RoseVale Bath Bombs

Many people enjoy taking baths to help promote stress-relief and relaxation. Adding a bath bomb to a bath will give users a luxurious experience complete with skin softening agents and aromatherapy scents.

RoseVale offers consumers a gift pack that contains six bath bombs alongside candles. Please read below to learn more about RoseVale Bath Bombs and how to purchase a gift pack.

What Are RoseVale Bath Bombs?

Available in three aromatic scents Sea, Vanilla, and Lavender these bath bombs by RoseVale are formulated to leave skin soft and lightly fragranced following a relaxing bath.

Unlike many cheap store brand fizzies, these bath bombs do not dye the tub or leave a greasy ring around the basin when the bath water drains away. By combining skin softening agents like sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and Shea butter, these bath bombs will leave skin ultra-moisturized.

RoseVale is so certain that consumers will love these bath bombs that they offer a sixty day money back guarantee. That means if consumers give these bath bombs a try and are not completely satisfied they are eligible for full refund within sixty days of purchase date.

How Do RoseVale Bath Bombs Work?

Decadent and handmade, these bath bombs are perfect for men, women and even children. Many teens use bath bombs to help promote stress relief after a long day or studying. Users simply add one bath bomb to a hot bath tub and watch it swirl and fizz while releasing a light fragrance.

Utilizing essential oils, these bath bombs promote healing and relaxation. The gift pack contains two bath bombs of each scent.

RoseVale Bath Bomb Ingredients

As a vegan friendly product, RoseVale Bath Bombs do not contain any animal sourced ingredients. Combining skin softeners Shea butter, cocoa butter, and sunflower oil with natural dyes and fragrance oils this product will soften skin naturally.

Each bath bomb is free of parabens, glycerin, and other harmful ingredients common in bath products. Consumer should be aware that there is not fully transparent ingredient information available online through Amazon and some reviewers have mentioned that the ingredients are not as advertised so caution and further research is advised prior to purchase.

Gift packs contain two bath bombs of each scent; Vanilla, Sea, and Lavender. Many reviewers have mentioned the scents are pleasant and are not overpowering.

Since these bath bombs are made from natural ingredients there may be some flower parts in both the vanilla and lavender scents and users should not be alarmed when they melt out from the bath bomb in the water.

RoseVale Bath Bombs Pricing

Consumers can purchase the RoseVale Bath Bomb set online through Amazon. Each set contains six bath bombs and six candles. Each set costs $12.93 and ships for free with qualified Amazon purchases totaling $25.00 or more.

Currently Amazon is offering a special promotion on the purchase of RoseVale Bath Bomb sets. Those who decide to purchase two bath bomb sets will save fifteen percent off the second set.

Should You Use RoseVale Bath Bombs?

Perfect as a gift or a personal indulgence the RoseVale Bath Bomb gift pack is a great option for people who love baths. By offering a selection of three scents people can mix up their bath routine and try a different scent based on their mood.

What makes this product standout from other similar bath bombs is that this product does not leave a residue behind on the tub and unlike cheap bath fizzies it does not stain porcelain. It appears that this gift pack is only available through Amazon and there is no company information about RoseVale.

Due to mixed customer reviews consumers should do further research prior to purchasing to ensure they are satisfied. If they do order and are not satisfied the company offers a full refund within sixty days of purchase. Further information can be found on the product listing at Amazon.


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