Roest Coffee

What Is The Roest Coffee Roster?

A brand new designed coffee roaster you can keep at home, giving the perfectly roasted coffee bean each and every time. The Roaster is so good apparently, it won the best new product award for technology at the World of Coffee Budapest!

In celebration of their award, they are preparing to release the product to the European Market at a discounted price of 10% off.

How Does The Roest Coffee Roster Work?

The roaster is a 100-Gram sample roaster making waves at the World of Coffee event in Budapest Hungary. It’s been created in demand for specialty coffee lovers everywhere. It supposedly offers the best roast and will bring out the best flavors of the season. Apparently this aspect has never been as important as it is today.

Through the use of innovative design and new technology the 100 gram sample roaster has been making a big impact in the coffee world. The roasters are being delivered worldwide to some of the most demanding professionals in the industry to date.

They claim however, that they are not just meeting the demands of coffee drinkers but exceeding them by improving quality and the user friendliness of the machines.

What Are The Benefits Of The Roest Coffee Roaster?

The roaster is easy to use due a wide range of functions. There are multiple sensors combined with an intelligent software and wifi that allows the user to focus on the quality of the coffee. And they claim that is what truly matters the most.

All the user need to do is add a 100g bag of beans to start roasting their coffee for the first time. The Roest sample roaster apparently utilizes some of the best features found on a coffee roaster. The patent pending solution is a drum and fluid be roaster that offers the best type of control for the roasting process.

You can set up manual or automatic roasting profiles. It offers back to back roasting for different types of coffee. And there is a 100-gram capacity for the machine with each roasting cycle. There is even built in ventilation on the coffee maker. And with the wifi, they claim it makes it very easy to monitor the roasting process.

Another of the benefits on the roaster is that automatic profiles can be based on bean temperature, environmental temperature or fan and gas-powered operations. The manual mode makes it easy to use the machine at just the touch of a button.

The guys who invented the roaster have a very extensive background in mechanical engineering and science. They had a drive to create a sample roaster that was simple, yet superb to the other roasters available on the market. Through a lot of work, they were able to receive a substantial grant from Innovation Norway and they produced their roaster.

Three years later they have the finalized design and filed a patent that is now pending. The first series of the roaster has already been sold out and they are preparing to start production on the second series. The team who created the roaster is based out of Oslo Norway.

Where Can I Buy a Roest Coffee Roster?

As of now the only way to get a roaster is to contact the company through their website via email or telephone. They are taking pre-orders for round two of production on their sample roasters. They seem to be very passionate about what they do.

Roest Coffee looks likes it built to the highest standards and is of superb quality. It’s likely ideal for businesses and home owners alike.

How Much Does the Roest Coffee Cost?

At this time, it is undetermined as to how much the cost of the Roest will be. It’s likely to be fairly priced but not cheap by any means. The quality of it will definitely carry a price tag with it that will match.

The Bottom Line on the Roest Coffee?

If you’re a coffee lover, or small business owner in the coffee industry then the Roest Coffee could be something you would appreciate greatly. Check it out for yourself and see if the Roaster is the right fit for you.


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