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Of the many organs to exist in the body, the skin is believed to be the largest. Not only does it help to regulate bodily temperatures, but the skin is the barrier between inner functions and environmental stressors like toxins, impurities, pollution, the sun's exposure and free radical damage to name the least.

When consumers fail to maintain his or her skin health, the protective layer is likely to weaken, which allows for the bad to reap within. This is where Rejuvaphyl MDRejuvena may positively impact one’s overall skin.

Rejuvaphyl MDRejuvena can improve one’s overall skin by targeting unwanted skincare concerns such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration of skin, poor size and oiliness, inflammation and dehydrated skin.

To better understand the science behind Rejuvaphyl, the following review will analyze it with respect to its purpose, the types of products offered, its key ingredient and its price factor.

About Rejuvaphyl MDRejuvena

Rejuvaphyl is a line of skincare essentials created by MDRejuvena. Instead of utilizing cosmetically created ingredients, Rejuvaphyl is believed to contain a molecule extracted from plants to improve one’s skin health.

In addition to the skin’s appearance, this line of skincare essentials can potentially improve one’s skin tone, surface and overall radiance. Let’s take a closer look at the molecule with respect to its impact on the skin.

What Is The Reason Behind Rejuvaphyl’s Ability To Possibly Uplifting One’s Skin?

The key factor responsible for potentially uplifting one’s skin is called the Phytochromatic MD Complex, which is a patented technology that uses a plant-based molecule called chlorophyll.

Phytochromatic MD Complex is said to contain copper, an essential element that the skin requires for maintenance. It is believed to be bounded to cholorophyllin. This combination can slowly release copper in the skin.

As one starts to age, it is believed that changes in copper-dependent enzymes are likely to occur, hence resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced firmness and uneven skin tone.

How Did The Idea Of Creating The Rejuvaphyl MDRejuvena Come About?

The idea of creating the Phytochromatic MD Complex stemmed from trying to find a solution to eliminate acne. Peter Dorogi and his colleague John McCook wanted to combine chlorophyll and laser light to treat and eventually prevent acne by editing green chlorophyll color in the sebaceous glands, responsible for excreting sebum (an oily substance).

In the studies performed, the combination that excelled was that of copper and chlorophyl, which were believed to prevent the breakdown of hyaluronic in the skin.

After having taken part in several years of research and experiments, the Rejuvaphyl MDRejuvena finally came to life, but not to only treat acne concerns, but to also target sun-related aging skin. Joining alongside the duo, came David B.Vasily, who is also the inventor of the Phytochromatic MD Complex.

What Types Of Products Can Consumers Expect From Rejuvaphyl?

Rejuvaphyl can be split into three lines of skincare essentials and they are as follows:

Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating Complex

Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating Complex carries three key essentials and they are: the Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating Complex Retinol-Free, Complex LS and the Complex HS.

The Key Difference Amongst The Three Is The Strength

The Retinol Free contains 0.1% of Phytochromatic MD Complex. Complex LS contains 0.25% of Retinol and 0.05% of Phytochromatic MD Complex. Lastly, Complex HS contains 0.5% and 0.1% respectively.

The Retinol Free Complex is suitable for sensitive skin types whereas the remaining two are ideal for those who have been exposed to Retinol or want the skin to become tolerant to it. In terms of its uses, consumers are advised to use it twice daily; in the morning and evening.

Premium Treatment

The Premium Treatment includes the Ultra-Rich Hydration, Pore Perfecting Complex and the Redness Recovery. As the name implies, the Premium Treatment line has been designed to treat and heal skincare concerns related to dehydrated, irritated and inflamed skin.

Some its associated benefits may include restored skin barrier properties, tightened size and number of visible pores, reduced oiliness, and evened skin tones to name the least.

Daily Skincare

The Daily Skincare contains a Daily Cleanser, Enzyme Exfoliating Cleanser and a Daily Hydration. First, the Daily Cleanser has been designed to remove make up, dirt and other environmental pollutants that may surface the skin.

In addition, it claims to hydrate and freshen the skin. Besides its use of Phytochromatic MD Complex, it may also include green tea extract, cucumber fruit extract and chamomile extract to name the least.

While the Daily Cleanser can clean dirt off of the skin’s surface, the purpose of the Enzyme Exfoliating Cleanser is to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin that may carry toxins in hard to reach places.

Some of its key ingredients may include lactic acid, bromelain, green tea extract, white volcanic pumice, papain enzyme, chamomile extract and cucumber fruit extract.

Lastly, the final step to a typical skincare regimen is hydrating the skin. The Daily Hydration may leave normal, oily or sensitive skin hydrated to its potential. Some of its key ingredients may include acetyl dipeptide-1, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, palmitoydl, tripeptide-5, sodium hyaluronate, and cucumber fruit extract.

Based on what Rejuvaphyl has it offer, it is clear that all products include the Phytochromatic MD Complex. Its usefulness is commendable given that it can help to treat, heal and further protect the skin from sun-related damages as well as environmental pollutants; ultimately making it the combination of copper and chlorophyl possibly potent.

On Average, How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In Rejuvaphyl MDRejuvena?

On average, consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $30 and over $180 in Rejuvaphyl MDRejuvena. While the prices are slightly high, they best reflect the quality of each and every product.

Most importantly, consumers who are seeking a more natural way to improve his or her skin health can potentially make the most out of this collection.

Is Rejuvaphyl MDRejuvena Valuable To Skin Health?

Based on the properties embedded in the Phytochromatic MD Complex, there is sufficient evidence to conclude that Rejuvaphyl can potentially improve one’s skin health.

The idea that a single natural molecule that has been derived from a plant can treat various skincare concerns related to aging has been made possible through Rejuvaphyl’s line of skincare essentials.

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