Road Crew Crunch

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet has a lot of merit, but even the strictest diet has room for the occasional treat. Treating yourself or your family with a sweet treat every now and again, however, doesn’t have to involve completely neglecting healthy eating values.

The high popularity of the health food movement has led to the release of a new type of snack food- semi-healthy treats that, while not great for everyday consumption, are created with a healthy philosophy that minimizes the negative aspects of guilty foods.

A new snack food made from simple, wholesome ingredients is providing a new way to indulge on cheat days with a natural, chemical free recipe. Road Crew Crunch is a modernized, healthier version of a traditional family snack that incorporates environmentally friendly production methods to create a new type of snack food.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Road Crew Crunch recipe and find out what makes it different to help you decide whether it’s the right snack food for you.

What Is Road Crew Crunch?

The Road Crew Crunch formula has its origins in the Rexroad family. The matriarch of the Rexroad family, Jo Rexroad, developed over the course of her life a recipe called “Gravel”.

Consisting of peanuts, rice puffs, nuts, and dried fruit, the Gravel formula is mixed together and covered with milk chocolate.

The recipe was so popular amongst the Rexroad family and their friends that they have decided to scale it up from a simple heirloom recipe to create a new range of interesting, unique, and exciting snacks.

The Road Crew Crunch recipe is made with simple, wholesome ingredients, and is free from most of the ingredients that make modern candy and chocolate snacks so unhealthy. Instead of delivering a massive hit of high fructose corn syrup or processed sugars.

The Road Crew Crunch formula is designed to provide low-GI, slow burning energy boost that satisfies, providing a hearty snack that not only tastes great and provides a sugary hit, but has a degree of nutritional value.

The Rexroad family have run a grassroots production and advertising campaign for their new line of treats, distributing their products and running promotions from a custom-built campervan across the United States.

The Road Crew Crunch Difference

The Road Crew Crunch recipe is a snack food with a different. Firstly, the raw ingredients used to create the Road Crew Crunch formula are completely free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

The nuts and fruits used to make Road Crew Crunch are grown within the United States. Additionally, the food crops harvested to create Road Crew Crunch are completely GMO free.

The chocolate in the Road Crew Crunch formula is made from sugar, cocoa butter, and natural vanilla extract that are Fair trade Certified, supporting local business and farmers in developing countries.

One of the major draws of the Road Crew Crunch formula is that it’s completely gluten free, and therefore suitable for celiac individuals or those with gluten intolerance.

Road Crew Crunch Nutritional Facts

There are four different flavors in the Road Crew Crunch range- Toasted Coconut Turn, Peanut Butter Pass, Milk Chocolate Mile, and Dark Chocolate Detour. For chocolate-rich, sugary snacks the Road Crew Crunch range is surprisingly nutritionally balanced.

Each bag of Road Crew Crunch contains four ½ cup servings. Each serving contains just 7 grams of sugar, which is well within the daily limits for sugar intake. The World Health Organisation recommends restricting sugar intake to 10% of the total daily caloric intake, which in most healthy adults works out to about 25 grams of sugar.

Therefore, it’s possible to have a nibble on some Road Crew Crunch here and there, or use it as a reasonably healthy snack in the lunchbox without a significant health impact.

Each serving also contains just 140 calories. Considering that the recommended daily caloric intake is around 2500 calories for the average adult male, and about 2000 for the average adult female, Road Crunch Crew carries a reasonable caloric weight that doesn’t tip the scales too far.

Road Crew Crunch is completely free from cholesterol, which makes it a better choice for those with heart conditions, and contains 9% of the total recommended intake of dietary fiber, which can help balance dietary health.

Unlike other snack foods, Road Crew Crunch also offers a number of vitamins and essential minerals that can help to improve health.

Road Crew Crunch is rich in calcium, which the body uses to maintain strong and healthy bones, as well as protecting against cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The nutritional profile of Road Crew Crunch also offers a significant amount of iron.

Iron plays an important role in the body, helping in the process of creating red blood cells. Iron helps to reduce the impact of fatigue, and, when combined with the low-GI formula of Road Crew Crunch, provides slow burning energy that lasts all day.

Lastly, the cocoa used to create the fair trade chocolate in Road Crew Crunch has a number of powerful health benefits.

Cocoa flavonoids have recently been clinically proven to offer a wide range of health-boosting properties, including protecting the brain from neurodegenerative disorders, improving immune system function, and even promoting faster fat loss.

While it’s safe to say that eating a bag or two of Road Crew Crunch won’t miraculously cause you to instantly burn fat, the nutritional profile of the product offers a number of advantages that can’t be found in other snack foods.

Road Crew Crunch Verdict

Road Crew Crunch is an innovative and new snack food that is setting a positive trend for other snack companies to follow.

While chocolate and peanut butter aren’t the healthiest food items to include in the diet every day, Road Crew Crunch definitely holds a number of health benefits over other snacks on the market and benefits from an all-natural formula that is free from GMO products.

If you’re looking for a healthier, organic, and Free Trade endorsed snack that’s better for you than candy. Road Crew Crunch is a great option.



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