and many other countries.

As of now, GW Pharmaceuticals is the only company in the UK that can legally produce medical marijuana. Although Sativex is proven to be safe, and provide a multitude of benefits, it is much higher priced than standard medical marijuana.

How Much Does Sativex Cost?

A vial of the Sativex spray costs 125 pounds for a 10ML vial.

Does Sativex Work?

The spray has undergone, countless clinical trials and has receive several good reviews for its medical benefits. MS is the primary disease that is treated with Sativex.

According to the clinical studies, Sativex is very effective and helps people the same way that Medical Marijuana does. The difference is you spray it in your mouth instead of inhaling it.

It is fairly expensive though. In New Zealand for example, the drug cost about $16,000 a year. Sativex is not cost effective by any means.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of using Satviex. Most people will not be able to use insurance to cover the cost of the spray.

What Can Sativex Be Used for?

Sativex can be used for more than MS in most cases. It can also be used for a number of other conditions. Likely, it can be used for muscle spasms too as well as several other ailments.

It is under study right now for the effects it has on other health issue. Likely, it will work for the effects of arthritis and neuropathic pains as well.

Can You Buy Sativex in the United States?

As of now, you cannot find Sativex in the United States. It is currently under approval by the FDA. It is in the 3rd stage of trials for the treatment of pain related to cancer.

Sativex has been fast tracked to gain approval in the United States but has not yet gained it. They expected the drug to be released into the United States as early as 2014. But the drug has not been cleared yet by the FDA and is still under review by the FDA.

Even though the drug has the same side effects as Marijuana, there is no telling when the drug will be deemed safe for medical use in the U.S. GW Pharmaceuticals is pushing to have the drug pushed as soon as possible, but so far has not been approved.

The strange thing is the drug is the drug is legal in countries where Marijuana is illegal. As far as reviews go, it is suggested that if you suffer from MS or arthritis, you seek to try the drug when it is released to the United States Market.


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