Firebelly: Advanced Bone Conduction Audio Swim Monitor?


Ever wondered how to improve your swimming performance and stay on your a-game each time you swim? If you have, the Firebelly is your best solution to rocket your swimming to the next level. The Firebelly is a revolutionary product in swim performance. It has bone conduction audio swim monitor, which gives you instant performance feedback while swimming, providing you with stroke count, stroke rate, split time, total time, and other information such as distance and head position.

Firebelly's bone conduction audio makes it easy for you to hear your swimming performance rates without interruption, enabling you to identify lagging areas to work on while you swim. The Firebelly audio swim monitor can be worn on your goggle strap or under your cap while swimming. This app is perfect for new swimmers and experts alike.

Firebelly Features

The Firebelly app is key to becoming a better swimmer. It records your swimming sessions and gives you detailed insight on every lap and distance you go while swimming. Other features of Firebelly include;

Instant Feedback (SmartFeedback):

Firebelly gives you instant, real-time information on your swimming performance whenever you swim. This gives you insight into whether you are keeping in track with your swimming goals. With Firebelly you can track and analyze your performance for each swim and each distance. With this app, you are certain not to repeat the same old processes you are so used to, as its bone conduction audio keeps you on track and prevents you from falling behind.

Smart Cadence Technology:

The tempo automatically begins and automatically stops when you do. It learns your strokes and incorporates it into its tempo to suit your strokes while swimming. It can also cycle on or off any other distance, thus improving your stroke training.


The Firebelly audio swim monitor device can be connected to your iOS or Android device enabling instant uploading of data.

Easy To use:

Your Firebelly device once fixed under your goggle strap, or under your cap, begins to collect data as soon as you select mode and press start. As you to swim, you get to hear instant performance feedback.

Why Firebelly Advanced Bone Conduction Audio Swim Monitor?

The Firebelly audio swim monitor serves as a coach by giving each swimmer frequent feedback without needing costly human coaching. With Firebelly all your laps are well spelled out together with your improvements, giving you an edge over other swimmers and enabling you take full control of your swimming.

With Firebelly, swimming practice has never been more productive, as it targets core areas which are instrumental in making you the best swimmer you have ever been. Such areas include, pace, techniques and stroke rates.

Firebelly also presents you with the right and best form of practice, making it easy for you to commit your already learned techniques to muscle memory, which is the one of the main factors to be considered when aiming to swim in competitions.

Firebelly Conclusion

The best and only way to describe the Firebelly device is this; Firebelly is a device which produces nothing but revolutionary swimmers who are champions.

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