RIPT – ANS Performance’s Matcha Tea Triple Threat Fat Burner?


Fat burners have taken the fitness sector by storm in the recent few decades, this is because they provide individuals who lead busy lives, a safe and easy means of losing weight quickly and efficiently.

Today's thermogenics contain a wide variety of nootropics, stimulants and energy release nutrients, they allow users to not only lose weight but also help in increasing one’s focus, concentration and overall mental clarity.

Another key aspect of today's fat burners is that help in regulating our nervous system, this means that one is able to control their mood levels and not get swayed easily when in comes to snacking and eating incessantly.

Studies have shown that a key reason for weight gain is overeating, this is caused due to anxiety, nervousness and restlessness. Many thermogenic products today have active agents which neutralise certain signals in our system so that one can remain calm, collected and happy through the course of the day.

About RIPT

RIPT is an all new fat burner which promises to deliver instant weight loss benefits to its users, its nutritional profile consists of naturally extracted herbs and plants that have been scientifically shown to increase our fat oxidation capacity.

All of the added ingredients have extensive scientific literature to back up their claims, thus users may be interested in checking out these studies before making a significant purchase .

Some of the key features of Ript include:

  • Unique Formula: the key active agents in the blend are highly active and start melting fat deposits immediately upon ingestion. It contains a Triple Tea complex which features highly potent strains of organic teas including Matcha Green Tea.
  • Weight Loss: because it contains various stimulants and lipid oxidizers, the supplement is able to efficiently tackle any fats that may be present in our bodies. The active agents allow for the transportation of these lipids and triglycerides into our metabolic centres, where they are broken down and released in the form of energy for users to utilise.
  • AntiOxidants: Ript comes loaded with natural antioxidant polyphenols which provide various benefits to users. Some of the key uses of such compounds include free radical elimination, prevention of rapid ageing, reduced skin damage, enhanced complexion, reduced organ damage. Antioxidants are also known to counter various bacterial and toxin accumulations (in our bodies) that might have occurred due to unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  • Long Lasting Effects: the results delivered by Ript are immediate and longlasting, through regular dosage users can enhance their natural ability to focus, contrate and remain alert.
  • No Crash: a major issue with many potent fat burners is that when the effect of the supplement starts to wear off, the user can feel dizzy/incapacitated. Ript contains a scientific blend of Theanine and Teacrine which are known to help users in making a smooth transition during their comedown.

Dosage and Other Important Information

  • The supplement comes in the form of vegetarian capsules.
  • Users should start by assessing their tolerance levels, they should initially consume 1 capsule and see if the results are adequate for them.
  • Once the body is acclimated to the product, individuals may wish to consume 2-3 capsules on a regular basis.
  • Each dose should be taken along with 12 oz of water (for maximum absorbability). It is also important to note that each intake should only consist of 1 pill.
  • Doses should ideally be consumed early in the morning (on an empty stomach), or in between meals in the afternoon.
  • Due to the presence of various potent stimulants in the mix, Ript should not be consumed upto 5 hours prior to one’s bedtime.
  • For best results, the supplement should be complemented with a regulated diet and daily exercise routine.
  • It is not meant to be used by individuals under the age of 18.
  • Individuals with a serious medical history or people on prescribed medication should consult a specialist before starting dosage.

Nutritional Composition

There are 3 key blends in the mix which target specific areas of our physiologies. These include:

  • Tea 3 Complex: this unique matrix contains 3 different forms of teas that are harvested and prepared differently to provide each with a unique polyphenol content. The blend consists of Matcha Tea, Green Tea and White tea, all three strains have been found to elevate the body’s fat burning metabolism and reduce dietary fat absorption.
  • Energy 3 Complex: it features a trio of complementary energy ingredients, the main agents include Caffeine, L-theanine and TeaCrine. These compounds have been widely studied and found to increase overall metabolic activity, promote athletic performance and help in the suppression of one’s appetite.
  • Thermal 3 Complex: This blend is highly specific and contains patented ingredients like KINETIQ, Melegueta and Evodia. These compounds are known to elevate caloric consumption during rest and enhance exercise performance.

Other benefits include increased body heat production, heightened resting core temperature, increased caloric synthesis.

RIPT Pricing and Availability

RIPT comes in long, tall plastic bottles. Each container possesses 60 capsules, which can ideally last a user for a month and is priced at $34.99.

In terms of availability, the easiest way to make a purchase is by placing an order on the official company website (

Alternatively, users can checkout other online supplement stores and shopping portals for attractive deals.

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