Robin McGraw Revelation Review

Robin McGraw is best known for her presence on the Dr. Phil Show and her continuous philanthropy work. However, what might come as a surprise to some people is that she has created several health and skincare products that are making quite a bit of buzz in the industry.

Who Is Robin McGraw?

Because McGraw has been such a force behind helping women become the workers, mothers, and even grandmothers they want to be, it seemed natural for her to move into the anti-aging skincare industry. Revelation Skin Care is part of her lifestyle brand that focuses on giving women the tools they need to nurture and care for themselves. Her lifestyle brand goes hand in hand with her philanthropy work, with all the profits from her products going to the When Georgia Smiled foundation.

While Robin McGraw started out as a skincare brand, and thrived in that field, it has grown to now include fragrances, lip glosses, clothes, and even candles. However, the foundation of Robin McGraw Revelation will also be her Revelation Skin Care.

Revelation Skin Care Products

As already mentioned, Revelation Skin Care is the foundation of the Robin McGraw Revelation brand. Because these were the products that were first released by Revelation, large amounts of thought, research, and preparation were put into creating them. While the line has expanded over the years, the high standards that were put in place at the beginning are still being applied to these new products.

Complete Refresh ($34.95)

Complete Refresh is an eye serum that works to reduce the signs of aging around the eyes. It is extremely lightweight and uses botanical extracts, as well as an exclusive Flora-Cell Complex, to soften the skin around the eyes, giving users a more refreshed appearance. Complete Refresh also contains pigments that diffuse the light, which give users an immediate dispersal of their fine lines and wrinkles.

Complete Refresh has been clinically proven to:

-Improve the appearance of skin around the eyes

-Soften skin around the eyes

-Hydrate the skin around the eyes

-Increase the plumpness of skin surrounding the eyes

Key Ingredients

Complete Refresh has five key ingredients that help give users the results they need when it comes to treating wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

Flora-Cell Complex: A combination of edelweiss extract and liposomes that are compatible to the skin which gives the skin the antioxidants it needs to flush out toxins.

Tri-Peptides: A technology that increases collagen levels in the skin, so it looks plumper, smoother, and healthier.

Darutoside: An extremely potent plant extract that works to improve the elasticity in the skin, while also soothing it and improving the appearance of the surface of the skin.

Apple Fruit Extract: A powerful antioxidant that gently exfoliates the skin to improve the texture and tone.

Light-Diffusing Minerals: 3D pigments which light bounces off of, so facial flaws are hidden easier.

Total Retouch ($19.95)

A lightweight and customized blend that immediately hides skin imperfections. Total Retouch is made with a formula unique to Revelation Skin Care and melts into the skin to give it a smooth texture that completely hides pores, lines, and scars. Because it isn’t heavy or sticky, it can be worn throughout the day and still leave the skin feeling refreshed and soft. Total Retouch gives the skin a truly matte look.

Total Retouch has been clinically proven to:

-Minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

-Prepare the skin before makeup is applied

-Minimize the appearance of pores and other facial imperfections

Key Ingredients

Total Retouch has three key ingredients that allows it to give users the smooth, matte appearance of beautiful skin.

Flora-Cell Complex: A combination of edelweiss extract and liposomes that are compatible to the skin which gives the skin the antioxidants it needs to flush out toxins.

Proprietary Lightweight Blend: This blend of natural ingredients gives users the look and even the feel of beautifully textured and toned complexions. It gives the skin a matte, or ‘soft focus’, effect so it looks smooth in any light.

Sodium Hyaluronate: A water binding agent that helps moisturize the skin, helping prepare it for the application of makeup.

Absolute Glow ($19.95)

A purifying facial cleanser, Absolute Glow is the perfect first step for those who want younger, healthier skin and smoother complexions. The cleanser foams to gently clean the skin, reducing the size of pores and leaving smooth, soft skin behind. Absolute Glow is also able to control the oils in the skin, so users will never have to worry about an unattractive sheen during the day.

Absolute Glow is paraben free, dye free, and is the first step for those who are ready to get the smooth, even complexions they’ve always wanted.

Total Renewal ($24.95)

Total Renewal is a micro polishing scrub that gently exfoliates the skin to reveal the softer, smoother skin underneath. Total Renewal removes dead skin cells, but also boosts the renewal of other skin cells, so the skin becomes more and more radiant after every use. The scrub improves the tone, clarity, and texture of skin.

Total Renewal has been clinically proven to:

-Boost the radiance of the skin

Increase the clarity of the skin

-Improve the tone of the skin

-Improve the skin texture

-Remove dead skin cells

-Eliminate flakiness

-Increase skin softness

Vital Hydration ($29.95)

A serum infused moisturizing treatment, this product is the perfect option for those who are tired of heavy, greasy moisturizers. Vital Hydration keeps the skin hydrated and continuous use will increase the natural radiance of the skin. This moisturizer will also make the skin feel softer, giving it back the youthful brightness it had lost.

Vital Hydration has been clinically proven to:

— Decrease The Appearance Of Pores

–Improve Skin Radiance

Improve Skin Softness

–Increase The Hydration Of The Skin

Jewel Drops ($39.95)

The cornerstone of the entire Revelation Skin Care system, Jewel Drops is an anti-aging retinol serum that helps reverse the appearance of aging in the skin. It has been formulated to even out the skin tone and improve the texture of the skin. While doing this, Jewel Drops also reduces the signs of aging, like wrinkles, lines, and papery skin, giving users a healthy, more youthful looking complexion.

Robin McGraw strongly suggests using Jewel Drops with Awaken Youth Regenerating Overnight Treatment.

Additional Revelation Skin Care Products

In addition to the single items listed above, the Robin McGraw Revelation Skin Care system also offers many packages and sets. These combination kits include:

-30 Day Intro Kit (with cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer)

-Robin McGraw Revelation (skin care collection)

-Dynamic Duo (scrub and overnight cream)

-Skin Perfecting Favorites (scrub, moisturizer, skin perfector)

-Anti-Aging Essentials (retinol serum, eye serum, overnight cream)

-60 Day Essentials Kit (cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer)

Some of the products in these kits can’t be found for sale as single items, so buying them as a combination is the only way users will be able to experience their benefits.

Purchasing Revelation Skin Care

There are two options available for those who want to purchase items or sets in this skincare line. The first is a one-time purchase. This is a perfect option for those who are trying out the products for the first time and aren’t sure if they want to commit to Revelation Skin Care long-term.

The second option is to purchase the items as a subscription. For those who have tried these products and realize how effective they are, using the subscription can be a big money and time saver. The subscription option will send customers refills of their favorite products every 30 or 60 days, depending on their needs.


  1. my feeling is the products may work on some but not everyone. II am surprised no one has mentioned Robins cosmestic surgery work…nose job is the most obvious. Look at past photos. This being said she seems lovely but a bit over done in the plastic surgery department and so deathly thin.

  2. I have asked through Robin’s face book site about the so called “affordable” products in the recommended “kit” choices,.. and no surprise, no response!
    $300.00+ for one I was looking at (anti aging regiment)and
    $300.00+ for another!(fine lines and wrinkles)
    Are you kidding me?!!
    And just how is this affordable for single mothers, women making minimum wage, married women with or without children who just can’t justify this cost!

    I remember the show of Robin in her kitchen (and of course it’s a kitchen very few of us will Ever be able to afford) and how we had all we needed in our home to use on our bodies to give us amazing results. If by chance we didn’t have an item she said it’s sooo cheap to acquire.
    So now everything has changed!? Why?!
    From what’s been made public of her life (and I’m not talking childhood, where children didn’t have a voice or a choice,.. I’m talking her adult married life) Robin’s Never Had to work, or go without to make sure her children had enough, and even then sometimes going without wasn’t enough!
    She calls these products affordable, but not for the average woman who isn’t from the ‘upper crust’ of society or who earns high wages.
    So, you could say, quite reasonably, I’m upset and thoroughly disappointed in her advertised description of affordable.
    But hey, this only affirms to me that “money” talks.
    And before anyone goes on a tangent about how great a person Robin is, how she’s done such amazing things for abused women, I Do Not take any of that away from her or Anyone who helps others!
    There are a lot of women out there that help others and sooo many of these women haven’t had a large amount finances to do what they are doing, you just don’t hear about those hard working women because if they’re married, their husband isn’t famous.
    Also hard working men who contribute continuously to society.
    I don’t mean to digress, but I had to make sure other bases were covered as well.
    Loooong tirade shortened;
    When are these products actually going to be affordable as Robin claims to match our household items??!

  3. Unfortunately after seeing all the negative remarks and the problems customers are encountering, I don’t think I will be ordering anything anytime soon. Its truly unfortunate because I really wanted to try out her products. As for your comments Susan Singer, you started the negative comments….every one is entitled to their opinion. This is, after all, a review of products.

  4. Her products sound to expensive for me. I have been watching Dr. Phil on TV for many years and they both do wonderful things for people. I remember one time where Robin had several women in her kitchen using things from the kitchen to use as skin care. She told them not to go out and buy skin care products when you have all you need in your kitchen. That may not be the exact words but amounts to the same thing. Sooo, what happened would she say the same thing now. Of course not. Enough said on this but something to think about. I will keep watching Dr Phil as all of it is facts of life.

  5. I bought the refresh and renew products and I only received one the items. I called them to see what went wrong and they told me they were back ordered. I think they handled it incorrectly they should have informed me either through or a letter package. They are sure quick to take your money

  6. I use to smoke for 24 years. I quite smoking for about 1 year ago and that’s when I started using Oil of Olay Broad Spectrum SPF 15 during the day and Oil of Olay night cream every single time . People are surprised when I tell them I’m 51 yrs old they say I look 35 yrs and it’s slot cheeper too .You can get it at Walmart or at Rite aid. I’m happy and pleased with the results.

  7. I decided to try the hydra quench and welcome back youth products. Since I just started using them I can’t comment on how effective they are. However, the fragrance was offensive to my sense of smell. I’ll hang in there to see if the products work, but I don’t know how long I can tolerate the odor. I also bought 50 fierce. The fragrance is fine.

  8. It didn’t work on me. It turned white on my skin. Didn’t understand. Looked like I had dried egg white on my face. Followed directions.

  9. Jackie is just saying what most of us think. Started out helping people. Now its lots of product lines, lots of drama, lots of $$$$$$
    I was shocked when they aired the episode of the mentally disoriented 80’s star who was in a movie with Robin Williams. She was so out of it that it was exploitive. Shameful!

  10. No Susan, a lot of people feel that way they just don’t say it that intensely. They started out wanting to help people and instead they’ve helped themselves and exploited people. Like that poor lady who was so mentally disoriented who was in a famous movie with Robin Williams. It was disgusting.
    Lots of product lines , lots of drama, lots
    Of $$$$$$$$$

  11. I ordered OMG product on Dec 13th and I keep getting times out and figured my order didn’t go though so I thought I would try 1 more time and it went though so I thought great NO I checked my Credit Card and they charged me 3 times 1 for $40.99 1 for $74.99 1 for 35.00 omg what the heck so I called that night and talked to Brooke the so called Superior and she assured me it would be taken care of it seemed like she truely cared. So the next day I checked my Credit Card again and all the charges were still there, So now I called my credit card and disputed the 2 charges and called robin McGraw’s Customer service again on the 14th and talked to Sara and she again assured me they were taking care of it so ok. So on the 15th again I checked my credit card and they were still there so I called customer service again and talked to Krystal and again she assured me I would be credited for the 2 charges. So today is Dec 17th I went to use my credit card for something else and it declined me I was like WHAT THE HECK. So I tried to go online to see what’s going on and I can’t even log on to my account and when I called my card it says I have 0.00 remaining credit WHAT that so not true so Robin McGraw Revelation screwed my credit card up totally it’s crazy and it still shows my order is pending on her site. I will NEVER order from her site again. I really hope when I do get my order it’s worth all this Sh—-. So beware when buying on her site if you time-out check card before doing the purchase again~!!!!!!!

    • On January 5 the vet received a phone call from one of Robin McGraw customer service agents regarding my review and I do take back in my review. They handle it very professionally and also gave me a free idem. I have the say the OMG probuct is a good product. Thank you Robin McGraw for looking out for your customers. Sue

      • Why’d you change your tune?,.. And it doesn’t even sound sincere.
        Hmmmm, sounds like someone got to you??!

  12. I have tried to hi to your online site ,to enter to win the bow ring and other items .But all sites come up error , why and how do u enter? Saw u on your husband’s show , so how can a person enter, thanks , Pam

  13. She is genuine and lovely…the only way a women can keep a man like Dr Phil is she has to be able to hold her own…I’m a regular observer of this live taping and one thing I’ve observed is Robin could actually host this show…shes shrewd funny and a very spiritual person. The are a complimentary couple

  14. I think her products are stupid…. just a rip off of others that she has just put stupid lil names toooo… her fake personality i see on dr phil show is super annoying to me… ugh just uses her husbands fame to make money n sell products that already exist!!! I wouldnt even take a sample of her products… shes soo fake!!

    • Wow Jackie you are being very rude SHAME ON YOU!!! You sound very jealous of her. Maybe your life sucks and you want to judge her lol. I feel very sorry for you…

      • She may be blunt, but I understand what she’s saying and why.
        You’ve changed your tune rather drastically don’t you think?

    • Robin is not fake at all,I think she’s a very genuine lady,& BEAUTIFUL. Sounds like you’re just jealous. And I seriously doubt that her products are EXACTLY the same as all of them,yeah they possibly have some of the same ingredients as others,BUT NOT THE SAME. Besides,this IS NOT a bash Robin site.


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