ReJuvenation Anti-Aging – HGH & Stem Cell Sleep Aid?


ReJuvenation Review – Right Choice For You?

ReJuvenation is a new anti-aging supplement that promises to press a “reset” button in your body to make you become biologically younger while you sleep. Does it work? Here’s our review.

What is ReJuvenation?

ReJuvenation is an anti-aging supplement that claims to be the combination of the two greatest anti-aging discoveries of the 21st century. It comes in the form of a nutritional supplement. You take the supplement daily and purportedly reverse the effects of aging while you sleep.

As the manufacturer of ReJuvenation explains, it’s like “pressing the Reset button” on your body’s self-renewing mechanism. It even claims you can “stay forever young and never grow old.”

Does that sound too good to be true? Probably. So let’s take a look at how ReJuvenation works.

How Does ReJuvenation Work?

ReJuvenation works by naturally increasing your body’s “youth hormones” by 682%. The secret power behind ReJuvenation comes in the form of adult stem cells. Adult stem cells inject new life into the tissues and organs of your body.

ReJuvenation stimulates the release of these adult stem cells while also helping to mobilize the cells – tell them where they need to go – and migrate the cells – send them to the parts of the body that need repair and renewal.

Obviously, you can’t implant stem cells in your body by taking an oral nutritional supplement.

So how does ReJuvenation work?

ReJuvenation works by containing a type of seaweed extract called Laminaria Japonica. The makers of ReJuvenation claim this seaweed has been “scientifically shown in clinical studies to increase the release of adult stem cells into the bloodstream.” It also detoxifies the body and burns fat.

Other active ingredients include goji berries and reishi mushrooms. Goji berries are prized for their anti-aging benefits because they’re rich with polysaccharides, while reishi mushrooms have purportedly been used “for centuries” to support radiant health and longevity.

That’s just the first part of the ReJuvenation formula.

The second part focuses on raising levels of human growth hormone (HGH) within your body. HGH is a critical healing hormone in our bodies that helps us recover from injury and reduce the effects of aging. By the time we reach middle age, according to the maker of ReJuvenation, we’ve already lost 85% of our body’s HGH production.

ReJuvenation claims to increase HGH using a blend of amino acids. That amino acid blend can increase your body’s production of HGH by 682%.

That number may seem ridiculous, but it’s actually a real number from a real scientific study. Researchers gave patients a blend of amino acids and watched HGH levels skyrocket. The only “catch” is that HGH levels were only measured 2 hours after taking the amino acids, and the effects didn’t last long-term.

Basically, ReJuvenation promises to use stem cells and HGH to promote anti-aging benefits across your body.

ReJuvenation Ingredients

The makers of ReJuvenation give us an ingredients list, but it doesn’t really tell us much about the supplement. Here’s what the list looks like:

As you can see, we don’t know the dosage of any single ingredient in ReJuvenation. It’s all hidden behind two proprietary formulas. One proprietary formula contains the amino acid blend, while the other contains the herbal extract blend.

ReJuvenation claims to increase HGH levels by 682% using an amino acid blend. That’s the exact same number that was found in a study on a supplement called SeroVital, which uses amino acids like L-Lysine HCl and L-Arginine to stimulate the pituitary gland. Typically, amino acids like L-Arginine are taken in a dose of 5 to 9 grams, while L-Lysine HCl has been researched in minimum doses of 1200mg.

It’s odd that ReJuvenation doesn’t give us the exact breakdown of its ingredients. It makes it hard to compare the claimed benefits to what we know about science.

Based on the above information, however, it seems unlikely that a blend of amino acids and herbal extracts in a relatively low dosage would be able to stimulate stem cells and increase HGH production.

If you are interested in some of the anti-aging benefits of HGH, then taking an amino acid supplement may be the right idea. However, you can get them for significantly cheaper than ReJuvenation.

ReJuvenation Pricing

Here’s how pricing for ReJuvenation breaks down:

  • 1 Bottle (Trial): $49.95
  • 3 Bottles: $164.95
  • 6 Bottles: $297.95

All purchases come with a free eBook called Life, Longevity and Youth – Through Superfoods. You can pay via any major credit card or through PayPal.

You can sign up for an autoship program on the ordering page, where you automatically receive future shipments of ReJuvenation at a discount rate. However, it’s not automatically included in any ReJuvenation plan.

Who Makes ReJuvenation?

ReJuvenation is made by a company named Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute, LLC. That company is based at this address in California:

9663 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 534
Beverly Hills, California 90210

You can get in touch with the company by phone at (310) 362-3256.

A quick Google Search for that company shows they have a pretty good rating on the Better Business Bureau (A+) but also a page on Ripoff Report, where consumers have complained about autoship programs that automatically charge your credit card for products you didn’t specifically order.

The company’s official website shows us that they manufacture a handful of popular anti-aging supplements, including Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood, Curcumin Full Spectrum Formula, and Quantum Heart Max.

At the Quantum Wellness Botanical Institute About Us page, you’ll learn that the company’s mission “is to reconnect you with your innate health and wellness through plant-based nutritional supplements.”

All company supplements are also free from synthetic binders, fillers, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and additives.

Should You Use ReJuvenation for the Anti-Aging Benefits?

ReJuvenation is an anti-aging supplement that makes big promises about its effects. It claims that by taking a blend of amino acids and herbs orally every day, you can increase stem cell and HGH production throughout your body, unlocking your inner fountain of youth.

In reality, amino acids have been shown to temporarily boost HGH production by up to 682%. However, since we don’t know the exact dosage of the amino acids in ReJuvenation, we don’t know if the effects will translate to this supplement.

Meanwhile, the blend of herbal extracts and botanicals – including a seaweed – is also a proprietary formula, which makes it difficult to compare the effects to modern studies because we don’t know the specific dosages.

Nevertheless, ReJuvenation appears to be a reputable company. If you trust the company to include the right ratio of ingredients, then ReJuvenation may be the right anti-aging supplement for you. Many people, however, will want to wait to see more clinical evidence and proven benefits before they use ReJuvenation as a “fountain of youth.”

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  1. How can anyone trust your review when the seaweed variety you claim is in this product is not in it, which the company makes perfectly clear on their website?

  2. Thankyou so much for the kind reporting that you do. I’m unsure about Rejuvenation Anti Aging claims, here in Australia and in my eighties.
    On another matter I can find no one to help me, having some years ago suffered overheating at a conference weekend heatwave, when air conditioning broke down at two of my attendances, broken sleep and desperately itching ever since. Dr’s diagnose Grover’s Disease -no known cure (?) -men over 50 being most at risk. I’ve tried just about every bath routine I can also every type of oil, emollient or whatever. I still do a helpful job for the community but no-one hardly knows my suffering making me almost suicidal. Bless you.

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