Rock Gym 6-in-1 Total Body Trainer

The rock gym 6 – in – 1 revolutionary total body sculpting machine helps you do supported sit ups, leg training, push ups, body stretching, strength training and resistance cable exercises.

This chair-like equipment has a back rest that allows for movement of up to 200 degree range which is helpful when doing crunches and sit ups. The moveable backrest consist of 9-roll in super comfortable cushions that roll, support and massage your back and neck as your back pushes down on the back rest.

It has a high-tension spring system built inside its protective coil, that connects from the seat of the equipment to the back rest and help support your back during exercises; thus, reducing strain on your neck and back. This equipment is designed to support the natural contour of the back and neck. The springs coils can be detached for more intensive workouts to achieve faster results

The 6-in-1 total body sculpting machine has a dynamic support system that provides resistance when going down while doing sit ups and provides support on your way up. The 200 degree range of motion provides enough clearance for full body sit ups and crunches allows you to completely stretch your back and relieve any tension in your back and neck. It is equipped with a leg locking mechanism that helps hold your leg down while doing sit ups.

The leg locking mechanism is also used when doing leg training. It holds your feet in place while you move your leg up and down with the aid of the high tension spring coil to support the calves during movement. It has a 3 – level adjustable tension leg raise feature to fit any individual and allows you to work out on your thighs, calves and buns.

The back rest of this equipment can be set in a particular position to enable this equipment act as a free weight bench be used as a prop when doing push ups and dumb bell exercises. This equipment is a versatile dumb bell station that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

This equipment also comes in handy when working out your biceps and shoulders. The equipment is fitted with two resistant power cords that allows you to customize the work out of your arms, chest, back, biceps, shoulders for upper body workout.

This all in one equipment eliminates the needs to go to the gym as you can achieve a total body workout in the comfort of your own home.

The Rock Gym 6-in-1 Total Body Trainer encompasses the work out of different gym equipment in a compact, easy to use, body sculpting, and supporting equipment that tones and massages your entire body


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