Reshape Your Brain System – Charles Mayer’s Neuroplasticity Trick?


The Reshape Your Brain System is a brain training system that claims to reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s using a “bizarre neuroplasticity hack”. Here’s our review.

What is the Reshape Your Brain System?

The Reshape Your Brain System is a cognitive training system created by Charles Mayer, a neurologist who specializes in memory and brain patterns. Mayer recently published a story online about a man with Alzheimer’s who wasn’t responding to normal treatment. He couldn’t retrieve his memories – until he discovered the Reshape Your Brain System.

According to Charles Mayer, there’s a growing “alternative” view towards the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Conventional medical wisdom says Alzheimer’s is a degenerative neurological condition that cannot be cured. Mayer, however is “totally against the mainstream medical view” and says he believes “these things can be cured”.

Mayer cites several cases similar to the one listed above, where people reversed their Alzheimer’s symptoms through the brain training program.

Mayer claims that the system has been successful in most patients they’ve tried it on. They’ve seen an 84% spike in brain waves, for example. Patients were able to successfully retrieve 74% of their basic memories within just 21 days.

Unfortunately, Mayer never links to these studies or clinical trials. There’s no evidence it was published in any peer-reviewed journal or major media outlet.

So is the Reshape Your Brain System just a scam? Or is there some real merit behind a program that claims to cure Alzheimer’s? Let’s take a closer look at how the Reshape Your Brain System claims to work.

How Does the Reshape Your Brain System Work?

Charles Mayer isn’t just marketing his Reshape Your Brain System to elderly people with Alzheimer’s: his testimonial page features testimonials from college-age kids who were successfully able to get better marks in school because of the system.

Mayer claims that his method was developed over his 30 year neurological career. One of the most lifechanging parts of that career involved visiting monks in Tibet, where he “was able to study the effect that meditation has on the human mind.”

Mayer also tested the method on his own family – including his mother – to successfully treat their degenerative brain conditions.

Why haven’t you heard about Mayer’s supposed cure for Alzheimer’s? Like many other people selling products online, Mayer claims that “big pharma” knows about the cure, and they’re actively suppressing it. After all, Alzheimer’s drugs earn billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry every year.

Essentially, the Reshape Your Brain System involves playing various games and activities that challenge your brain. These games alter your brain through the science of neuroplasticity.

Essentially, neuroplasticity is the idea that your brain can change itself over time. Your brain, like other parts of your body, adapts to various conditions. By training your brain in a certain way, you can improve the activity of your brain – just like your chest would get stronger if you did a lot of bench presses.

The Reshape Your Brain System takes just 10 minutes per day, and Charles claims the results can be seen within 14 days.

Within a few short weeks, the Reshape Your Brain System will have changed the chemical and structural appearance of your brain. This leads to an improvement in intellectual and motor skills, emotional control, communication skills, and more cognitive abilities.

In any case, Charles packaged all of this information into the Reshape Your Brain System. Today, he’s selling it to you online through

What Will You Learn in the Reshape Your Brain System?

Some of the specific things you’ll learn in the Reshape Your Brain System include:

  • The Golden Rule you need to apply to make sure you never lose your concentration again
  • The 3 easiest shortcuts to increase the speed at which your brain works
  • The most successful tricks you can use to boost your memory by 65% in just 14 days
  • A crash course in how to improve your critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity
  • The top 10 healthy habits to adopt if you want a razor-sharp mind
  • How to give your brain the best rest and sleep for maximum effectiveness

Reshape Your Brain System Pricing

The Reshape Your Brain System is priced at $37.

That’s a one-time fee. There’s no physical product with your purchase: it’s just a digital, downloadable eBook.

The author tries to trick you into thinking the $37 fee is a time-sensitive offer. He claims that there are only 7 copies of the kit available, and that the kit sold out in 40 minutes the last time he posted this offer. This is a lie, as the kit is available online at $37 regardless of when you visit the website.

What’s Included With the Reshape Your Brain System?

The Reshape Your Brain System, like other eBooks sold online today, comes with bonus eBooks. Both of the bonus eBooks are bundled in the form of PDF files. Again, there’s no physical product here. Here are the eBooks you get with the system:

  • Neurobalance Stimulators: The vitamins and minerals your brain needs to work at the optimal level.
  • Worst Brain Enemies: The top foods and ingredients that are secretly increasing your risk for degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s, or worsening your existing Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Should You Buy the Reshape Your Brain System?

The science of neuroplasticity is a real thing. Entire online businesses – like Lumosity – have been built around it. However, modern science is still debating the effectiveness of neuroplasticity – like whether it makes you smarter and whether it improves cognitive ability. Right now, there isn’t enough data showing that it has a significant impact on your cognitive ability.

The Reshape Your Brain System makes enormous promises it can’t even fulfill: like the fact that it can cure your Alzheimer’s. The word “cure” is mentioned numerous times on the sales page for the Reshape Your Brain System.

In any case, the Reshape Your Brain System is a brain training system marketed towards the elderly, college kids, and everyone in between. It specifically promises to cure Alzheimer’s, and it seems to be particularly targeted towards the elderly – which may give some people false hope for their loved ones.

There are also notable signs of a scam throughout the sales page: the name “Charles Mayer” doesn’t seem to be real, and there’s an obvious stock photo attached to his bio. The testimonials are also accompanied by stock photos that you can find on thousands of other sites online.

Making things worse is that there’s no listed refund policy – which is something that’s standard on most eBooks sold online today.

For all of these reasons, it seems pretty clear that the Reshape Your Brain System is a scam. If there is a cure for Alzheimer’s, you won’t be hearing it from some guy in a stock image on a shady website online.

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